Friday 31 January 2014

Milestones- A Century, Not Out!

Busy with life we go with the flow,

Missing things we should know!

While we live life & try to grow,

Running Marathons like a swift doe,

Many milestones come & go…

SRK mentions this in a dialogue in the Hindi-Film ChennaiExpress, Bhaagte rehte hain Marathon…” (We keep running Marathons.)

While running my marathons in life, I missed two milestones recently.

Yesterday, I realized, albeit late, after submitting my Post on IndiBlogger that I had submitted my 100th Post for IndiVine!

Last month, I had missed the occasion to SEE MORE while posting the 100th Post for my Blog. I was so engrossed that I never even realized when I had composed & published the 100th Post for my Blog & even after posting a couple of Posts after that!… 

I had always planned to celebrate the special event of a Century of Posts by Blogging & conveying my heartfelt thanks to all! 

I missed the chance to acknowledge my Century a la Sachin Tendulkar... 

Two months ago, my Blog had graced its 75th Post. 
Luckily, I happened to be aware and shared the occasion through my Diamond & Platinum Jubilee Post

It built up expectations about a bigger celebration for 100 Posts on my Blog. As I got busy, I missed the special occasion last month… 
As of today, I have 121 Published Posts in my Blog.

After realizing that I had submitted my 100th Post for IndiVine at IndiBlogger yesterday, I felt that I had missed an opportunity to dedicate a Post solely to ‘Milestones’ like this.

Then, I thought – “Why regret? What I missed yesterday, I can make it a reality today!” 

Here’s my 101st Post for Indivine!
In our culture, 101 is a Shagun or good amount to gift!

I contacted IndiBlogger & suggested that they should give us badges when we reach special milestones like Century (100 Posts), 200 Posts, 300 Posts…

Lovely to find that my Blog has reached a new milestone today 40,000 page-views!

ALL IS WELL as I express my sincere gratitude to everyone especially to Blogging Sites like IndiBlogger & BlogAdda, my Blog’s readers…looong list of people...

You are awesome!


May we all achieve & celebrate our Milestones! Cheers!

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Tuesday 28 January 2014

Problems & Solutions

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers

A recent incident has set me thinking. This is just a Post about my random thoughts...

If there’s any problem in our personal life that we are unable to solve on our own, then what should be our course of action? 

Should we share it with close people or should we cover it up so that no one knows?

If we share it with someone/some people, then we are ‘washing dirty linen in public’. Anything that is not 'private', is 'public'. 

We risk being judged. 

Also, our secret may find its way to others that we wouldn’t like or want. 
How many people can actually keep a secret?
A secret is something that everyone tells everyone not to tell anyone!’

Then, I saw this image in Twitter:

Embedded image permalink

What if we don’t reach a mutually agreeable consensus with our partner?

What if kiss & make up just doesn’t work?

Is the solution to keep the faith, hoping things will work out?

Or is walking away the solution?

Some people walk away, not only from their partner’s life, but from Earth itself…
Those who are strong enough not to end their lives, end up living with past memories though trying for a hopeful future.

Wish there were solutions for every kind of problems.
And medicines for every illness.

Relationships are very delicate...
I guess the best solution is- mutual time, patience, trust, understanding, hope, support, respect…lots of love.

May God give everyone enough strength to tide over every problem & recognize the solutions.

Here’s wishing more solutions & zero problems in everyone’s lives.
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