Friday 13 July 2018

Six Minutes Of Fame

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She resolutely continued her perilous journey.
Everyone warned her as usual.
"This is not for you..."
"Don't forget you are a woman..."
"Can't you see the difficulties?"
"Don't take this path."
"It's dangerous!"
"You can earn better name and fame elsewhere."
It wasn't just a question of name and fame...

Picture of mountains on Lake Pehoe, Chile, with a ladder or bridge submerged in the water.
She never thought of herself while wading through perils.
She had to undertake alarming tasks everyday.
Thanks to terrorism, she had already earned 'six minutes of fame' innumerable times.
The world's best bomb-defuser knew that if she cut the wrong wire, it would be her last 'six minutes of fame.'

What motivates someone to not be selfish and sacrifice 'me-time'? Why do some undertake dangerous jobs and attempt to save the world? Do you feel 'me-time' is more important than time being spent for the service of others or the world?

100 words short story for-
#Barathon - Day 6- 'Six Minutes Of Fame'
Friday Fictioneers,
#MidWeekFlash Challenge-63
#IndiSpire -230 #MeTime 
FlashFiction - 173


  1. Putting the life on edge needs a heart of steel and will of mountain. Or is it call of the duty? Great take on prompt.

  2. such a different post... good one
    #Barathon 2018

  3. Bringing gender into this was so unique loved it

  4. The motivation to do something beyond the ordinary plus the way gender plays an important part in this post makes it an amazing take on the prompt.

  5. Wow! The surprise punch line at the end really gladdened my heart. It is good to see women standing shoulder to shoulder in a patriarchal society like ours.

    Here is my 6th #barathon post

  6. Dear Anita,

    She definitely put herself on the line every time.



  7. khudi ko kar buland itna ki taqdeer se pahle khuda bande se khud pooche bata teri raza kya hai

  8. Nice piece. Interesting that you encompassed it with so many other flash prompts & comps. Good job!

  9. Not a job I would like to have!

  10. Mixing a bunch of prompts into one piece is not easy.

  11. Wonderful twist at the end and totally agree with the thought in the finishing line, it really needs a courage, a broad mind and kind heart to serve for others.
    Awesome take on the prompt, short but highly potential write up.

  12. A bomb diffuser's me-time is when he or she is diffusing a bomb.
    Nice poem.

    Arvind Passey


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