Saturday 4 April 2020

Lockdown Creativity

During this lockdown, I'm trying to be productive.
Tapping my creativity, and my work & life-skills.
Attempting to accept & do & connect & give;
And feel grateful, making the most without frills!

I have self-nominated myself to be the only one,
Authorised to step outside our home in case of need.
All in my family need to fully follow instructions,
I'm calling friends & relatives; asking them to pay heed!

Keep Calm and Trust God Christian Poster

Home-work is as usual, but I need to do a lot more.
Creative activities, gardening, clearing papers & mess...
I find myself dedicated & immersed in many a chore.
I philosophize & remind that each day is a day less...

I'm participating in the A To Z Challenge this April.
Everyday, my blog is getting richer with new posts!
I'm sharing about Geographical Indications with zeal!
Also stories and poems like this one with all my dosts*!

I have written about many topics apart from Covid-19!
I'm watching Ramayan on DD; reliving the good old days.
I'm motivating people to pray & hope during quarantine.
Coronavirus will go away; but these memories will stay.

*dosts - friends

I responded to the IndiSpire topic for this week-
What are you doing in this lockout ? Housework ? Creative activities ? Praying ? #lockout

What are you doing during the lockdown? How are you coping with the situation? Do share.
Stay Home. Saty Safe. Take Care.


  1. Hey Anita. Nice simple poem to share your lockdown routine with your readers :)

    All the best for the rest of the challenge.

    My theme for this year's challenge is "Idiosyncrasies of a Covidiot"



  2. Lovely poem. Stay safe, stay indoors and take care.

  3. Nice to read.
    Take care. Stay safe.

  4. You have covered almost all of your activities those reflect that you have managed to cope up with this lockdown, nicely written.

  5. Creating awareness about GI tags is a wonderful thing you are doing. In my next blogpost I will be highlighting about your attempts to get GI tags for Odisha Rasagola and your other efforts to create awareness about GI tags.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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