Saturday 25 July 2015

Back Again For Love!

"The petroglyphs told the story of an unusual event.”
© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham
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Behind her she heard laughter/screaming in metallic voices when she felt she had figured out the petroglyphs story.

Hearing sounds up the stairs, she gave an optimal chase on the spiral staircase only to witness an UFO’s take-off
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Monday 20 July 2015

My Philosophy Of Handle With Care

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There are many things that to me & you are dear.
They fill us with cheer; to spoil, break, lose them we fear

At all times they need to be handled with care!
Should anything untoward happen, there's no spare!

Apart from wealth & material possessions like gadgets, jewelry,
A lot others need our time & we need to treat them carefully.

Thursday 16 July 2015

What's Cooking?

She had heard so much about that enticing recipe from her family, who had tasted the sweet-dish in its birthplace, that she wanted to experience it herself.

Her life was no longer boring as she derived succor in her experiments, though she met with little success, trying to create the dish that no one knew how to prepare...

As her desire was scorching her day and night, despite severe opposition from her family, she went in quest of that secret recipe like a girl possessed.

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Monday 13 July 2015

Rasagola Dibasa

Here is a Quiz/GK question for you:

"In which state did the sweet-dish Rasgulla or Rasagola originate?"
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If you answered- Odisha or Orissa, then full marks to you.

Many do not know the birthplace of the Rasagola. The popular perception is different.
On learning this, some get emotionally charged up, some others feel it is funny, while many disbelieve.

Actually, Rasagolas have been associated for centuries with the Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri in Odisha.
The last day of the Rath Yatra, called Niladri Bijeis the only day when Lord Jagannath is offered Rasagolas as prasad by His devotees.
Also, Lord Jagannath Himself offers Rasagolas to please His consort, Maa Laxmi.
The Lord gifts Rasagolas to Maa Laxmi to gain entrance into the Temple.

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Her Fairy Tale

“The barista shook his head. That hedge couldn’t have moved closer overnight. Could it?”

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham
Photo-Prompt: Mondays Finish The Story
Everyone felt that the hedge was definitely closer to the writer's home.

They noticed that the tall golden statue of a gentleman near the hedge was missing, which some suspected was an expert thief's handiwork.

Rasagola Day

Odisha is an Eastern state of India.

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Despite it being 'the Soul of Incredible India', Odisha is yet to get credit for so many things- like the Rasagola.

Rasgulla/Rasagolla/Rasagola...spell it in anyway, prepare it in any shape or size or have it in any part of the world, the fact is that Odisha is the birthplace of the Rasagola.

There are many variations and innovations that are found in different parts of India. However, the most amazing, yummiest, finest, softest and delicious Rasagolas are found in Odisha. One has to come to Odisha and get the taste of mouthwatering varieties of Rasagolas.

In my post Kaleidoscopic Indian CultureI had compared Indian culture with Rasagola and had mentioned the great varieties of Rasagolas as follows:
There were many comments:
Blog Comment
Blog Comment

How many of us know that Rasagolas have been offered for centuries in the Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri in Odisha? 

Monday 6 July 2015

Sweet Yatra

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He went to His birthplace with His siblings, like He did each year at that time of the year.

His wife was angry that He did not take Her with Him.

She followed His path and damaged His chariot and returned to their home..

After enjoying His Jatra (Yatra- journey/travel/trip) with His siblings, He returned home.

His wife let His elder brother and sister enter the gate, but did not let Him enter.

She was raspy and said- NO!

The situation was somber.

He tried reasoning with Her and answered Her queries.
(Obedient husband indeed!)

Next, to placate Her, He offered Her some delicious sweets named Rasagolas.
Rasagola-Birthplace is Odisha, India
Rasagola- A sweet/dessert that originated in Odisha, India
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