Saturday 30 January 2021

Accident At Cuttack - Justice For Victim

It is terrible to learn that my friend's father, Shri Sribatsa Acharya, has met with an accident at Cuttack.
Having suffered a head injury and fracture, his condition is serious.
He is admitted to Omm Suvam Hospital, Ranihat, Cuttack, and is undergoing treatment there.

Yesterday when I called up to enquire how Shri Acharya was recovering, my friend said that his head had been stitched up and leg had been plastered. 
There has been a substantial memory-loss with Shri Acharya presently being unable to identify people.
It is sad to see him suffering so badly while the person responsible for his plight is moving scot-free... 
This Monday (January 25 2021) evening at 8 PM, Shri Acharya was crossing the road near College Square, just opposite the Cuttack Railway Station.

This is when an inebriated biker hit him.

By the impact of the speed of the bike, Shri Acharya fell on the road and injured his head and fractured his leg. 

As Cuttack is a socio-culturally rich city with 'bhaichara' (brotherhood), public at the accident site stopped the biker. 
They called the city police to the same place. When the police reached, they handed over the culprit.

Meanwhile, the Good Samaritans were attending to Shri Acharya, who lay unconscious on the road. 
Using his mobile phone, they dialled the last dialled phone number, that happened to be my friend's mother's.
Luckily, my friend was at home when the alarming news was received. 
They asked my friend to directly reach the Omm Suvam Hospital, Ranihat.
The Good Samaritans lost no time in admitting Shri Acharya in the same hospital. 
When my friend reached, they shared the following images of the villain that they had clicked-                                                                                                                                                                                      
Anyone shows the culprit (in yellow shirt) shown below ?  If yes, please share his details in the comments section below.                                                                      -

The images of the bike with the registration number - OD 05 AU - 6852 -should make it easier to track the owner of the bike. 

Whenever such an incident occurs, the family's first priority is to stabilize the condition of their loved one.
After doing so in the hospital, the next day (January 26, 2021) at 11 AM, my friend went to the same Police Station at Malgodown to record the FIR. 
He was shocked to find that the police had already released the culprit. 

My friend said- "It was a clear case of 'drink and drive'. But, the police released the culprit to weaken the evidence."

We want to know from the Malgodown Police Station, why was the accused let off? 

We want justice for Shri Acharya. The guilty must be punished.

We request the police to take action by punishing the culprit. 

Let such irresponsible people be out behind bars and set an example to deter such incidents.

We demand strict imposition of the rules. Let no one have the liberty of drinking and driving.

Let's all be conscious and take care.

Sharing some important learnings from this incident-

1. Do warn your near and dear to be extremely careful. A tyre ad says- "The roads are filled with idiots".

2. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere and for no fault of ours. 

3. Not all cities are Cuttack and not all people are so helpful. 

4. It is important to have a mobile phone without any password or lock-system so that at least family-members can be contacted during such emergencies. Please save emergency contact numbers in phone.

5. The first few minutes after an accident are very crucial and can make a difference between life and death. My friend's father is recovering thanks to the selfless service of Good Samaritans.

Request to all- Let's all try to be a Good Samaritan during accident- 

More information here -

6. Also we must take care toMake Way For Ambulance

Please join us in praying for Shri Sribatsa Acharya's quick recovery and well-being. 

We pray that may there be no accidents and hospitalization.

We are trying to reach out to everyone, who can support us especially the police.

Requesting all to please share this post with those who can help..

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  1. Drinking and driving is the worst form of crime. Unfortunately our justice system takes it lightly and the culprits go scot free.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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