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Mary Kom - 25 Lessons And Movie Review

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Mary Kom movie has released on Teacher's Day teaching us many lessons. 
I was really waiting to watch Mary Kom and had earlier shared my 10 Reasons Why I Wanna Watch The Movie- Mary Kom.
Wonderful to watch the first day first show!

Mary Kom, the Hindi movie, is based on the true-story of difficulties, struggles & success of India's pride, five-time World Amateur Boxing Champion, MC Mary Kom (Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom).
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Priyanka Chopra as  Magnificent Mary has totally done justice to Mary's character. Here are some of her certificates:
- She has trained very sincerely for this role as per this article.
- She now knows many boxing moves & one of her thumbs is damaged.
- Seeing her performance on-screen, even the real-life Mary Kom's kids identified her as their "Mamma".
- This movie with the reel-life Mary Kom made the real-life Mary Kom cry. 
- Farhan Akhtar, who played the Flying Sikh- Milkha Singh in the movie- Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, said to Priyanka Chopra- "Mary ko Milkha ka Salaam" (Greetings to Mary from Milkha)

I loved the character of M.Narjit Singh, the Manipur State Boxing coach, who had trained Dingko Singh and then takes the persistent Mary under his tutelage. Actors playing Mary's husband Onler & her parents are excellent as is the head of the Sports Federation. 

Debut Director Omung Kumar deserves all the credit for his maiden movie. Notable mention to the inspiring lyrics by Prashant Ingole and Sandeep Singh & great music by Shashi-Shivamm. I love "Ziddi Dil" & "Salaam India". Very catchy and hummable.

3 Points-
1. I felt a proper Manipuri song could have been there in the movie. There are 2 lines of a local song playing in the background and also a traditional Manipuri dance is shown. But, one song with Manipuri folk-tune or singer would have been excellent.
2. The climax reminded me of 'Fashion' movie in which Priyanka Chopra receives a phone-call informing her of her friend's death, just seconds before she has to appear as a Showstopper.
3.I loved the way the movie Mary Kom ends. Great tribute to the Champion & our Indian National Flag too. This was the ending I wished for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag too.

25 Lessons from Mary Kom- the Movie that are not only true for Boxing, but also for Life-

1. Never get cowed down or tolerate unfairness.
Mary Kom fights with a boy who had fought with her friend, Teresa.
She is ready to fight for fairness. Mary Kom even manages to get back their 'cow'.

2. Go for what you love.
Mary Kom quits Athletics as Boxing was her love.

3. Be passionate about the right reasons. Passion shows.
When the famous coach asks her to state five reasons why he should teach her boxing, Mary Kom says "I LOVE BOXING" many times, thereby demonstrating her love.

4. Earn it as nothing is gifted.
When the coach tells her that she has to earn the boxing-gloves, Mary Kom is willing to pay the price.

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5. Be patient. Persistence pays. So stick it out.
Mary Kom proves to the coach how interested she is by persevering at Monnet Boxing Academy and being there for him to shower his attention, that he ultimately does as she is "bahut ziddi" (very stubborn/persistent).

6. Give the world the shape you wish.
Coach advises Mary Kom that from that day the shape of the world is square for her, just like the Boxing-ring.

7. Commitment is very essential.
Be committed & you achieve the target.

8. Surrender fully by giving "Time, Khushi, Pehchaan" (Time, Happiness, Identity). Then, only one earns "Naam" (name)
Coach asks Mary Kom to surrender fully to Boxing if she wants to earn name (and fame).

9. Always have full focus. "Dhyaan gaya to naak gaya" (If you lose concentration, then your nose is gone!)
In India, our nose signifies our respectability & pride and we try to save our nose. 
In Boxing too, nose needs to be saved from the opponents punches. Our focus can save our nose - not only our own nose, but our coach's nose as well!

10. Play your right shots & strong points in the game of points.
Coach advises Mary Kom to identify her strengths and use them to her advantage and win points in  this game.

One needs to put in with the pains to reap gains.

12. No mercy in Boxing.
Coach asks Mary Kom to just attack and have no space for "Daya" (Mercy).

13. Spend with open-heart.
When Mary Kom earns her first Boxing-gloves from her coach, he allows her to spend her earning with an open-heart.

14. "Himmat aur Pagalpan" (Courage & Madness) can go a long way. People remember it.
An ordinary girl becomes an extraordinary "figher", who earns everyone's awe & respect for having faced 45 seconds with a reputed fighter. This incident later helps her pave her way to the hospital during a curfew in Manipur; she is let off as she is a "Boxing Champion- 45 seconds".

15. An empty-stomach can also make you win.
Mary Kom wins her first match while she's hungry. As it's her first match "pet aise hi bhar gaya" (stomach is full just like that).

16. Make the wise choice- choose what you love & love will conquer.
After Mary becomes the state-level champion, her father asks her to choose between him or Boxing. Mary chooses the latter. It takes two years for her father to forgive and accept her love for Boxing.

17. Face problems with a light head.
Ahead of an international championship, when Mary Kom's purse with her passport is stolen, Mary Kom faces the situation by tonsuring her head as "sar bhaari ho gaya tha" (head was heavy).

18. You don't become small by apologizing, you become small by giving up
When Mary Kom is banned from Boxing & the Sports Federation demands an apology, her husband, Onler asks her to tender an apology & not give up.

19. A fighter never gives up.
A fighter's never-say-die-spirit never dies.Onler reminds Mary Kom that she's a fighter who'll make her comeback in style.

20. Motherhood doubles the strength of a woman.
Her coach asks Mary Kom to put in double the hard-work as her strength has doubled after motherhood. Motherhood is not a weakness, it's a strength.

21. Rise up like a phoenix & prove your worth to the world.
Rise up & shock the people who have written you off saying that your 'career is finished'.

22. Nothing is impossible with hard-work, dedication & following the coach's instructions & with loved one's support.
Mary Kom makes a comeback winning two World Championships.

23. Behind every successful woman, there is a woman & men!
Mary Kom's mother is always her source of support ever since she discovers the Boxing-glove.
Mary Kom's coach, father & her husband also support her endeavour & are responsible for her success.

24. Get up even when you are knocked-out.
No matter what punches life throws at you, get up & face life. Mary Kom gets up even after she is knocked-out in the important world-championship match, while her opponent Sasha, does not...

25. "Sooner or later the girl who wins is the girl who thinks she can."
It's all in the mind. The attitude to win is needed. Mary Kom inspires us with her winning attitude.
Both the REAL & REEL Mary Kom- MC Mary Kom & Priyanka Chopra- both are WINNERS.

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Notable Scenes-
1. Scenes with Coach and Mary Kom
2. Onler's scenes with Mary Kom- first meeting, first bike-ride, marriage-proposal, supporting her...
3. Mary Kom informing the journalist that talent is not lacking- Respect & Facilities are lacking.
4. Mary Kom and her fellow sportswomen interaction with the Sports Federation Head.
5. Mary Kom meeting a young fan in the bus.
6. Partiality to the other boxer & Mary Kom proving her Indianness.
7. Climax Boxing scene with Magnificent Mary's win & rise of our Indian Flag.

3 Ms of #MaryKom #Movie-
1. Magnificent Mary
2. Motivational Lessons
3. Marvelous cast & crew

M For Mary Kom!
M For Mindblowing, Marvellous, Magnificent, Momentous, Motivational...
M For Movie.

Mary Kom the movie is a momentous effort by the entire cast & crew. Kudos ALL.

India has heroines & heroes & we need to celebrate their achievements.

To conclude, I'd like to quote what the Sports commentator says at the movie's climax:
"Mujhe garv hai main aise desh mein paida hua hoon jisme Mary Kom hai" (I'm proud that I am born in this country where Mary Kom belongs)

This is a not-to-be-missed inspiring movie.

My Rating- 4.5/5


  1. Extraordinary review! just loved it. especially the 25 points :) #MaryKom

    1. Thanks a lot, Shankar! It's such an inspiring movie :)

  2. Whoa. That good. I did not read the whole of your post and I might return back once I have watched the movie :p But thank you for sharing your review. Will see it soon :)

    1. Right Anmol!
      Smart thing to do! watch the movie first & then read this :)

  3. A very profound review Anita. I appreciate your keen observation and analysis. Your article evoked a strong feeling in me to go for the movie tomorrow. Great job dear (Y)

    1. Thanks for your appreciation! Delighted that you liked it.
      Go for the movie, Ravish :)

  4. What an extensive review, Anita! Great observations..will catch the movie as soon as I can :-)

  5. Again great review Anita....
    I will appreciate you for the review....

  6. Wow. That's a really good take on the movie.
    I don't like Priyanka Chopra :(

  7. Nice 25 lessons ! must implement them.Thanks for review Anita :) I too was waiting for release of this movie. Seems an amazing movie. I love watching inspirational movies :) Going to watch it tomorrow :)

    1. Yes Deepa, Mary Kom is a great movie. You'll like it for sure.
      Thanks for your appreciation!

  8. Very nicely written! Inspiring movie leads to inspiring writing & inspired mind! :) I love all d lessons & my favorite is- U can win on an empty stomach! :D

    1. Thanks Amrita! Yes, you are right. May we get inspired.
      Being a winner, you know how winning is like :)

  9. It is not how many times you get knocked down, it is whether you get up every time. :)

    1. Yes, Sureshji. Thanks for sharing this quote! I now remember it!
      I covered this lesson in #24 :)

  10. Anita that's a great review :).. you already watched it !!! there is not even a single movie theater in Saudi.. I miss watching first day first shows.. :(

    1. Thanks Shruthi :)
      Oh! Then, you have to wait till the DVD is out...
      Catch lots of 1st Day 1st Shows when you come to India next :)


    1. That's sweet :)
      Land up at the movie-hall for the punch-treat :)

  12. O Anita...Great review. Feel like watching it! :)

  13. Saw this on your Twitter handle, but waited to visit until I'd myself watched it y'day evening.
    As always the Movie, and the Review, both are top - notch. :)

    1. So, now that you have watched it, can expect your review too, Poonam!
      Thanks a lot :)

  14. superb review sis, a big big thumbs up to the movie and to the review. I haven't seen it yet but will want to see at first instance that I get a good print.

  15. Wow, such a detailed analysis of a movie, I cannot believe this :) Great work Anita.

  16. Great critical appreciation, Anita:)

  17. I was waiting for this movie to be released but haven't got chance to watch it yet:( great review and the lessons learnt Anita!

    1. Hope you get to watch it soon :)
      Thank you so much! Glad you liked it :)

  18. I am going to see it tomorrow, waiting eagerly to see it.

  19. A great review! Want to see the movie now!

  20. Thank you for your review-Was eagerly waiting for the release.Then I saw another review debunking the movie & was confused.Your review has placed things in perspective.Now can go ahead & watch the awaited movie without hesitation!

    1. Thanks a lot for the trust & support :)
      Hope that you'll like it too!

  21. I was eagerly waiting for this movie. The trailers were really promising. And here comes your article Anita...:). It is asking me better to shake my legs and go out and watch it. Excellent movie review Anita... :)

    1. Yes, the trailers are really nice & the movie is even better, Priyashi. Thanks for your appreciation!
      You'll like the movie too :)

  22. Thanks a lot for the review....I have still not watched the movie, but understood clearly the story. It really touched me. Its too good.

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by & for sharing your words here.
      Yes, the story is of Mary Kom's struggles & success. It's a champion's story that is much appreciated.

  23. Frankly Anita I thought I will not watch this movie as the posters of priyanka's muscles and bloated face is not inspiring me to but your review is so good that I think i will give it a try one of this week day evening show.

    1. Thanks for such nice words, Nima!
      After reading all these hearty comments, I really feel responsible now, having convinced everyone to watch :)
      Hope you & everyone likes the movie as much I did :)

  24. I was to go and see this one yesterday.. but had something else come up , so probably will be going at the weekend again :)


    1. Weekends are great for movies, Bikram!
      Enjoy! I'll take your feedback after you have watched :)

  25. I have to see this one especially for the kids. Great review, Anita.

    1. Do watch, Rachna. My daughter loved it too.
      Thanks for your appreciation :)

  26. This is a great review Anita and I am surprised how did I not see the movie in the same light. Have a look at what i wrote :)


    1. Glad you liked it, Parul :)
      It all depends on what/how/why something appeals to us. We all have our own views and that's the beauty :)
      Will check out your review now.

  27. I won't disagree with the 25 points but I don't really agree that PC knew many boxing moves. I am learning kick boxing and believe she does not know how to throw a punch. Neither was her figure like a boxer.

    1. Thanks for stopping by & sharing your feedback, Abhishek.
      My point that PC knows boxing moves is based on what I read in her interviews. She claims she has trained/learnt enough to give a good fight now. Obviously, we can't expect her figure to be like a boxer; the audience understands that she's not a boxer. She's a Miss World, who has done justice to her role as Mary Kom. Her hard-work shows.
      Best wishes for your kick boxing lessons. Great for self defense. Much needed in today's world.

  28. A thought provoking and inspiring movie and your post especially the 25 guidelines that should work as a road map to any naive person to look forward and be successful in life.

    1. Thanks Fayazji :)
      Yes, success depends on so many factors. Best wishes to us all.

  29. I have read the book and I liked it a lot. But I didn't like the promos at all, too much romance which was just not there in the book!

    1. Mridula, I think you intended to post the above comment for my post- 2 States- Movie-Review :)
      As we know, Mary Kom movie is based on Mary Kom's life :)

  30. mary kom really nice movie. she is really great inspiration for many girls



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