Wednesday 23 February 2022

What The Stranger Told Her

It was her first international solo-travel.

The place of attraction was crowded.

Photo Prompt- Roger Bultot

She was walking on the road when there was a loud gunshot.

The crowd went berserk.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Odia - Not Oriya Or Odiya

 February 21st is celebrated as "International Mother Language Day".

As we celebrate this #InternationalMotherLanguageDay, I proudly & patiently share with all that my mother language is- ODIA.
The attached image by ABP Live has interesting facts about language. But, it has the old spelling- Oriya.

If you share a WhatsApp or social media group with me, you must have seen my messages regarding the need to use the correct spelling- Odia.
No, it's not Oriya anymore.
No, it's not Odiya either.
Many of us have read about "Oriya" and "Orissa" in school having done our schooling before 2011 when the said change name change from ORIYA to ODIA and from ORISSA to ODISHA happened thanks to our Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik Babu.
Yes, it is Odisha and not Orissa anymore.
We surely need more awareness sessions. Charity begins at home. Everyone is responsible.

Wednesday 16 February 2022


Ruby was at the psychologist's clinic.

"I always see a cat in my bookshelf," she said decisively.

"You must believe me. My husband doesn't."


The psychologist nodded.

"And then what happens? Is it a real cat? Have you touched it?"

Photo Prompt- Dale Rogerson

Tuesday 15 February 2022

War And Peace- Some Questions

Kipling said he kept six honest serving men-

With names- What, Why, How, Where, Who, When!

Seeing the present world’s grave situation now,

I remember the six & ask these Qs anyhow-

Why do we do all what we passionately do?

Why do we get the ideas? Have any clue?

Who decides that a country has to go to war?

Who makes the military tanks & troops go far?

Source: Forbes

Monday 14 February 2022

Names In The Voters List

Today, our relative and neighbor shared an important document with me via WhatsApp.

He asked to check if my family’s names were there in the “Directory” – actually the “Voters' list” pertaining to our ward & locality.


The document was 257 pages and I felt it would be pretty challenging to fish out our names.

Many thoughts crossed my mind and I learned some lessons too in my quest to search.


First things first.

I first thought- Is this the correct list?

Assuming that our relative, who has political affiliation, knows better and thus he has shared, I confidently started searching in the “Names” column.

My strategy was- Search for “Sabat” in the list.

There are a few surnames ending with “t” in Odia language viz. Rout, Mohanty…

The search was on for “Sabat”.


As I scrolled pages after pages, I realized that so many people are there in my locality, and hence in the list.

I admired the neat work of all our Govt officials and teachers, who had sincerely undertaken the Census study and enumeration, and had painstakingly documented particulars.


I felt technically challenged while handling the document in my mobile phone. I did not know how to use Control+F- that is used to find something in Word file while using the computer.

It came to my mind- Had I known how to find, searching would have been easy and I would not have to go through the grind!

Names were listed along with relation and age and also the Voter Id Card details. There were 9 columns in all! There is so much data about us in the public space! 

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Beware of Fraud Calls Regarding Insurance Policy

Some days ago, I received a phone call from a "PNB Metlife Insurance" agent. 

She called at 11:46 AM from the mobile number- 7428450226
She stated that I have a PNB Metlife Insurance Policy# 14684834
The Policy Plan- Met Guaranteed Income Plan

The lady who had called sounded totally credible. 
She said that I have a PNB Metlife Insurance Policy- dated 23 March 2013 - and provided details as though she knew my policy and me from ages!
She said the first instalment of my policy had been paid- Rs 50,000.
The amount that the policy is worth today- Rs 1,88,412
She asked me to pay 2 more instalments i.e. Rs 50,000X2 = Rs 1,00,000
Then, I can draw the amount of Rs 2,88,412 (Rs 1,88,412 policy amount as it stands today + Rs 1,00,000 that I would have to pay now)

She asked me to contact her Manager- S.K.Tripathy- Phone number- 9289330405

I had a feeling that this was totally fake.

Monday 7 February 2022

Tribute To Lata Mangeshkar

The voice can be found everywhere- over loudspeaker, on the radio, in the movie-songs, at the temple... The voice is still around and will remain so for generations, but the artist has breathed her last today.

The 'Nightingale of India', Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar, will be missed.

God had gifted her with so much talent and such a wonderful and melodious voice that was capable of doing justice to any and ever song.

Old to new, children or youth, she has been the voice for many.

Saturday 5 February 2022

Love And Grace of Mother

On Saraswati Puja 2022, the writer, Anita, felt blessed as she sat at her desk invoking Maa Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, speech, wisdom, and learning.

Maa Saraswati, Pattachitra- art of Odisha

A fair beautiful woman, radiating beauty, holding a Veena... the face of her mother always came in front of Anita’s eyes whenever she thought of Maa Saraswati.  Her mother’s Sitar was in its place, but the Sitar-player was no longer there...

Her mother embodied the arts and learning with such finesse! She was an accomplished singer and Sitar-player, and was so talented that she could play any and every musical instrument! A voracious reader and a gifted writer, she pushed her children and others to pursue the higher ideals.

The focus-light was on memories.


Anita remembered all the encouragement from her mother – words that had set the foundation for her writing journey:

“You must write a poem on this theme!”

“A journal/edition will be published- you write!”

“I have ordered/bought books and subscribed to magazines- you read and write!”

“Keep participating!”

“Do your best!”...

Anita felt lucky. 

Friday 4 February 2022

Chhapan Bhog Sweets of Odisha is Now At Bengaluru

Chhapan Bhog Sweets - Launch at Bengaluru* - Press Meet Event held on 4/2/2022

Popular Bhubaneswar-based sweets store, Shri Chhapan Bhog Sweets- Pride of Odisha, has set up their first branch in Bengaluru. This is their first unit outside Odisha. The operations of their online cloud kitchen will commence from the auspicious occasion of Saraswati Puja that is tomorrow (5/2/2022). This is the sincere initiative of the Directors– Shri Satyabrat Mohanty, who has more than two decades of experience managing the original Chhapan Bhog at Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneswar; and senior journalist cum food-expert, Shri Bhakta Tripathy.

The pre-launch event was held today (4/2/2022) at Keeys Hotel at Whitefield, Bengaluru. 

The two food-entrepreneurs, Mohanty and Tripathy stated that they intend to present the choicest Odia vegetarian foods without onion and garlic for Prabasi Odias and for the benefit of the next generation. Odisha is the place of origin of many Chhena-based desserts like Rasagola, Chhenapoda, Rasabali, Chhenagaja, Chhenajhilli etc. ‘Odisha Rasagola’ has earned the GI Tag in 2019. Apart from these there are many traditional Odia dishes that deserve promotion. 

10 well-trained dedicated staff have been flown in from Bhubaneswar and have been settled in Bengaluru for delivering the authentic Odia food experience by Chhapan Bhog at Bengaluru. Their team plans to set up more units in Bengaluru to cater to the entire city. They have tied up with online food-delivery partners and are also coming up with a Mobile App that will help customers to place orders for the Odia foods being offered. Chhapan Bhog also plans to launch branches in other cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, and Hyderabad shortly.

Bengaluru city has lakhs of Odias. The population of Odias in Bengaluru is greater than those settled in Bhubaneswar. There is a lot of scope for traditional Odia specialties. The Odias of Bengaluru are also very enthused to welcome Chhapan Bhog that is known for its high quality and standard food products, including millet-based packaged foods.

Today’s event was attended by several eminent Odias and citizens of Bengaluru- including Surya Mohapatra, Global Head, WIPRO; Pranab Pani, entrepreneur; Santosh Kumar Acharya, casting director, Bollywood; Aditya Padhi, software engineer; Dr. Manoj Bal, entrepreneur; Sanjeeb Das, hotelier; Subrat Kumar Acharya; hotelier; Divyashree, international top model; and many others. Mr. Tejas, founder of GITagged store, also attended.  Dr. Anita Sabat, researcher & culturist, delivered the vote of thanks.

After the press meet, Odia treats like Rasagola, Chhenapoda, Rasabali, Chhenajhilli etc were served. Guests also received a framed image of Suna Besha of Shree Jagannatha.

Bengaluru Customers based at Whitefield or at a distance of eight kilometres from Whitefield can order authentic Odia dishes from Swiggy/Zomato from 5 February 11 AM onwards.

Thursday 3 February 2022

Odisha Handloom Saree Representation - Budget 2022

The annual Budget session in India (and in other parts of the globe too) is keenly awaited, analyzed, and discussed. Many eager eyes are glued to the screens. Experts and media, sharing the views of all categories, are consulted and represented. Popular newspapers, especially business dailies, are referred and quoted.

Let us take a leading financial daily, The Economic Times (ET), for example. ET has published many articles about the Budget. Many non-subscribers also purchase copies of the newspapers to better understand the Budget.

Even the quotes used by the Finance Minister in her Budget speech find discussion-

In her shortest-ever Budget speech, Nirmala Sitharaman invokes ‘Mahabharata’, says tax collection in line with ‘dharma’ :

While the current Budget’s speech quote references are written about, past Budget quotes are also shared as has been done in the news reports published this year.

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Face The Storm

She knew the storm was approaching.

She had no decent place to stay.

She could do nothing but hope for the best.

She had to wait for the storm to pass.


While shutting the windows of his plush apartment, he saw her.

Photo Prompt- Nama Yehuda

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Budget 2022 - Odisha Handloom Bomkai Saree with Sambalpuri Bandha

There is an Odia saying that translated into English means- “What the mind thinks/wishes, it may receive the same.”

Today, I have ample reasons to be grateful, rejoice and celebrate wish fulfilment.

It was Budget Day and I have been sincerely wishing that our Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitaraman, would wear an Odisha Handloom Saree while presenting the budget!

Lo and behold! Imagine my surprise, pride, and happiness to see Madam dressed in one!

Nirmala Madam has often stated her love for handlooms, and she boasts of a great Saree collection– many of which are the handlooms of Odisha. She had worn a Sambalpuri Bandha Saree for her first day as Finance Minister.

Do you know the name of the Saree worn by Nirmala Ma'am today for the #Budget2022 speech?

It is a type of Odisha Handloom. But, what is the name of the type of Saree?

It is a Bomkai Saree with Sambalpuri Bandha motifs on aanchal.

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