Friday 28 February 2014

My Friend's Tale!

The other day, when I found a lady grinning widely at me in the Mall, the friendly person that I am, I graciously flashed my million-dollar-smile in return!

The lady hugged me and said, “Oh Sweety! How you have changed, my friend!”

“Sweety, You were short & plump & had straight hair when we were in School, but now you are tall & thin & have curly hair…!”

Understanding that this certainly was a case of mistaken identity, I clarified patiently, “Listen, My name is not Sweety… it is Anita!”

It was the lady’s turn to be shocked as she opened her eyes wide with disbelief and exclaimed, “Sweety! You have changed your name also!!!”

Note: This story is based on a friend's real-life tale!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

This time we’re aiming at making it more creative! Your post must contain the word Friend and you have just 5 sentences to complete your story. 

This post is also for the Five Sentence Fiction- Misunderstanding of Lillie Mc.Ferrin.

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Thursday 27 February 2014

Three Things That Inspire Me About Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar is a hero, an icon,
An inspiration not only for my generation, 
but an inspiration for the future too.
Sachin is so very honest & true.
Rightly called a "Genius" & a "Master Blaster"
He is India's "Bharat Ratna"- the Jewel, the Star!

Here are three things that inspire me about Sachin:

I. Honesty & Integrity

Sachin's character speaks of honesty & integrity.
Sachin's behaviour both on-field and off-field speak of his ethics and values & squeaky clean image.
Surely, he is a role-model & truly upholds the "Gentleman's Game."

II. Humility & Gratitude

Sachin is the epitome of humility & never fails to express his gratitude to his parents, family, brother & teacher. He is  forever humble and grateful and so down-to-earth.

III. Self-belief & Confidence

Sachin is true to himself and stands for himself. He takes up only those assignments and lends his name only to what that is true to his personality. Even when the world doubted his prowess and when we was going through a lean patch, he never gave up. Rather, he continued giving his best and proved all his detractors wrong.
The statistics speak for themselves...

Sachin Tendulkar has made history!

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Winning Means The World To Me!

Winning is optimally balancing life’s equation.
Winning is a huge personal triumph & celebration.

Winning is responsibility & power- like a magic-wand.
Winning is achievement that makes life great & grand!

Winning is getting our PRAYERS answered soon,
Winning is finding what we seek like a boon.

Winning is staying afloat when things are bust.
Winning is pride, earning a place BEING FIRST.


Winning is being faster than everyone else in a race,
Winning is catching up with dreams when we chase…

Winning is getting ahead of ourselves as we compete-
Winning over ourselves than others is a bigger treat!

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Sunday 23 February 2014

Condition Serious!

#ConditionSeriousHai – In this Post, I’ve listed one dozen-
Not a comprehensive list as there are & will be lots of addition!

Read this only if you have a sense of humour,
If you haven’t any & still wanna read, first have a Cadbury 5 Star!

I. Serious People ki #ConditionSeriousHai

People who carry office-work home or even for a holiday!
People who stare at their gadget-screens all night & day!

People who say they have fared poorly in the test,
Just because 1 mark is wrong, they lose their zest!


People who teach with seriousness utmost!
Parents, your kids have to pay a heavy cost!


II. Unreasonable People ki #ConditionSeriousHai

People who scream without verifying,
Not even checking facts before crying!

Putting the blame on the innocent is no fun!
For something others have not done!

“I didn’t do it… Raju!!!”
Chatur (Silencer) puts the serious blame on Raju in the movie- 3 Idiots, though he is the one responsible for it!

People who look without seeing,
People who see without looking!

People who are BLIND WITH EYES,
People who don’t listen to nice & wise advice!

III. People who think they can get away with anything ki #ConditionSeriousHai

People who act like Ostrich & bury their head,
People who put skeletons in the cupboard,

People who shove things under the carpet,
People who are always ready to place a bet!

IV. People who make mountains out of mole-hills ki #ConditionSeriousHai

People who claim oh-so dramatically-
Main kisiko mooh dikaane ke kabil nahi rahi” (I am not fit to show my face to anyone.)

Oh! No, no! “Mooh-Kala” is not the issue here! (Mooh-KalaFace-Black i.e. Loss of Dignity)
A single pimple/strand of white hair sparks off fear!

People who think it’s the end of the world & a pity!
When all they have lost is a few seconds of Internet Connectivity!

“You are gay & not straight” say people, who are muddled!
Just because with the same-sex persons you cuddled!

Kantaben in the movie- Kal Ho Na Ho!

V. Those PYTs* in out-of-place clothes ki #ConditionSeriousHai

Today at the temple, one was dressed for a Disco Party!
Another chilly winter eve, another PYT was in an LBD^!

VI. Liars ki #ConditionSeriousHai

Life is difficult & certainly no fest,
For people who are Liars & Dishonest!

Same Qn at different times means a loss!
Different answers as truth goes for a toss!

Golmaal Hai Bhai Sab Golmaal Hai!

RamPrasad in the movie- Golmaal.

VII. People with too many choices ki #ConditionSeriousHai

People who have too many options,
That making a DECISION gives tensions!

VIII. Detectives ki #ConditionSeriousHai

What’s your age/height/weight/salary…?
Seems like you are the topic of their PhD!

Dunno why they wanna know exactly how many days,
You have spent/will be spending at your father’s place!

IX. Marriage & other Match-Fixers ki #ConditionSeriousHai

Ready for match-fixing anywhere & everywhere!
Even at the Fish-market without any thought or care!

X. Physicists ki #ConditionSeriousHai

Are you intelligent to understand?
Their directions without seeing stars on the land?! 
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XI. Bollywood & 5 Star Lovers ki #ConditionSeriousHai

Gabbar Singh: Cadbury 5 Star IndiBlogger Contest mein Kitney Aadmi they?
Me:                   XYZ (3-digit number) Sardaar!
Gabbar Singh: Woh XYZ aur prizes sirf 5! Bahut Nainsaafi Hai!
Me:                  Yes Sardaar! Hum 5 Star Lovers ki #ConditionSeriousHai

Deewar Film-Dialogue: "Aaj mere paas gaadi hai, bungla hai, paisa hai... tumhare paas kya hai?"
Me:                                 "Mere paas, mere paas... Cadbury 5 Star hai...!"

XII. Yours Truly ki #ConditionSeriousHai

Spotted a new Blogging Contest luckily-
Cadbury 5 Star Contest happily!

I bought lots of 5 Star bars sincerely!
Gobbled them up in a jiffy hungrily!

I really wanna win crazily!
Written all this very seriously!!!

Forgetting & neglecting simply & easily-
All- my Home, Friends, Family…

Even refused my Hubby’s Movie+Dinner invitation!
“Not tonight, Darling! I have a submission!”

This Post is super-cool as I ate Cadbury 5 Star Bars for inspiration!
Do confess by commenting how you liked my Serious Confession(s)!

*PYT- Pretty Young Thing
^LBD- Little Black Dress
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