Tuesday 29 January 2019

Dazzling Darling

Jai thought of his first love every moment.
Two decades ago, it was a cold night when he had handed over his sweater to keep her warm.
She looked dazzling in pink.
He had sketched her face on his wall.

Friday 25 January 2019

Wordista Creativa

She thought she knew all the words,
She felt she deserved all the awards.
The proud queen proclaimed another title for self-
'WORDISTA CREATIVA'- her latest book on shelf.

When her subjects didn't have any money,
She felt they could afford milk and honey!
And of course they could buy all what she wrote,
Her books were bestsellers; that's what she thought.

The poor public was busy trying to be savvinomical;
What 'Wordista Creativa' was doing was comical.
She wrote on multiple topics that she felt were vital-
The content had nothing to do with the book-title!

Thursday 24 January 2019

Car In The Cyclone

She was driving their car.
There was a sudden cyclone that air-lifted their car and crashed it in the middle of nowhere.
To her relief, both she and her daughter were safe in the car.
But, there were strange creatures in front.
Her daughter was screaming.
“I need you to stay quiet and out of sight”, she whispered to her daughter.

Some aliens were emerging from underground.
What if the aliens started firing?
Photo- Arif Ikhwani 

Sunday 20 January 2019

Rasagola Mahotsab

I open our fridge, and luckily there are Rasagolas in store!
When the Rasagola stock gets over, the shops have more!
Hurshi Sahoo's Rasagolas, Jatni, Odisha
Whenever we have visitors viz. when my uncles come,
They bring pots full of Rasagolas that are always welcome!

Rasagola is undoubtedly the object of my affection.
With the sweetness of Rasagolas, life is great fun!
Pattachitra depicting Niladri Bije and Rasagola (this art is on my Kurta)

Wednesday 16 January 2019

Back With Interest

Her home was going to be auctioned.

It was snowing heavily.

She recollected a similar severe winter night some years ago.
A young soldier had sought refuge.
He had been badly wounded.

She had nursed him with care, using up the duct tape.
PHOTO PROMPT Dale Rogerson

Sunday 13 January 2019

Pipli Applique Work

I love colourful wall-hangings and lampshades. 
Whenever there are events in Odisha, we get to spot such bright decorations that enhance the beauty.
These are Pipli Applique Work.

Friday 11 January 2019

SHARE- My Word Of 2019 #WOTY

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If I have to pick a 'word of the year' #WOTY for me,
The word SHARE as my #WOTY2019 it'll rightly be.
"Sharing is caring" and sharing is great.
Sharing adds more to everyone's plate and fate.

The sun shares its light without discrimination.
Nature shares much to our gratification.
Sharing by learning lessons from teachers big and small.
Sharing means bliss and blessings for one and all.

Image result for share quotes

Wednesday 9 January 2019

Another Try

“Will you marry me?” he asked her for the second time.

“I have equal number of chits stating ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ in this jar consisting of 100 chits. You pick out 50 chits and we will count the number. My decision Yes/No will be based on the majority chits you pick…”
PHOTO PROMPT - Priya Bajpal
The last time he had asked the same question, she had set a different challenge.

Sunday 6 January 2019


Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers
In this smart technology age, who does not want a Smart Home

Can we have a home where we know what exactly is going on inside or outside or else what had happened a couple of hours or days earlier?

Smart Camera can help in this regard. 
With smart camera, one can say "I C U" i.e. "I See You" and one may avoid getting admitted in the ICU i.e. Intensive Care Unit.

Let me illustrate with the examples of the following three real cases:

Case-1- The Case of the Missing Gas-Cylinder
We had an extra gas-cylinder that was kept in the ground-floor of our home.
One fine day, we realized that it had disappeared.
This was a clear case of theft.
Who had stolen it? 
There was not even one eye-witness who could share any whodunit detail...

Case-2- The Case of the Missing Mobile Phone
An employee of the office next door arrived about half an hour before the office reopened.
He kept his brand new mobile phone on his desk and went to wash his face.
When he returned, his mobile was no longer there.
This was a clear case of theft.
Who had stolen it? 
There was not even one eye-witness who could share any whodunit detail...

Case-3- The Case of the Gold Chain Snatching
I was watering the plants on the patch I have adopted outside our home.
I felt a hand near my neck.
I turned back to find a stranger already had my gold chain in his hand.
He had a sharp weapon with which he attacked me and slashed my arm.
The cut was from top till my wrist. (The marks still remain).
He then ran to a bike nearby, in which his accomplice was waiting, and they sped off.
This was a clear case of theft.
Who had stolen it? 
Except me, there was not even one eye-witness who could share any whodunit detail...

Wednesday 2 January 2019


She was in love with him.
He was fair, tall and handsome.

Perhaps he loved her too.
He gazed at her and guarded her.
He was her zenith.
Pic Prompt: Russel Gayer
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