Saturday 30 August 2014


Hello, my old friend’, we never say when I see him & he sees me too. 

Image credit:  Dick Blick Art - Used with permission fro m Magpie Tales
I can feel the soldier across the border too is feeling blue...

Our lives are so distinct, yet joined with permanent glue...


Happy Creativity!

I was amazed to see my daughter's e-art & collage-making skills.

Sharing them here!

Some pictures created by her & photographs of me & my daughter that my little one has put together using my dad's smartphone!

My Daughter & I - Created by my Daughter using Smartphone

Friday 29 August 2014

I Am A World Explorer!

The Explorer in me loves sparkling & spectacular experiences!
DreamWorks Animation Studios always captures my senses!

@DWAnimation is a part of my life every day.
If I hear the word KungFu, ‘KUNGFU PANDA’ I say!

Thursday 28 August 2014

My Starry Sky

Indian Bloggers

They accused & taunted me,
They killed me every moment…
Yet I was alive as I lived in fantasy,
Offering my two cents' worth to torment.

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Madison Woods
That day when they crossed every limit,
I decided to leave their world unfair…
I followed my own compass with grit,
Till I reached a place beyond compare…

Starry Night by Alex Ruiz

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Police & Hindi Cinema

The word 'Police' reminds me of Police in Hindi Movies!

As a HUGE Bollywood Movies fan, I present my views about Police in Hindi Cinema.

From ever since I was very small, I know that the Police always arrives at the climax or 'THE END'! That's when the baddies are bashed up and "Inspector Sahab" handcuffs them & takes them away! 

As I have optimism in my DNA, I always believe in and am happy with happy endings! 

But, sometimes, to my utter disappointment, I find that Police doesn't arrive on-time & the baddies win... 
Worse, the baddies kill the good Police-Man...

In the movie original Don, Iftekhar plays the DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police), who is the mastermind of a plan to reach to the source of Don's crimes & gets killed leaving the hero Amitabh Bachchan in the lurch...

My Home!

Not all houses are homes; the houses that are homes are great!
I feel a House becomes a Home when it has a lot in its fate...

Our Time is a gift as a Home like ‘Rome was not built in a day’!
Love, Care & Attention makes our home special in every way!

Planning to decide & Implementation to ensure Action...
Resources like Time, Energy & Money, Dedication & Passion!
My Home is my comfort-zone, my heaven on earth!
I love feeling at home here & experience bliss & mirth.

My home is a reflection of my style & tells stories...
It helps me in maintaining my inner calm & peace.

Monday 25 August 2014

A Scene In 2020

Exactly a month ago, I shared my Post- IntelliZENce.

This post is very dear to me as it earned me the WOW badge from BlogAdda & one of the highest number of comments in my blog and a lot of appreciation.

The concept of futuristic IntelliZENt smart technology appeals to everyone.

Today morning I saw this cool tweet-

I was struck by the futuristic idea.
I feel this is sure to happen in the future.

Sunday 24 August 2014

My 12 Most Important Reasons To Visit LA

LA or Los Angeles is called the City of Angels.
As everyone says I am an Angel too, hence I MUST visit the City of Angels :D

Jokes apart, here are my 12 most important reasons to visit LA-

1. To fulfill a childhood dream & to visit my family & friends & fulfill promise...
I have been dreaming to visit LA ever since my Uncle gifted me a pen that had "I LOVE LA" written on it...
I believe in Dalai Lama's quote- "Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.
Haven't visited LA yet & dreaming to visit LA soon.
Source: Static Quotes

My Uncle & Aunt, Cousins & friends stay in LA & have been inviting me to visit them! 
LA has been in my travel wish-list for long. The last time I was in the USA was during the 9/11... & that ruined all my plans... 
I really wish to visit LA & fulfill my promise of meeting my loved ones there.

Friday 22 August 2014

Accidental Union

I was learning to drive a mini-bus when I met with an accident & revisited my past-life…
PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Roger Bultot
PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Roger Bultot
I was hurrying to the railway-station and I missed my train.

While I was waiting for the next, I saw him in the rain & it was love at first sight for me & for him too as he proposed when we boarded the train...


King & Queen In God's Own Country

In Poovar, Kerala, India, after watching the sunset,
While leaving, I noticed that all the visitors had left...

Except for this cool Honeymooning pair-
They seemed like the King & Queen there!

He clicked her, She clicked him; The Honeymooners celebrated their whim!
Love-Connection shone bright though the Sun had set & the light was dim.

Copyright- Anita

Thursday 21 August 2014

India Needs Bravehearts

Sad that there are many who just stand & stare
While injustice happens right then & there.

Embedded image permalink
#IndianBraveHeart ; Source
Others are busy enjoying the fun and religiously clicking-
Pics & Videos that they can share on Social-Networking...

Why no one raises a voice or steps in to rescue?
What is wrong with us? Why the bravehearts are few?


I have the knack to be at the wrong place at the wrong time!
I am a natural at writing a prose while endeavoring a rhyme...

I avoid Forums & if & when I rarely make a naive appearance,
It is enough to capture public imagination & people focus lens!

Why such a lot of criticism & negative attention in my share?
Far from earning fame & recognition, I garner notoriety unfair...

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Choose Life, Don't Give Up

Life is indeed about the choices we make,
And also the life-changing decisions we take.

Life is about the path we choose to travel-
Can make the difference between heaven & hell...

Yell Sound, Shetland, 2014, by R.A.D. Stainforth
Taking a proper decision can prove to be tough,
What seems correct now, may later be rough.

Who decides what is right & wrong under the sun?
"One man's meat is another man's poison"...

Sunday 17 August 2014


He loved her & even she was his lover.
Their love was scorned by those in power.

No union as in their stars there was fault.
They were killed, but their love wouldn’t halt.
COPYRIGHT: Shailaja V/ The Moving Quill
COPYRIGHT: Shailaja V/ The Moving Quill
He was the butterfly, she was the flower.
Reunion, at long last, at that dawn hour…

Linking this to the Fiction Challenge ‘From 15 to 50′

Saturday 16 August 2014

The Map

Hard times were upon Maggi & Maria after the sudden accidental death of their parents & their grandparents.

Creditors were at their door and demanded money, claiming that even their home was mortgaged...

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright - Jan Wayne Fields
PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

The sisters rummaged through all the drawers & shelves & found an important-looking Map in a black-box on their grandpa's study-table.

They checked out the Map, studying it carefully, trying to figure out the mystery treasure that was described.

Thursday 14 August 2014

Feel Free To Celebrate

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers

The rains had just stopped & I stepped out in style.
The street welcomed; a starry sky stretched for a mile!

Lights like stars!
My Street on Eid! Copyright- Anita
Pink, blue & green lights sparkled & faces glowed happily,
Dressed in new clothes, passers-by were chatting excitedly.

I wished everyone 'Eid Mubarak' & heard the same greeting.
Belonging to India is a blessing that's incredible & amazing.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Body & Intellect

The most amazing thing my body has done-
Is to follow my heart's & brain's instructions!

By God's grace all my body parts are fine.
I feel blessed experiencing God's world divine.

Soaking in the sights through eye-lens,
Touching & feeling sensation makes sense.

Hearing the music & loved ones voices,
Smelling nature & food & having choices!

My body lets me do all this and more.
I wish my body works even in the future...

Even after I'm dead, I want my body to be of use.
That's why to be an Organ Donor I choose...

The gift of life is the best gift one can give...
We can ensure that our body-parts help people live...


Monday 11 August 2014

Bribes For Medicines

Corruption is what we all are no stranger to unfortunately.
When I saw 'Medical Corruption', I reacted emotionally.

Doctors are accepting bribes to prescribe medicines unethically!
Proves that they have forgotten the 'Hippocrates Oath' so easily!

Sunday 10 August 2014

Trust Me...

We work hard with sincerity all our life.
Then, a sad incident occurs that fill us with strife...

What had we done to deserve the serious false charges?
The heartless persons for our ordeals just can't care any less!

Saturday 9 August 2014


Indian Bloggers

I’ve always aimed for the stars with stars in my eyes & worked hard sincerely. 

But, I guess my Kismat* needs help as I haven't got what I deserve or the fruits of my effort rarely…

Last night when I prayed, I saw the moon dropped down to Earth just for me 
& I was about to touch it gleefully…

Friday 8 August 2014


I was very disappointed to see the row concerning UPSC.

The Prelims exam is just a few days away & yet the examinees are in a world of their own...

Are they interested only for their unjust demands & unreasonable selfish-interests  at the cost of our nation?
Embedded image permalink
Source : India Today

I shared this tweet on Twitter:


Wednesday 6 August 2014


Today is the 69th Anniversary of the US Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima City.
Has the World learned lessons from history & the World War's futility & brutality?

Atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, on 6th August 1945 by the USA in World War II(Getty) ; Source

Important Message - Knowledge Helps

I received some important messages today.
I had never thought of these before...
But for the info that came my way,
I would never suspect what's in store...

Knowledge is power & info adds value...
Sharing the info here through this Post,
This is the least I can do for you...
Hope that this will help you, my Dost... 

Monday 4 August 2014

Official Friendship Day In India

Friendship Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries.

On 27 July 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nation declared July 30 as the official International Friendship Day.

Some countries like India celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday in August.

This year, in 2014, it was celebrated on August 3rd.
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