Sunday 28 September 2014

The Friendly Stranger

A seven-year-old girl had gone to the village-fair with her family & was admiring the lovely stuff displayed.

Copyright - Marie Gail Stratford
PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford -
Used with Permisision from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Realizing she was lost, she started running with tears on her face when a stranger pulled her saying, "Come with me, dear!"

While walking, as the stranger told her stories, she was confused about that lady's identity, wondering where she had seen her before...

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Note The Depression

She noted he was depressed, but she never asked him why.
She had resolved never to ask so as advised by Stephen Fry.

"Depression isn't a straightforward response to a bad situation;
Depression is just like the weather", is Stephen Fry's opinion.

She tried to probe & understand what he was going through.
Why, though their life was perfect & fine, was he feeling blue?

Monday 22 September 2014

A Twist In Her Life

She had learning disability & faced rejection from teachers & schools, who claimed that she’s dumb & can never learn.

He came along as a twist in her life, took her under his novel enlightening tutelage & soon knowledge became fun. 

SOURCE - Pic used with Permission 
With the wheels of time, she grew from strength to strength, attaining laurels & fame not in her ‘normal’ friends’ fate. 

Friday 19 September 2014

Charity Or Empowerment?

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" 
- Chinese proverb, by Lao Tzu

Given a choice out of charity or empowerment, I choose empowerment for the same reasons as expressed by the above Chinese proverb.

But, then charity is also needed for empowerment.
Empowerment needs investment- resources like time & money. Charity can step in for this.

Charitable donations are a temporary solution, while empowerment is a long-term means for progress.

Thursday 18 September 2014

I, Me And Myself

“Who am I?” I ask myself seriously.
The sands of time show a pretty reflection.
What others see isn’t the complete me...
There’s so much more than first-impression.

Copyright - Dawn Q. Landau - Pic used with permission

Monday 15 September 2014


He & she got married and dreamt of a life starry & jazzy. 

They allowed life to happen to them when they were busy.

They ran after schedules & attended to all the demands crazy. 

Source: Five Sentence Fiction- Grief

Sunday 14 September 2014

Write To Make Things Right

I wish to hide my face with all the gruesome news in sight.

How to Keep Calm & Care & Zen when we are full of fright?

Pic used with permission Courtesy : Magpie Tales

What's wrong with the world? Why are the things not all right?

Need to get over the feelings of helplessness & pity about sorry plight.

Friday 12 September 2014

The Sea

How beautiful is the sea!

Sometimes it is calm;

Sometimes it is wild.


So full of mystery!

Thursday 11 September 2014


“You have to rise & have no dips...”
Our Coach warned two players along with me! 

We were like multi-bagger Share-Market-scrips,
Perspective & love enhanced our value significantly.

New champions in World Championships!
Standing as victors proudly!

three pots

Wednesday 10 September 2014


A pretty lady visited my Blog recently & commented anonymously-
Her words expressed heartily claimed that I'm terribly dumb & ugly...

I was quizzically amused as I have been least bothered about my looks!
God has been kind; I have always been in a majority’s good books!

'Handsome is the man who handsome does'- I believe & I know.
'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'- even if he/she’s your foe!

Copyright - Janet Webb
Copyright – Janet Webb

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Spaced Out!

Living-beings have always been in search of light,
The quest is worthwhile as the reward is a brilliant sight.

When they announced that imminent space-flight,
I was attracted passionately just like a moth is to the light...

Saturday 6 September 2014

Blogspot To Own Domain Name

I had started my Blog two years ago without much info about Blogging.

Before Blogging, I had got many articles, stories, poems etc published in the leading magazines and newspapers.

I am aware of the kind of situation one has to go through to ensure that a written-work gets published!

But, in Blogging, one just has to express one's thoughts by typing them out & then hit Publish!

Hey Presto! We have published our posts in Cyberspace!

As I shared in the first sentence of this post, I had no clue about the finer-details about Blogging (even now I don't know much & am still learning, but at least I know a bit more than I knew 2 years ago!)!
I opened a Blog in Blogger that too because of my sister's insistence & persistence!

Nothing Fishy

That day the catch was good,
There were many fishes in store!
I promised my group we'd have food,
Compared to other days, definitely more!

Dark Harbor, 1943, N. C. Wyeth ; Source: Magpie Tales 

Friday 5 September 2014

Super Relief

I, Lois Lane, was excited as the President was coming to our newspaper-office & I was to make an important presentation!

I locked myself in the washroom to comb my hair, wash my face & powder my nose – reserved for special occasions like this!

Mary Kom - 25 Lessons And Movie Review

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers

Mary Kom movie has released on Teacher's Day teaching us many lessons. 
I was really waiting to watch Mary Kom and had earlier shared my 10 Reasons Why I Wanna Watch The Movie- Mary Kom.
Wonderful to watch the first day first show!

Mary Kom, the Hindi movie, is based on the true-story of difficulties, struggles & success of India's pride, five-time World Amateur Boxing Champion, MC Mary Kom (Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom).
Mary Kom Poster.jpg
Source: Wikipedia

Priyanka Chopra as  Magnificent Mary has totally done justice to Mary's character. Here are some of her certificates:
- She has trained very sincerely for this role as per this article.
- She now knows many boxing moves & one of her thumbs is damaged.
- Seeing her performance on-screen, even the real-life Mary Kom's kids identified her as their "Mamma".
- This movie with the reel-life Mary Kom made the real-life Mary Kom cry. 
- Farhan Akhtar, who played the Flying Sikh- Milkha Singh in the movie- Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, said to Priyanka Chopra- "Mary ko Milkha ka Salaam" (Greetings to Mary from Milkha)

Thursday 4 September 2014

My First Selfie With A Celeb

I am not that big a Narcissist or a self-centred individual, who goes on clicking & posting self-pics or Selfies for the world!
(We know some people who do that!)

I love taking photographs & that means that I am missing in the frame of the photographs I take!

My child is very happy clicking Selfies using the smart-gadgets! I love her Happy Creativity!

As she indulges in it very often, clicks Selfies with the two of us and puts up her creative works of art, all I have to do is smile and pose and 'say Cheese' when she requests demands that I do!

When I informed my daughter that I'll be attending Bahar Dutt's book-launch in British Council, Kolkata, she demanded that I click a Selfie with Bahar!

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Some Confessions Of A Blogaholic

Blogaholic refers to one who loves Blogging & her/his Blog. 

Here the Blogaholic is yours truly.

Ever since I have started Blogging seriously, I have been doing crazy things... more so in the recent past.

The following are half a dozen Confessions of this Blogaholic!

1. Everything appears like a story to me, with the potential to make it BIG & get featured on my super Blog! When I read the newspaper or watch the news, I am no longer that helpless or passive... Blogging is cathartic & therapeutic.

2. Blogging makes me feel powerful. My mind is always active and has a say. I express through my Blog and also via fellow-Bloggers' posts.
I feel free to express whatever I wish & share my views on the good and the not-so-good topics.

a) When I read about the tilting of the Train by passengers to free a man whose leg had got trapped between the carriage & the platform in Perth, Australia, I mentally picked this inspiring incident as a future-topic for my Blog.
b) Some days later, it was heart-touching when I read about the Pune incident where the public got together to push a bus & rescue two accident-victims- young boys who were trapped under the bus.

Pune's People Power: Group Lifts Bus to Free Trapped Students
Source: NDTV

Tuesday 2 September 2014


India is the land of  'Unity In Diversity'.

We are very proud of this trait of India.

However, this Unity is sadly conspicuous by its absence when serious incidents occur e.g. a girl getting misbehaved... 

Here, one person may not dare to be Superman or Superwoman and help the girl.
But, if 2-3 people or a bigger group goes to help, then they can definitely stop the crime. The goon(s) will be fearful & can be outnumbered.

After all, 'Unity is Strength.'

I shared my views in my previous post- India Needs Bravehearts

Fellow-Blogger Sindhu Devi K opined- "How sad that most of us haven't realised the power of 'we'..."

The power of WE can indeed help us & can protect our Country.
WE-POWER is much needed...

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I love Awards.

When Shashank of Embark With My Thoughts nominated me for the 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award', I was thrilled! Thanks for considering me for the honour!

Though I am yet to take time out to respond to all the Questions and accept pending Awards, I am accepting this one as this is the first 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award' that I have received. 


Monday 1 September 2014

10 Reasons Why I Wanna Watch The Movie- Mary Kom

1) I'm a fan of both the wow achievers- the REAL & the REEL Mary Kom.

2) I wanna see the champion Mary Kom's real story enacted on the big screen by another champion- Priyanka Chopra.

3)  I am a HUGE Movies fan & I have to write a movie-review of Mary Kom for my Blog!

4)  Like me, my daughter wants to watch the first-day-first-show of Mary Kom too & is willing to skip school to watch Mary Kom, the movie that'll teach her on Teacher's Day...

5)  My daughter & I will list out the lessons we can learn from this Sports movie about Mary Kom & sportingly share lessons with all

"There is no such thing as failure. there are only results.- ZiddiDil, Mary Kom"
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