Friday 24 May 2013

Melodies & Harmonies Make Me Say Cheese!

Music- Haunting & Lilting Melodies,
Heavenly with Harmonious Harmonies!

Sonic qualities, Dynamics, Rhythm, Pitch-
Music caters to all- Princess, Maid, Witch…!

Soothing tunes heralding calm peace,
Or Chords that invite to sail across seas!

Music stirs ego, patriotism & passions
Soldiers march in unison to positive vibrations!

More powerful than the birds & the bees!
Music can make us melancholy or say Cheese!

‘Ayega Aane Waala’ evokes a chill,
Emotions like wild flowers on a hill!

Reminiscent of past, builds memories!
On the Stage of Life, all stages it accompanies!

Music opens doors, has me & U totally floored!
Music, like Oliver Twist, makes us ask for MORE!

To its tunes Music’s beauty can make us dance,
Next-door neighbours unite across borders with its romance!

Music to me is -Ringing of Temple & Church bells, Tripitakas,
Quran's holy verses, Gurbani, XMasCarols, Angas, Shlokas…

When Heroines/Heroes make their entry in the Movies,
Music also plays when they run around trees!

Music to me is a kaleidoscope with beautiful hues-
Madness, Solution, Fame, Adulation, Wonders, Views…!

Music keeps us awake even at unearthly hour!
Yet lullaby puts us to sleep, we soar with dream-power!

Flute, Sitar, Piano, Drums, Balalaika, Accordion…
Music notations win hearts, minds & nations…!

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Music Defines Me or I Define Music?!

MUSIC- My Rhapsodic Constellation! 
Great Expectation- Bon Jovi Concert Mission!!!

For me, Music means a Wonderful Association
Music heralds immeasurable Joys & Exclamation!

Music is- Religion, Fashion, Vision, Relation...!  
Universal Cooperation, First Impression, 

Triumphant Expression, Soulful Globalization, 
Fair Glorification, Mellifluous Attention, 

Kismet Connection, Priceless Collection,
Beguiling Sophistication, Thrilling Revolution, 

Hearty Innovation, Continuous Improvisation, 
Instant Gratification, Unique Proposition,

Comprehensible Prescription, High Exploration, 
Wholehearted Participation, Deep Titillation,

Inexpensive Solution, Heady Concoction, 
Healing Medication, Focused Ambition, 

Intelligent Decision, Advantageous Position, 
Wireless Connection, Strong Inclination, 

Speechless Communication, Awesome Invention, 
Joyful Notification, Captivating Imagination, 

Complexity Simplification, Great Obsession,
Invaluable Contribution, Glorious Satisfaction,

Melodious Fascination, Divine Devotion, 
Border Transgression, Love Germination,

Incredible Infection, Sensational Sensation,
Diverse Emotion, Rainbow Jubilation, 

Terrific Assimilation, Excellent Creation,
Crazy Scintillation, Tremendous Attraction, 

Soul Transmigration, Complete Passion,
Heartfelt Rendition, Invigorating Addiction,

Rich Celebration, Motivating Inspiration,
Lofty Deification, Smart Extrapolation…

Thursday 16 May 2013


Music has always meant a lot to me!
Hopefully my entry will win me the chance to see Bon Jovi! 

Music is the triumphant expression of the soul
That magically touches one and all-

Irrespective of their nationality or background,
Music makes the world go round!

Music is that valid Passport that helps scale-
Borders & boundaries easily without fail!

Music has those notes that are priceless; 
Music can make people speechless! 

Music is devotion, celebration, inspiration & inclination; 
Music belongs to every season & for every reason! 

Chirping of the birds, baby talk, river gushing, Mom’s lullaby…
Musical notes can be low or high! 

Music has the power to brighten every night & day! 
That’s why I always say- ‘Let the Music Play!
Music is all this and much more...
In my life's game, Music brownie-point is what I wanna score! 

The World’s a Stage, the Drama is Cool-
The Music of Life makes us Droooooool!

Newer & Better Technology & Inventions, Positive Views,
Notes & Tunes, Smart Breakthroughs, Good News;

Laughter, Crisp Currency, Jingling of Coins & Keys,
Raindrops on Tin Roofs, Sea-waves, Humming Bees;

Rustling leaves as the breeze gets two trees close,
Music is when there is an exchange of rings or a red rose…

Maria's 'These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things',
And the nostalgia 'The Sound Of Music' still brings!

When Car’s engine whirrs or Laptop comes alive as OS starts,
Loved ones Call/SMS- Mobile Ringtones/Notification Alerts!

We Dance our Best no matter what Music Life plays,
Music’s Essence, Romance & Happiness forever stays!

Music makes our heart go on & on,
Music makes us feel like a new-born! 

Music is a charming nourishing soul-food,
Music calms tempers, soothes & changes mood.

We feel happier  listening to upbeat, cheery music;
For better health & relationships, music is the pick!

Music is Mozart, Bon Jovi, Pavarotti, AR Rahman…
Music makes us sing, dance & party as crazy fans!

Music satisfies deep urge like passionately making love,
Makes adrenaline surge- while grounded, we soar as dove!

Facing the music, may not be music to the ears!
But, music also banishes fears & spreads cheers!

Music may be old, classical, futuristic or modern...
Music adds a spring to our step & is FUN!

Music is an all-encompassing five-letter word,
That’s mightier than a Sword & is a direct road to God!

Music is our expression of ideas, experience & wisdom,
Music makes sense as it builds our wondrous Kingdom!
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