Friday 24 May 2013

Melodies & Harmonies Make Me Say Cheese!

Music- Haunting & Lilting Melodies,
Heavenly with Harmonious Harmonies!

Sonic qualities, Dynamics, Rhythm, Pitch-
Music caters to all- Princess, Maid, Witch…!

Soothing tunes heralding calm peace,
Or Chords that invite to sail across seas!

Music stirs ego, patriotism & passions
Soldiers march in unison to positive vibrations!

More powerful than the birds & the bees!
Music can make us melancholy or say Cheese!

‘Ayega Aane Waala’ evokes a chill,
Emotions like wild flowers on a hill!

Reminiscent of past, builds memories!
On the Stage of Life, all stages it accompanies!

Music opens doors, has me & U totally floored!
Music, like Oliver Twist, makes us ask for MORE!

To its tunes Music’s beauty can make us dance,
Next-door neighbours unite across borders with its romance!

Music to me is -Ringing of Temple & Church bells, Tripitakas,
Quran's holy verses, Gurbani, XMasCarols, Angas, Shlokas…

When Heroines/Heroes make their entry in the Movies,
Music also plays when they run around trees!

Music to me is a kaleidoscope with beautiful hues-
Madness, Solution, Fame, Adulation, Wonders, Views…!

Music keeps us awake even at unearthly hour!
Yet lullaby puts us to sleep, we soar with dream-power!

Flute, Sitar, Piano, Drums, Balalaika, Accordion…
Music notations win hearts, minds & nations…!

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