Wednesday 19 March 2014

Some Awards & Accolades

Thanks to Blogging, I am delighted to have earned the following awards/prizes/accolades/badges:

The future of shopping - Winner Shopping 2030 with Ebay  

  Indian General Elections 2014 with social mobile apps  #VoteForIndia 2014 With Social Mobile Apps

  YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex  Yes Or No To Pre-Marital Sex

  Dove Go Play IndiBlogger Contest Winner Lovey-DOVEy Hair!

Ambi Pur Smelly to Smiley - Runner-up  OLFACTORY ABRACADABRA

  ASUS - Incredible ZEN Keep Calm & Care & Zen

  I am Explorer - Runner-up!   Explorer With Tata Safari Storme

  Ambi Pur Smelly to Smiley - Runner-up  My #FreshNHappy Ambi Pur Home

Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth

  ASUS - Incredible ZEN IntelliZENce Escape Into Freshness With Ambipur Car

Chennai Express Challenge

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#MyRoleModel Activity

Writer's Ezine Anniversary Issue- April 2015

Baggout Valentine's Day Contest

template1 Two-In-One-Snack Doodle

Winners  for Delhi Manifesto Contests Announced My Delhi Manifesto

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers


Appreciation of fellow-bloggers means a lot.
I feel blessed to have been nominated for Liebster Blog & Creative/Versatile Blogger Awards.

Thank you so much for nominating me!

Thanks Preethi & Garima
Thanks Preethi

Winner of October 2014 #15To50 - The Moving Quill, Shailaja
My Post- On The Beach

From 15 to 50 top 5 badge
Thanks Shailaja!
From 15 to 50 Winner
Thanks Shailaja!
Earning Foodie Gratification badge is great for a Foodie!
Thanks Sammya
Winning an X'Mas Blog-Header in a Fellow-Blogger's contest is so lovely just like jingle bells!
Thanks Pallavi! X'Mas Header - Blog Giveaway Win!

I win awards for every post I write - fellow-bloggers & readers comments- suggestions & compliments!

I have improved a lot all thanks to you, my dear Reader!

Please keep supporting me by reading & commenting...!!!

It's always lovely to hear from you!

My Blog's Milestones: 


24th April, 2014
List in June 2014
8th June, 2014

14th July, 2014

13th August, 2014

24th September, 2014

14th October, 2014

28th October, 2014

4th December, 2014

14th February, 2015


  1. hello :)
    i have nominated your blog for liebster award
    check my blog for further info:-

    1. Congrats to you for winning. Awards are special :)
      Thanks for nominating me. Honored :)
      I am yet to accept some previous Leibster Awards. I am guilty as my acceptance-posts are still pending.
      Please do grant me more time to accept your Award...

  2. Congrats for all the deserved awards you have got...!!!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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