Saturday 30 January 2021

Accident At Cuttack - Justice For Victim

It is terrible to learn that my friend's father, Shri Sribatsa Acharya, has met with an accident at Cuttack.
Having suffered a head injury and fracture, his condition is serious.
He is admitted to Omm Suvam Hospital, Ranihat, Cuttack, and is undergoing treatment there.

Yesterday when I called up to enquire how Shri Acharya was recovering, my friend said that his head had been stitched up and leg had been plastered. 
There has been a substantial memory-loss with Shri Acharya presently being unable to identify people.
It is sad to see him suffering so badly while the person responsible for his plight is moving scot-free... 

Thursday 28 January 2021

Bajasal Dance Of Kalahandi At Republic Day Parade 2021

Republic Day parade showcases India's heritage, diversity and military might. This is a glorious chance to learn more about our incredible India. Lakhs of Indians tune in to watch this event live.

Earning a chance to perform in this august event is a matter of great pride and emotional moment for the artists and the states. 

This year 2021, Odisha was the only state from Eastern India to showcase one of its tribal folk dance. 

In 2020, Odisha had won the second prize for its Tableaux.

However, unlike last year, this year Odisha did not have a Tableaux. 

The selection of Odisha's 'Bajasal' dance performance by Kalahandi folk artists made everyone happy. 

Bajasal is a graceful folk dance of Kalahandi, Odisha, that is usually performed during weddings. 

'Baja' refers to the instrument- a drum played in the dance and 'Sal' means the place where those instruments are played. 

Before the marriage function, many ceremonies are held as per their traditional rites and rituals. Young boys and girls sing songs alternatively, dance to music and tease each other as part of the performance. 

Did you know that this folk dance is also called 'Bihasal'?

Wednesday 27 January 2021

The Smart Assistant

A business tycoon was found dead in his office-room.

The CCTV had been tampered.

“Do you notice anything unusual here?” the police asked his personal assistant when she arrived at the crime scene.

One look at his room and she pointed at the packaged water-bottle.

Photo- Marie Gail Stratford

Monday 25 January 2021

Faction Distraction Reflection

I was struggling with my To-Do List.

I heard an inner-voice- "Your New Year resolution was to write at least one story a week!" 

"I'm dealing with the factions", I replied. 

Image Courtesy:

"Real or imaginary?"

“You know that, dear conscience!”


39 words fiction for- Weekend Writing Prompt # 193- FACTION

Do you have a conversation with with yourself? What was your last self-talk about?

Friday 1 January 2021

The Sands Of Time

As the sands of time pass,

The other side of the hour-glass

Becomes weightier than it was last 

Having more volume than in the past! 

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The seconds, minutes, hours & days,

Continue to be added whether we work/laze! 

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