Wednesday 3 September 2014

Some Confessions Of A Blogaholic

Blogaholic refers to one who loves Blogging & her/his Blog. 

Here the Blogaholic is yours truly.

Ever since I have started Blogging seriously, I have been doing crazy things... more so in the recent past.

The following are half a dozen Confessions of this Blogaholic!

1. Everything appears like a story to me, with the potential to make it BIG & get featured on my super Blog! When I read the newspaper or watch the news, I am no longer that helpless or passive... Blogging is cathartic & therapeutic.

2. Blogging makes me feel powerful. My mind is always active and has a say. I express through my Blog and also via fellow-Bloggers' posts.
I feel free to express whatever I wish & share my views on the good and the not-so-good topics.

a) When I read about the tilting of the Train by passengers to free a man whose leg had got trapped between the carriage & the platform in Perth, Australia, I mentally picked this inspiring incident as a future-topic for my Blog.
b) Some days later, it was heart-touching when I read about the Pune incident where the public got together to push a bus & rescue two accident-victims- young boys who were trapped under the bus.

Pune's People Power: Group Lifts Bus to Free Trapped Students
Source: NDTV

I decided I would love to write a Social-cause post citing the above-mentioned two examples to create awareness. The current week's IndiSpire topic supports this. The public needs to come to the aid of victims as 'Union is Strength'. I also decided to share our Supreme Court's announcement for Good Samaritans.

3. Blogging makes me forget everything- even the day, date & time!
Yesterday, I assumed it was Thursday, and hence the deadline of the current IndiSpire topic! Imagine thinking Tuesday to be Thursday! I quickly started writing my thoughts as discussed in the points above, as a race against time. I hurried to write my Post- WE-POWER & managed to post it much before 10 PM. Then, I checked & was puzzled why the latest IndiSpire topic was not yet out though it was more than 10 PM as per the clock! After half-an-hour, I realized that yesterday was Tuesday & there is still time- 2 whole days for the deadline!

4. Blogging makes me hurry & scurry & in my haste I forget all what I had initially decided to write about!
After seeing the comments for my post-WE-POWER, I realized that in my haste, I had missed writing about the Pune-example (of the bus & People-Power as discussed in Point#2 above) in my Post...
For the umpteenth time, I learnt the lesson- 'Haste makes waste'! 

5. Blogging makes me feel silly at times. At other times I do silly things and feel silly.
a) How could I exclude the Pune-People-Power-Indian-Unity example?
I had included the Western example, but not our Indian one...
(I used to feel the same way after writing my Exam-papers, when I realized that I have missed  important points!)

b) Two days ago, how could I write a comment addressed with a male Blogger's name, without realizing that the same Blog belongs to a female? The confusion was because they both use similar background theme. 
Once the damaging comments had been posted, I posted fresh comments addressed with the correct name of the Blogger & apologizing for my faux-pas...

c) Today, how could I post a comment intended for one Blog to another? Worse, I don't even know which/whose Blog has received my comment on 'Japanese values'...  After posting my comment for 1 Blog, I realized my blunder when I found the right Blog-post still waiting for my comment! I sheepishly retyped my comment there.
I am so sorry & am feeling guilty. My sincere apologies if it's you & your Blog that has got a totally irrelevant comment from me... 

6. As I am a positive person, I look for the silver lining in my Blogging-cloud and decide to focus on that for my Post as I love happy endings! 
We are what we choose!
See, my positive choice & great humour now has also enabled me to write this post with half a dozen of a Blogaholic's Confessions!

Note- This is by no means an exaggeration, and is a true personal account. 
Do excuse me for my Blogging-mistakes. I am still learning & trying...

Do you have any similar or unique Blogging Confessions you would like to share?


  1. haha! We all are learning, aren't we? I am on luckier side learning from your blog :P Blogging mistakes :D k, I am laughing (u must know why)
    Keep blogging! Cheers

    1. Glad that this made you laugh! :)
      May we be more aware & avoid such embarrassing Blogging mistakes! :P
      But, even if we do commit mistakes, makes sense to learn & grow, That's my mantra! :)
      Keep Blogging!

  2. Everything in and around makes me feel silly every-time :P

    1. I am not the only one feeling silly then! Nice to know that I have company, Rahul :)

  3. He he I am so much in sync with the first two points. I keep taking my phone out and making points everytime I go out. It is not that I do it purposefully, it has somehow become an irresistible habit of mine :)

    1. That's a great habit, Vinay.
      Listing points/notes helps us & we avoid other Blogging mistakes of excluding relevant points/pics :)

  4. Ha ha, don't worry Anita. It happens. It is not because you are so deeply a Blogaholic, but you are sharing all these on your blog means you are a Blogaholic. I guess these things can happen with anyone. We all do mistakes in a hurry.

    BTW good to read this post...

    1. Thanks Alok for your kind words :)
      Only Bloggers can understand what it means :) Yes, sharing even stuff that shows us in poor light!

  5. Oh blogging is indeed therapeutic...Atleast to me!!!!
    and I make gender mistakes while commenting on other blogs too :p

    1. Thanks for sharing, Red :)
      Happens with us when we are writing in a hurry...

  6. Oh Anita, Don't worry, it happens with me too...:). I am not a professional photographer but since I have started blogging, I am carrying my camera all the time and clicking pictures....:D

    1. Thanks Priyashi!
      Yes, how we wish to capture everything for our Blog!
      Your pics are beautiful! Carry on & continue clicking & sharing :D

  7. sadly I lost my camera :( ..
    but what you say is right , blogging helps , when i am depressed or have nothing to do , or excited basically ANYTHING the first thought that comes is let me go and see or read someone's article .. or write something myself ..

    I make so many mistakes while commenting , I am sure you have noticed them a lot but are too polite to tell me :)


    1. so tell us about the Pune story then :) waitingggggggggggg

    2. Sorry to learn about the loss of your camera, Bikram.
      Use your phone. That's always there with us.
      I usually click with my phone. I need a really good smartphone that'll help me take great pics. Then, my Blog will be richer with lovely pics! :)

      Spelling errors do creep in & I have to write additional comments with spelling corrections :)
      Haste to type & posting without proofreading is the culprit :)

      The Pune story is the news-story of the Bus being pushed by the Pune public to free the two trapped accident victims. I missed writing about this story in my previous post....

  8. blogging is indeed therapeutic
    for me !
    3 and 5 so me :D

  9. Anita, these are some awesome confessions :) Especially the cross-connection one. I enjoyed reading it along with few informative notes. It's always good to know and find how other bloggers might think and feel.

    1. Thanks Vidhya. Yes, these are my honest confessions.
      It'll be great to know "how other bloggers might think and feel", but will they honestly share? :)

    2. Million $ question....It's hard to look into people who are reticent.

  10. these r very frank n sweet confessions...i love them! Keep blogging alwez & spread positivity! :D

    1. Yes, Amrita! Thanks for the recognition, appreciation & wishes :D
      Best wishes to you too!


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