Friday 25 January 2019

Wordista Creativa

She thought she knew all the words,
She felt she deserved all the awards.
The proud queen proclaimed another title for self-
'WORDISTA CREATIVA'- her latest book on shelf.

When her subjects didn't have any money,
She felt they could afford milk and honey!
And of course they could buy all what she wrote,
Her books were bestsellers; that's what she thought.

The poor public was busy trying to be savvinomical;
What 'Wordista Creativa' was doing was comical.
She wrote on multiple topics that she felt were vital-
The content had nothing to do with the book-title!
"How did all her 'best-seller' books sell?" you may ask.
There was a department that was allotted this task!
Prescribed as text-book and coffee-table book officially,
Bought the copies and distributed to friends & family!

The issue was of a grave nature that soon grew larger.
Wordista Creativa started coining new words like smarger!
Whenever she couldn't think of the right word to say/write,
A new one she would prompeation thanks to her might!

Her loyal government servants worked overtime.
They felt showing the mirror to the queen was a crime...
Every new word created found its way to their dictionary!
Learning new words like Litereak/Litkrieg was everyone's worry!

What would you do if you were in this state?
What is the new word you would like to create?
Do share in the comments below.
Using Made Up Words, Write An Amusing Rhyming Poem
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Meanings of the new words that I have coined in this story poem-
1. Wordista - Word-loving lady
2. Creativa- Creative+Diva 
3. Savvinomical - Savvy+Economical
4. Smarger - Smart+Manager
5. Prompeation - Prompt+Creation
6. Litereak- Literature+Freak
7. Litkrieg- Literature+Blitzkrieg
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  1. Wonderful poetry. Very evoking....

  2. I enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ah but as Poets and writers that's exactly what we do💞 we indulge in the magic of creating new images and play upon words until our emotions pour out😊

  4. I would fear a diva like that, and creating words can be fun... did a bit of that a while ago inspired by the slang in "a clockwork orange"

  5. Interesting one 👍 Thanks for sharing those seven new words 🙂 Anita

  6. Reminds me of the Emperor with no clothes.

  7. This is one way of becoming an established,published author.Use your connections with the high and mighty.Nice taunt Anita ;).

  8. Nice take on the prompt, loved the new words.

  9. I made up a new word excrudescence: the accumulated secretions in moist passages of the body, such as the ear canal, that accumulate without notice or impact until they lodge onto some object of contact, like a stethoscope earpiece. Cerumen would be a subset. But I am not queen and do not picture the word catching the fancy of the wider public. Also, your queen expecting everyone to buy her book reminds me of the Mein Kampala dynamic in the Third Reich, it was an obligatory coffee table book expected to be visible in the home, But was nearly unreadable. Ah, tyranny, at least your queen’s words don’t imply conquest and hate.

  10. Really creative take. Enjoyed reading.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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