Monday 30 June 2014

My Grandfather, Bapa

"Are you studying well? Have you stood 1st in Class?"

My paternal grandfather, Bapa, asked me these questions.

This is one of my earliest memories of my role model.

Bapa asked me these questions every time we met.

I always felt guilty about having to give a negative answer to the second question.

That's because I stood 2nd or 3rd in Class most of the times.

While my father always advised us to 'Study for knowledge; not for marks', I knew one person- his father i.e. Bapa- would be very happy if I stood 1st in Class!

Years passed and I regularly occupied one of the first three positions in Class, but never the 1st position...

Bapa had promised me a watch if I stood 1st.
More than the watch, I wanted to stand 1st so that I could reply 'YES' to both of Bapa's questions when we met the next time...

My turn came when I finally stood 1st.
Bapa was overjoyed and promptly fulfilled his promise.

Apart from his happiness & blessings, I proudly earned my first wrist-watch!
Thanks Bapa!

My grandfather, Bapa, is my role-model for many reasons.

Strength, Fortitude, Facing Challenge, Courage

Bapa shares his name with the young and brave warrior-prince, Abhimanyu of the Mahabharata. 
Just like the character Abhimanyu, Bapa has had to face the Chakravyuh. But, unlike his Mahabharata namesake, this Abhimanyu has had to face many Chakravyuhs in his life so far...
Each time he has emerged stronger and been a pillar of support for all.

Bapa has had to see many deaths in his family - that of his elders, son, son-in-law, two brothers, wife, daughter-in-law...
Bapa has accepted bouquets and brickbats with equal elan.

He is a leading businessman of Southern Odisha, who despite facing many challenges in business, has set up a strong empire and earned crores. 

He has ably handled the family business for eight decades now, right from the tender age of ten.

Simplicity, Humility, Frugal, Contented

Bapa believes in 'Simple Living, High Thinking'.
Bapa is a great fan of Gandhiji & his principles. Bapa had even contributed for the Freedom Struggle.

Bapa has always had just two sets of lungis. One day, when I was very young, I even spotted him wearing a vest that had a hole. When I complained about this to my grandmother, she said that Bapa had asked her to get it mended and he would continue to wear it. Also, he is happy with his two sets of lungis. He is grateful as God has been so kind to him while many people have no clothes...

Bapa believes in savings. When he learnt that I had 'earned' money as my stories and contributions were published in magazines, he advised me to open a bank-account-
"Save Money- 'A rupee saved is a rupee earned'"

People who have met him are spell-bound by his down-to-earth, unassuming nature with no hint of pride.
Bapa says, 'Pride comes before a fall' & always advises us to be humble. 

Bapa often warns us not to hanker too much after 'profits' or to be greedy as he feels-

'Labha ru Lobha; Lobha ru ati Lobha; ati Lobha ru Mrityu' - 
'From profits, there's greed; From greed, there's excessive greed; From excessive greed, there's death.'

Dedication, Discipline, Time-Conscious, Good Habits

Bapa has led a highly disciplined life, with complete dedication for his work. 

Bapa is a stickler for punctuality. He values his time a lot and never wastes it. 

He is a man-of-few-words. He keeps his conversations brief and to-the-point.

Bapa maintains strict timings and religiously sticks to them- work, food, tea-time, TV-viewing etc. all have their own fixed times.

Bapa has maintained his good-habits for long now viz. eating a Banana after every meal. Recently, I read a research-study in the newspaper that states that eating a Banana after every meal is great for health & longevity.

Visionary, Prophetic, Holistic View

Bapa identifies a good deal when he sees one. 

Amazing that his words and predictions are prophetic!

Bapa identifies the winners easily. He once bet successfully on the winning horse in a horse-race!

"Inspiration, Role-Model for this generation"

The above were the words of the TV-journalist, who interviewed Bapa.

On his 89th birthday, the local news channel came over and interviewed him so that he could share his message and inspire the youth.

In that interview, Bapa had said-

- We have been gifted lives so that we can work. 
- Work with full passion & determination as 'Work Is Worship'.
- Do not expect any rewards. You'll get your share.
- Do what you like to do & give it your best.
- Nothing is impossible.
- Don't brood about the past. Be positive. 
- Be grateful, loyal & trust-worthy.
- Be productive. Keep your brain active.  

Unfortunately this great man, who has worked so hard in his entire life, suffered a fall that has dealt his backbone a severe fracture... Though Bapa has to be compulsorily bed-ridden now, his brain is totally active as he tries his best to utilize his time as per his strict schedule.

When I went with my daughter to meet him, Bapa asked her, "Are you studying well? Have you stood 1st in Class?" 

Dear Bapa, I am so proud to be your grand-daughter! I feel privileged to have your genes. I loved to share this post about you! May you get all what you like as you deserve the best!

This was for the #MyRoleModel Blogging Contest.

My Mermaid

There was a sparkle in his eyes.

I sensed my creation’s cries.

Beautiful fashionable mermaid sitting on a rock by the sea - stock photo

Sunday 29 June 2014

Rath Yatra Puri

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Today is Asadha Shukla Dwitiya, the second day of the bright lunar fortnight of the month of Asadha.

It is celebrated as Rath Yatra or #RathaJatra.

A painting of the Rath Yatra

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This year, Rath Yatra is on 29th June.

The Rath Yatra festival began in the Shri Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha, India.
Rath Yatra of Shri Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha ; Image Source

Rath means Chariot/Car while Yatra  means Travel.

Rath Yatra is a centuries-old cultural festival.

Friday 27 June 2014

The Star

When she was a kid, her grandmother had taught her the first ballet steps the day her parents were killed in an accident.

Before her grandmother passed away, the old lady promised her that she would be her guardian angel and watch over her & guide her like a bright star.


The Getaway

The getaway was successful.

Thursday 26 June 2014

The Cathartic Risk

Thanks everyone for your love and support for my previous story- The Intriguing Connivance.
Based on popular demand, here is the sequel. Do hope that you like it!

The sky was foggy and hazy and the sea was stormy and appeared risky.

But, only he was on her mind as she plunged into those cold waters just to chase that boat that was carrying him...


Tuesday 24 June 2014


Little Rimi was very angry.

She wanted to celebrate X'Mas then.

Monday 23 June 2014

HUMSHAKALS - Movie Review

"Men have called me mad; but the question is not settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence – whether much that is glorious – whether all that is profound – does not spring from disease of thought – from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect.”
– Edgar Allan Poe

Yesterday, we watched Director Sajid Khan’s latest offering, Humshakals, despite the negative reviews and comments. 

Friday 20 June 2014

The Intriguing Connivance

She whispered her question to him intrigued, "How did you land up here?" 

He answered, "I missed you every second and have looked for you everywhere my love!"

When they appeared out of nowhere and asked her, "Do you know him?", she vehemently denied claiming, "This is the first time I'm meeting him!"


Thursday 19 June 2014

The Home

I always wondered why my friend Mini never invited me to her home.

When she visited my home, we played. My Mom fed us yummy food.

Mini was absent for a week.

Our teacher asked who would visit her.

I volunteered. 

The teacher shared her address with me.

I reached a shabby home.
PHOTO PROMPT  Copyright -Mary Shipman

The Road

Two roads beckoned.

Ignoring the warnings, he chose the road that appeared like a short-cut.


Monday 16 June 2014

Virginity & Character

This post is one of the Top Posts of 2014 in the list compiled by IndiBlogger.

Virginity means - 'Sexual abstinence before marriage'.
Virginity is sacred as per traditional beliefs, values, culture and religions. 
Virginity also means 'purity' (of thoughts and action).

As mythology & history prove, it's perfectly justified if the men lose their virginity, marry one partner, have extra-marital affairs or additional marriages! 
But, as per Indian culture, girls/women are not supposed to 'think' about or 'entertain' any other person apart from their spouse...
Married women haven't had a better deal...

Devi Ahalya was cursed and turned into a stone by her angry husband- Gautama Maharishi, when it was not her fault. The King of Gods, Indra, had come disguised as her husband & she had entertained him... Later, Shri Ram freed her from the curse.

Ahalya was the first Panchakanya - ("five virgins"), "archetypes of female chastity" - a group of five icons "whose names are believed to dispel sin when recited".

Sunday 15 June 2014

HOLIDAY- Movie Review

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers

Director A.R.Murugadoss's movie- "Holiday: A Soldier is never off duty" is 170 minutes long. It has Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Sumeet Raghavan and newcomer Farhad in key roles. Govinda has a cameo appearance. Holiday is the second Bollywood offering by the Director. It has his first Bollywood film- Ghajini's hangover/glimpses in certain scenes - viz. display of maps, pics and info on the walls. I felt Holiday is a bit too long and needed better editing.


Friday 13 June 2014

The Cyclist

Bobby’s dream was to win the International Cycling Competition.

He sincerely practiced day and night.

A Wish That Came True!

Last morning, when Papa & I woke up, we realized that our souls had been exchanged!

As he is so smart & intelligent, I had often wondered how life would be to be in his shoes!


Soul Exchange

My kid & I had been to my father's place.

The next morning I found A Wish Had Come True!

Papa & I realized that our souls had been exchanged & as per God's direction, we had to live one another's life for a day.

I confessed to My Papa, My Role-Model that unfortunately this was as A Wish Had Come True!

Being the honest sweetheart that he is, even he confessed that he often wondered how his darling little girl is handling so many things post-marriage!

Wednesday 11 June 2014

The Identity

For the world he was yet another Dentist.

A smiling Dentist, who was self-made and had his own clinic.

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Ted Strutz

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Yet Another Avoidable Tragedy

Yet another terrible tragedy, an avoidable accident...
Yet another callous act that has claimed the innocent...

Monday 9 June 2014

Life Before & With IndiBlogger

I signed up for my Blog & joined Blogging in August 2012.

I joined IndiBlogger and other Blogging sites like BlogAdda 11 months ago in July 2013.

My Blog had less than 10 Posts, less than 10 Followers, less than 10 Comments & less than 1000 Page-Views.

Just yesterday it has clocked 1,00,000 Page-Views!

Sunday 8 June 2014

No Spitting

Ever felt terrible when people spoil our Incredible India by spitting anywhere and everywhere?

Whether it's a wall, a freshly painted office or public space, roads, monuments... any place is good enough for spitting.

We don't spit on the walls in our homes, do we? India is our home too. Why spit & spoil our home?

Why can't we have basic civic sense?

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