Thursday, 19 October 2017

Oh My Diwali!

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They blamed me and said things are not fine.
Just because I was dark, the night was dark too.
I thought - can't they see the extra stars shine?
To brighten up the night, don't they have any clue?

Waxing & waning is my nature; always been so!
Why so many people are complaining tonight?
What's so special that they want me to glow?
Why this demand to view my form that's bright?
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

How To Make New Friends

Before you think that this post is inspired by Dale Carnegie's best-selling book- "How To Win Friends and Influence People", let me tell you that you are on the wrong track! However, this post does have some novel ideas that you can incorporate to make new friends!
Disclaimer- This writer does not claim responsibility for any nice/nasty experience you might encounter in your quest to conquer the new 'Kingdom of Friends'! Follow these tips at your own risk!

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Okay, so you are still reading this post! It means you are really serious to make new friends! 
Don't tell me that I didn't warn you! 

Friday, 6 October 2017

Blessing in Disguise

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She was rushing as she didn't want to miss her carpool to school.
"I have be on time for my exam".
While hurrying down the stairs, she tripped and fell.
"Mama! I have twisted my ankle and can't move my foot!"
"Never mind. You take rest today. All will be well. We'll visit the doctor", her mother assured.
"What about my exam?"
"But, you can't even walk with your sprained foot... By now your car must have left. And even if I leave you by alternate transport, you can't possibly walk up to your classroom that's on the third floor of your school."
Bearing the throbbing pain, she knew that her mother was right.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Durga Puja 2017 At Bhubaneswar

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Durga Puja is an important festival of eastern India. It marks the victory of good over evil.
Goddess Durga is Maa Durga i.e. Mother Durga. She had the powers to vanquish the evil demon named Mahishasura.

Durga Puja and Dussehra is celebrated with much fanfare and excitement at Odisha, India.
Capital city, Bhubaneswar, and its twin-city and former capital, Cuttack, have hundreds of Durga Puja Pandals. 
This Puja, I could manage to visit only half a dozen Pandals out of the hundreds!

Though it was raining heavily, the rains couldn't dampen the festive spirit. As the public flocked happily, the Pandals were teeming with ardent devotees.

Parking is a nightmare. But, Pandal-hopping is so much fun!

The Bomikhal Pandal was like a white palace with angels on its walls beckoning us.

 Maa Durga and her team looked resplendent in gold.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Shhh! Don't Tell Anyone

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A Std-IX girls party was on in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

"Truth or Dare?"

When Siddha chose "Truth", her friends asked her to reveal a secret.
She had to share a secret which she never wanted anyone to know.

The honest girl that she was, Siddha did share what she had kept hidden for long.
Even her closest friends did not know.

"My nickname is 'Bayani'."

There was a pin-drop silence and then all the girls burst out laughing. 

'Bayani' means 'mad girl' in Odia language.
It is quite the same as the word 'Pagli' in Hindi language.
Anyone who knew Siddha, could vouch how mismatched her nickname was with her know-it-all and responsible personality. Her great grandmother had zestfully nicknamed her 'Bayani' and the name had stuck with her extended family. Her parents called her 'Siddha'- that means 'an ascetic who has achieved enlightenment'. 

The girls were laughing out loud as if it was the funniest joke they had heard.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Walk In My Shoes

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Walk a mile in my shoes & you'll learn-
Why I walk the way I do, why I trudge/hurry?
Why this attitude & the madness makes me burn?
Why my life is a surprising different-flavoured curry?

Walk a mile in my shoes & you'll see-
A human like you with some flaws & goodness.
I'm the way I'm & maybe you'll consider to accept me...
Perhaps decide to end the journeys past & begin afresh?

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sunrise At Gopalpur-on-Sea

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The holiday was special and meant a lot,
We would get to unwind in the scenic spot.
The resort room was comfortable and cozy,
The experience was delightful and rosy.

The stars winked and the moon shone extra bright,
Gopalpur-on-Sea waters sparkled in the moonlight.
Soothing lullaby of the waves hypnotized deep!
The luxurious night invited us to rest and sleep.

Though I had decided to wake up before sunrise,
Letting go of wishes, I shut my eyes feeling nice!
My body cajoled- "Please let me sleep late!"
"If not one sunrise, another will soon be in fate!"

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Ganesha - Odisha Handicrafts

Lord Ganesha is much-loved everywhere in India and the world. Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated in a grand way in Odisha and in India. The pandals must be seen to be believed. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated once a year, but Lord Ganesha is worshiped everyday. There are many temples devoted to the lord. The Elephant God is also depicted in various handicrafts in Odisha.
It is wonderful to share some images of the exquisite and incredible handcrafted Ganesha items designed in Odisha, India.

Paper Mache Crafts:
Paper Mache Crafts of Odisha are designed in various forms including colourful animals and Gods.

Talapatra (PalmLeaf) Crafts:
Palm-leaf is skilfully etched and painted to depict mythology.
Stone Sculptures:
Odisha's artisans have always created magic with stone. The temples and sculptures provide testimony.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Happy Or Hopeless By The Window Seat ?

Life seems fine and happiness reigns by the window seat. 

The views are spectacular sometimes. One is filled with awe while viewing the clear blue sky and the vast expanse, the rich colours of the sun, the pretty shapes of the clouds, the flock of birds...
While I'm travelling by air, I like to occupy the window seat to witness all this and more. Sometimes, I spot an 'Oxbow lake' and some other natural features, and remember my Geography Ma'am and school text-books.

But, over the past several years, life by the window seat makes me wonder about the lack of greenery and forest-cover. Why are such great patches barren and devoid of any trees? 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The Alien Guest

She rechecked.

It was really him with another woman.

She was furious.

How could he do this to her?

He had no right to play with her trust.

She followed them secretly across the wilderness oblivious to the happenings in the world...
PHOTO PROMPT© Jan Wayne Fields

A spaceship had landed some hours ago.

The police was in search of a missing alien.

Seeing her with a binocular, they inquired if she had spotted the alien.

She nodded and pointed towards the tent...

The media interviewed her for 'Breaking News'.

No one knew the reality- the alien had randomly selected his form; thus totally resembled him...

Any clue what happens next? Do share in the comments below.

100 Words Story
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IndiSpire Edition-184Do you have that one person who was once your best companion but now a complete stranger? What changed? #Friend2Stranger
ABC Wednesday- G for Guest

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Odisha India Handlooms

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I am yet to visit most parts of our world. But, wherever I have been, I am conscious that I am not in my motherland, rather I am a cultural ambassador of India there. I make it a point to wear Indian clothes and use Indian products most of the time, especially when I am abroad.

Wearing Indian handlooms attracts a lot of attention. Random strangers stop by to shower gracious compliments- "Very nice costume", "So pretty", "Lovely dress", "Love the pattern/design/print", "I want something like what you are wearing!"...
The cloth/design refers to the Ikat cloth and handlooms of Odisha that I wear most of the time. 
The bright colours and patterns and varieties of dress-materials and Sarees steal hearts.

Friday, 18 August 2017

The Flood

The formidable dam of the past bursts at this hour:
The deluge and flood overwhelms my heart,
The waters lose no time to smartly play their part, 
Stirred and shaken, I shrink, shrivel and cower, 
Thorns pierce; I'm like an unloved trampled flower.
Bulls-eye! I'm the real target hit by the flood-dart...
Is it too late to journey ahead in my bedecked cart? 
Rejuvenate my once-upon-a-time spirit and power? 
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Monday, 24 July 2017

Cycle Of Birth And Death

You left me here without saying goodbye,
I know not where you went & how & why...
I screamed out loud hoping you'll hear me,
Despite my best efforts, I failed miserably...

They tried to reason with me fearing I'll go mad,
They couldn't fathom how much I was sad.
"Love makes the world go crazy", they said.
Earning back my loved ones was in my head.

I resolutely set out with a purpose that rainy day.
Clouds, Wind, Rain, Lightning...came my way.
The rainy-clouds thundered & showered their grace.
I didn't wipe the tears & raindrops from my face.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

VanaMahotsav In Bhubaneswar

There is little doubt that the temperature is rising and we are feeling the heat.
Plant more trees and help our cities to beat the heat.
More trees are a necessity and a treat.

Our Planet Earth needs to be treated right, else with our haphazard ways, we have to bid goodbye to it and look for a new home...
Trees are much needed. Unfortunately, "everybody wants to park in the shade, but not many are willing to plant a tree."
Some are willing, but they have no clue how to go about it! Last year, I was looking for a space for my Mango saplings.
After much follow-up, I was given five tree-guards from Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC). I planted five saplings on the roadside, but I still have the rest of the saplings at home...

This year I had been looking forward to join in the VanaMahotsav event.

Proud to be actively involved along with members of Aryan Cub -  a local youth club, Baristha Nagarika Sangha - Senior Citizens Association, BMC officials & workers, Forest Division officials, and enthusiastic neighbours.
Together we have planned a plantation event.

Look who all occupied our car's backseat today! I tried to memorize their names!
Driven to be planted on VanaMahotsav !
Excited to attend our very own VanaMahotsav in Bhubaneswar!
Here are the details:

Date: 7th July, 2017
Time: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Venue: Aryan Club Sporting Ground, located in the next lane of Happy Hours School, Sahid-Nagar, and near SBI, Sahid-Nagar, Bhubaneswar.
All are invited!

If you are in Bhubaneswar and you have always dreamed to plant a tree, you are most welcome to join us.

Note- The plantation space is limited. Be punctual to get a chance!
My #CityEvent post for IndiSpire Edition 176
Three Word Wednesday- Goodbye, Memorize, Haphazard

Have you ever planted a tree in your life? Do share in the comments below.

Rasagola Dibasa In Social Media

Once a year, we get to find many posts, tweets and images celebrating Rasagola Dibasa #RasagolaDibasa. Our Social Media timelines get filled with information and tempting pictures of Rasagolas. This post has some FAQs about Rasagola Dibasa in Social Media.

What is Rasagola Dibasa? 
Rasagola Dibasa is a day in the honour of Rasagolas and also dedicated to the lovers of this delicious sweet/dessert. 
In Odia language, the word Dibasa means day.
#RasagolaDibasa means Rasagola Day.
#RasagolaDibasa is a day of celebration just like #PakhalaDibasa and #UtkalaDibasa; Rasagola-lovers celebrate Rasagolas on this day! 

How, when and where did Rasagola Dibasa begin?
Niladri Bije is the last day of the Ratha Jatra. On this day, devotees offer Rasagolas as 'bhoga' to Lord Jagannath. Thus, Rasagolas have been associated with Puri Jagannath's Ratha Jatra for centuries. 

Niladri Bije, Rasagola Dibasa
Niladri Bije connection with Rasagolas

When the Gods enter the Temple after their trip to their aunt's place, Lord Jagannath is permitted to enter the Temple premises only after He placates His wife, Goddess Lakshmi by offering her Rasagolas. She is angry and asks many questions that Lord Jagannath answers during their conversation called 'Bachanika'. Sweet Rasagolas come to the rescue of the Lord of the Universe and help Him gain entrance!
In Social Media, the idea began on Twitter with the hashtag- #RasagolaDibasa with everyone's involvement starting from March 2015 onwards.

Why was Rasagola Dibasa proposed to be celebrated on Social Media?
Social Media has great power to educate people and dispel wrong notions. In Social Media, Rasagola Dibasa with the hashtag #RasagolaDibasa was proposed to celebrate Rasagolas. Social Media was the medium adopted to reach everyone and share about Odisha's Rasagola history and information that Odisha is the birthplace of the Rasagola. Many are not aware about Odisha's culture and Niladri Bije of Ratha Jatra that has the Rasagola connection for centuries now.
Rasagola has centuries-old link with Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri

Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Fault In Our Stares

There were a lot of intentional stares & stolen glances.
As next-door-neighbours, we had plenty of chances.

His room's window overlooked mine.
This two-sided love-story seemed just fine!

He loved to stand & stare, & I did the same too.
Why we indulged in this love-sports we had no clue.

"Mere saamne waali khidki mein ek chand ka tukda rehta hai"-
He sang this Hindi movie song without fail almost everyday.

"A piece of the moon resides in the window in front of me."
I felt like a movie-star as he sang love-songs faithfully.

They said it must have been because of the fault in our stares,
On our respective walls, our photographs stare with glares.

"Zara tasveer se tu nikal ke samne aa", he's blunt.
"Please emerge out of the picture & come in front."

No one can hear our songs, smell our scent or see us revel together.
We died 7 years ago; now our pasty photos stare at each other...
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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Judge Me Not

Don't judge me by my attire or my looks,
Or on my choice of food, movies or books!
Judging minus authority; has poor accuracy.
There's a kaleidoscopic me that you can't see...

You don't know the reason I have behaved such;
Why to you my word or sentence appears "too much"?
If you or your loved one had said or acted the same,
Things would be absolutely fine & you'd be game!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Budhia Singh At Nepal - Day 4

Budhia Singh from Bhubaneswar, India, was invited by the Nepal Government to participate in the "Lumbini To Mount Everest Peace Run 2017".

17th May 2017 - Day 4 - Kathmandu To Kalinga

The last day of our Nepal trip began early. After a quick breakfast, Prof.Dr.Panth, Budhia Singh, Marathon Man Amar Subba & I checked out of our hotel to set out for Swayambhunath.
The entire team was already ready. The Peace Run commenced at this ancient heritage temple of Swayambhunath.

The Team made multiple rounds (parikrama) with the PeaceTorch.

Budhia Singh At Nepal - Day 3

Budhia Singh from Bhubaneswar, India, was invited by the Nepal Government to participate in the "Lumbini To Mount Everest Peace Run 2017".

16th May 2017 - Day 3 - Bhairahawa To Kathmandu

Our Buddha Air morning flight from Bhairahawa to Kathmandu was delayed. Ex-VC of Nalanda University, Prof Dr. Ravindra Panth, had been invited by the Theravada Buddhist Academy to deliver a lecture from 8-9 AM in their premises in Kathmandu. As our flight was cancelled the previous night and the morning flight was late, Prof Dr.Panth, Budhia & I missed this classroom lecture. However, we had an invite from World Peace Temple- Vishwa Shanti Vihara that has the said academy in its premises. 

After reaching Kathmandu and checking into Hotel Marshyangdi in Thamel, we got set to explore the heritage sites. Our guide, a knowledgeable, elderly gentleman named Mr. Surendra, is an avid follower of Indian news and a great fan of our PM Modiji. 

We visited the World Heritage Site of Patan. 
L-R- Mr. Surendra, Prof. Dr. Ravidra Panth, Budhia Singh & I

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Budhia Singh At Nepal - Day 2

Budhia Singh from Bhubaneswar, India, has been invited by the Nepal Government to participate in the "Lumbini To Mount Everest Peace Run 2017".

15th May 2017 - Day 2 - Kathmandu To Lumbini

We had a morning flight from Kathmandu to Lumbini. However, the Buddha Air flight got delayed. When it arrived finally, Budhia boarded Buddha Air.
Budhia Singh
The chief organizer, Shri Bikram Pandey KAJI received us at the Gautam Buddha International Airport, Bhairahawa, and took us to Lumbini to meet the other runners. We had a great reception by the Peace Run Team- four-times Olympian, Baikuntha Manandhar, Marathon Man of Sikkim, Amar Subba, local marathon woman, Shah Banu Khan and three-times Everest Marthon Winner, Deepak Rai amid others. 

Then, Budhia Singh, Prof Dr. Ravindra Panth, and I were given Peace Run T-Shirts and sportswear that we wore and set out for the event venue. 
Nepal Government authorities, Lumbini Development Trust officials, revered Monks from monasteries, visitors, and members of Press & Media were already waiting for us at the Maya Devi Temple, Lumbini. They felicitated us.
While the monks chanted hymns, the peace torches were lit from the eternal flame in the Maya Devi Temple, Lumbini. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Budhia Singh At Nepal - Day 1

Budhia Singh from Bhubaneswar, India, has been invited by the Nepal Government to participate in the "Lumbini To Mount Everest Peace Run 2017".

14th May 2017 - Day 1 - Bhubaneswar To Kathmandu via New Delhi

Our day started early as both Budhia Singh and I woke up at 3 AM to be ready and to reach the airport before 4:15 AM to be on time for our early morning Indigo flight that was at 5:15 AM. 

My sister, Amrita Sabat, and our driver dropped Budhia & me at the Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar.

The lady CISF officer was happy to check the name on Budhia's Aadhar Card. 

PC:  Amrita Sabat
She exclaimed "Budhia Singh! Itne se thhey jab dekha tha. Kitney lambey ho gaye ho!" (You were so small when I had seen you last. How tall have you grown!)

After the security-check, we clicked some pictures and occupied our seat #s- 8A & 8B. 
Budhia was drowsy.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Lumbini To Mount Everest Peace Run 2017

World's Youngest Marathon Runner, Budhia Singh, from Odisha, India, has been invited to run in KapilvastuLumbiniNepal.
Budhia will be travelling to the land of the Buddha!
This is to establish the deep link between the two lands- Kalinga (i.e. present-day Odisha) and Kapilvastu - both rich with Buddhist heritage.
Budhia Singh Bhubaneswar Odisha
Budhia Singh

Monday, 1 May 2017

Zillions Of Wishes! #AToZChallenge

Life is so unpredictable & short;
What'll happen next we know not...
The road ahead may have sun/mist,
Yet zillions of wishes in our wish-list!

Wishes exist & the existing list gets bigger,
Anything may cause the launchpad's trigger!
Wishes are like ammunition in a rocket!
Tempting us with bucket-list in our pocket!
April 30 2017 - The New Indian Express & Samaja (Newspaper in Odia Language)

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Yes We Can Plant Trees #AToZChallenge

The Weeping Cedar Woman of Tofino in Vancouver Island,
Sheds tears as forests are under threat from (in)human hand.
What right do we have to harm what we didn’t grow?
Her out-stretched hand conveys what we already know-
Source: Poetry Pantry

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Xerox The Good Times #AToZChallenge

How we wish the good times to last!
But, time seems to run pretty fast!

If only there was a way to store...
Would fill boxes, bottles & more!

But, a bottle of happiness is not for sale,
Enjoy the good times without fail

Xerox the good times- they are wealth!
Replay them to be in the pink of health!

Life is uncertain & can burst like a bubble.
When we xerox the goodness, we double!

Do you wish to xerox the good times?

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Worst Is Over #AToZChallenge

When worries don't seem to end,
Things aren't as per your plan,
Life takes a surprise sharp bend,
Much happens in a short timespan...

Just believe all will be well,
This too shall pass, you'll see!
Heavenly days for you after hell!
Why drown in unwanted misery?

Dark nights are followed by days;
Tiring days by soothing nights.
For dreams now make space!
Also time to bask in the lights.

Whatever happens is God's plan really.
What, Why, When, Which- don't bother.
The best is on its way for you & me.
Learn & march ahead; The worst is over!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Virgin Victim #AToZChallenge

The air was still & grave,
Drenched in emotional wave...

I wept for her lost virginity...
Cursing shady elements from city.

Insensitive anti-social act,
Rebel rapists without tact...

Plucky victim lost worth-
Ex-virgin land(s) of Planet Earth,

All requesting solution-
Stop mindlessly causing pollution.

How do you feel when you find pollution in virgin lands? Why should the victim suffer, while those responsible roam scot-free?

I'm participating in my maiden #AToZChallenge. V For - Virgin, Victim
My Theme is- Poems About Life.

Note- This is a 44 words poem. Here the term 'Virgin Victim' refers to Planet Earth's virgin lands that have lost their virginity owing to humans. The term also denotes rape victims. Virginity is sacred. Hope its sanctity is maintained.

Also linking with-
dVerse Poets- Quadrille 
Three Word Wednesday - Pluck, Rebel, Shady
ABC Wednesday- P for Pollution, Plucky

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Underdog #AToZChallenge

Top Dog & Underdog were at their best,
The competition was their acid test.

The crowd jeered for their favourite;
The Underdog felt left out in the fight.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Time To Think #AToZChallenge

Many times we lament & complain-
There's no time even to stare or think.
We long to revisit the past again...
Time has simply passed by in a blink...

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Simplicity #AtoZChallenge

In this world that's after hi-fi status, brand & personality,
What are the survival prospects of plain simplicity?

Being simple & adhering to simplicity can backfire?
Is being simple silly & not seen as an object of desire?

Friday, 21 April 2017

Ready To Dance #AToZChallenge

I am Ready to Dance when-
- I hear a peppy song!
- Things don't go wrong!
- I'm healthy & strong!
- I don't miss the alarm dong!
- Waiting-time in Queue isn't long :)

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Don't Quit #AToZChallenge

When life is terrible & seems quite a pain;
You're overburdened with stress & strain;
Nothing's right, no matter what you do;
How to approach life, you have no clue...

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Princess To Queen #AToZChallenge

"Walk straight & tall; Sit properly,
Don't burp or slurp; Eat nicely; 
Take care of your body & face;
Carry yourself with grace...
👸 👑
Don't climb a tree or ride a bike;
Behave well; Be prim & lady-like.
Don't argue or raise your voice;
You're a Princess- you've no choice..."
👸 👑
Supposed-to-be Queen after princess,
Felt like a pawn on a board of Chess!
Despite this, she had a mind of her own.
They couldn't set her life's tune or tone.
👸 👑

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

On The Way #AToZChallenge

Life is a strange one-way journey...
Many people & places on the way.
Those that get along with you & me,
May have last meeting with us today.

Every person or incident has a purpose,
It's for us to study, analyse & recognize.
Great experiences with highs & lows,
Good spirit & attitude on the way is wise.

Are you happy with life everyday?
Are you learning & enjoying on the way?
Or do you have angry words to say?
Do share about your experiences on the way!

I'm participating in my maiden #AToZChallenge. O For - On, One 
My Theme is- Poems About Life.

Also linking with - ABCWednesday

New Life #AToZChallenge

The pool looked refreshing & cool.

But, to plunge into it, I didn't dare.

I was reviewing the rules of that school!

I maintained a safe distance there.

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Magical World #AToZChallenge

When we were first introduced, love struck me.
It was the starting of a lifelong affair & romance...
Then, I realized there were more of the kind-
Romantic, Philosophical, Movies & Travel fans.

I loved each one, one at a time, exclusively one-to-one,
When I felt done with one, I moved on & settled down-
Picked a new friend; changing another partner was fun!
Spent some nights & days with this friend for company.
wow drop in the ocean

Friday, 14 April 2017

Little Again #AToZChallenge

How strange is life with its ups & downs!
Lessons to learn with smiles & frowns...

How our wants & needs change along the way!
But, what'll happen tomorrow no one can say...

When we are little, we can't wait to grow-up soon!
The idea of being 'big' & 'matured' makes us swoon.

Time waves its wand with its quota of age & pain...
Many grown-ups realize- they wanna be little again!
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