Wednesday 25 July 2018

#RasagolaDibasa : The Spelling Is RASAGOLA

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Rasagola has a historical and cultural link with Odisha, a state of eastern India.
Read about 'Rasa', Rasakora, Rasabara, Rasagola in Odia Dictionary here.

Rasagola is a centuries-old Mahaprasad of Puri Jagannath Temple that is offered to Lord Jagannath and His wife, Mahalakshmi, every year on Niladri Bije, the last day of Ratha Jatra (Car Festival). 
However, most of the world is still unaware about the real origin of Rasagola.

Following the Banglar Rasogolla GI tag in November last year, there has been blatant misinformation. 
Even pink papers like the Economic Times and sites like the Conde Nast Traveller have presented distorted and misleading reports.
You can read these posts for more- "Battle" Over Rasgulla - Misleading Media Reports 
 & Rasagola Project #RasagolaProject
Why is it that no national media reports news about Rasagola in Shree Jagannathji's cuisine?
Why all the national papers did not find this interesting for publication- that this special cover has been released by the Department of Posts?

Sunday 22 July 2018

The Object Of My Affection

Today on Bahuda Jatra, we had a family-function.
The object of my affection was a part of the celebration.

With my object around, the function was a treat!
For me, it made the Satyanarayana Puja complete!

This object makes its presence felt on occasions-
Irrespective of the big and small celebrations!

It comes in different sizes & colour- cool variety!
These days, one can find it all over, in many a city.

Thursday 19 July 2018

Proven Princess

 "What do you see?"
"The gates of an ancient fort... It's snowing. There's a crown on my head..."
"The fort no longer exists... I'm staying in the same place. Everyone calls me 'Princess'."
Her answers pertained to her past lives as she was undergoing past-life-regression sessions.

Sunday 15 July 2018

Ratha Jatra 2018 : Effect On My Senses

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Ratha Jatra i.e. Rath Yatra, is a centuries-old festival of Odisha that is celebrated all across the world. One of the four holiest places of India (Dhaam) is Puri in Odisha where the Shree Jagannath Temple is located.
In Odia language, 'Ratha' means Chariot (Car) and 'Jatra' means Festival. 
Thus, 'Ratha Jatra' means 'Chariot Festival' or 'Car Festival'.

In Odisha, every locality has its own Ratha Jatra(s).
The capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar, is also called the 'Temple City' because of its hundreds of temples.
I participated in the Ratha Jatra at the Sri Sri Baba Akhandalamani Temple in Sahid Nagar at Bhubaneswar yesterday. 

Saturday 14 July 2018

The Seven-Year Itch

When Lora looked outside, a pretty sight greeted her.
Two white pigeons were snuggling on the tree outside her window.

She continued to gaze at the avian couple, though she felt she was intruding their privacy.
Their antics reminded her of her first date with Krish.
She had felt great with him.
Soon, they had got married.
Seven years had passed.
She had lost interest in her marriage...

Cacophony interrupted her thoughts.

Friday 13 July 2018

Six Minutes Of Fame

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She resolutely continued her perilous journey.
Everyone warned her as usual.
"This is not for you..."
"Don't forget you are a woman..."
"Can't you see the difficulties?"
"Don't take this path."
"It's dangerous!"

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Swosti Chilika Resort Odisha

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We were excited to visit the Swosti Chilika Resort located near Asia's largest lagoon and the second largest lagoon in the world, Chilika Lake.

It was an exhilarating experience to step into the impressive eco-resort and experience the unmistakable aura of the resort spread across nine acres on the banks of the Chilika Lake.
After a traditional warm welcome complete with 'Mangal Tika' and welcome-drinks, we made ourselves comfortable on the battery-operated vehicle and set out for our room. The aesthetically-designed resort in the resplendent verdant locale made its presence felt.
Eco-Resort, Chilika Lake View, And Greenery
As we journeyed on our eco-vehicle, we soaked in all the sights, sounds, and smells that seemed to greet and transport us to another world... Birds were singing even in the afternoon! 

The gentle breeze and the lush greenery welcomed us as we crossed elegant cottages and presidential suites to reach our well-furnished 'Lake View' room in the 'Wind Chimes'.

The view from the common balcony leading to the room was great.

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Act For A Green World

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What does our world need today? Something that's applicable for the four corners of the world?
When you ask yourself this question, what answers come to your mind?

I feel our world needs more greenery and environment-friendly actions.
Imagine what a world it will be if all of us plant saplings and nurture trees...
I say- "Yes We Can Plant Trees".
Planting trees gives immense satisfaction and happiness to me.

I have tried to involve the community in my tree plantation endeavours.
Last year, I organized a plantation drive at a nearby field.
VanaMahotsav at our locality in Bhubaneswar was much appreciated.

Just plantation of seeds or saplings is not enough. They need to be watered, cared and respected. 

Friday 6 July 2018

Some Love Triangles In Bollywood Movies

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There are many Hindi movies that have three lead actors in a love triangle. There can be either two heroes in love with one heroine or two heroines in love with one hero. Considering the uncomfortable chemistry between them, one tends to believe that three's a crowd.

One Heroine, Two Heroes i.e. Ek Heroine, Do Hero

In a love-triangle, someone has to sacrifice.  
When two heroes seek the attention of the same heroine, she has a tough choice.

One happens to be her love and the other is her responsibility due to a prior promise or allegiance. She explains her dilemma to the hero she loves and both are ready to sacrifice for the sake of duty or friendship.
Image result for sangam

Wednesday 4 July 2018

The Zestful Agent

"You decide how you wish to finish the work today," Maqbool said.

Twelve-year-old Zakir felt a huge load on his shoulders.

He had to decide how to reduce the load of one person from the planet, who was interfering with his country's mission...

Maqbool showed photographs of the 'terrorist' whom Zakir had to follow in the market and kill.
PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Tuesday 3 July 2018

Alcohol, Bollywood Movies And Society

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Society does play an important role in our real life. The reel-life too is shaped by society.
Movies reflect the society.
This post illustrates this point with the example of drinking alcohol or getting drunk.

Society judges us for whatever we do. Newton's third law of Physics holds true.
'Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.'
The same action i.e. drinking alcohol has an equal and opposite reaction from the society (irrespective of whether the drinking is in real-life or in reel-life!)

There's a Bollywood song- 'Peene waalon ko peene ka bahaana chahiye' (Movie - 'Haath Ki Safai')
Meaning- Those who drink need an excuse to drink!
No matter what the reason, some people are always ready to drink no matter what the society says! Some examples-

I) When the hero knowingly tries to make the heroine guilty or vice-versa.
You are responsible for my alcoholic state! See me drink and suffer!
In a number of movies, the hero/heroine are shown to consume alcohol and stop doing so only after the intervention of their love-interest!

II) When the villain/hero tries to spike the drink to intoxicate the heroine or vice-versa.
The intention is anyone's guess.
Image result for yeh dillagi hoton pe bas

'Hothon pe bas tera naam hai, Tujhe chahana mera kaam hai. Tere Pyar mein paagal hoon main subaha shyaam.' (Movie - 'Yeh Dillagi')
Meaning- There's only your name on my lips, Loving you is my work. I am crazy in your love morning and evening.

Sunday 1 July 2018

Some True Heroes Of Odisha

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Individuals with disability deserve an inclusive and accessible environment.
In December 2016, "Rights of Persons with Disability Act 2016 (RPWD Act 2016)" got passed as the law of the land. This human rights law ensures that persons with disabilities also receive the same civil rights protections as other Indians.
Through Odisha State disAbility Network (OSDN), a unique 18-month Sashakt Campaign has been started in Odisha with the collaboration of over 250 NGOs, networks, government agencies, parents and individuals and several partner agencies. Sashakt Campaign is an endeavour to create awareness about the laws and the rights of persons with disabilities.
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