Saturday 13 July 2013


SOULTRIPINDIA is a Creative Learning Experiential Program by Creativeland in which seven deserving candidates shall earn a fully-sponsored SoulTripIndia. As I love trips, am a good soul, have a Marketing Management background & am still a Student & I will forever be a Student, I felt I was perfect for it! I made an honest attempt to get shortlisted. In Round1 of the Contest, we had to send tweets to @Creativeland justifying that why we are "the most interesting candidate for this crazy, exploratory and possibly, life-changing adventure". I sent many tweets using #SOULTRIPINDIA & am delighted to be shortlisted for Round2! Posted my entry & now hope for the best to win!


SoulTripIndia is perfect for me as I love Writing, Travelling, Indian Culture & Photography...!
Being a part of SoulTripIndia will mean sheer magic for me as Imagination Meets Reality!

I have won many Trophies, Medals, Prizes, Certificates in Academics & Contests!
I believe in learning & sharing lessons imbibed, while sincerely attempting life's tests.

I'm a Learner for Life, soul-searching till now...
For moments that are spectacular like India WOW!

The Explorer in me is forever ready for Soul-stirring adventures & learning experiences!
I celebrate when #IncredibleIndia amazes me & captures my senses!

Soak in all the wondrous smells, tastes, touch & sights ,
Pamper my soul, enjoy flavors & delights!

Travel Miles, Spread Smiles & enthuse all to be HAPPY!
As I get click-happy, you'll love my Videos & Photography!

India is my family to touch & reach,
It's my playground & classroom where I learn & teach!

I'll be wealthy with Moments, Feelings,Lessons,
Faith, Discoveries, Truth, Emotions!

Like the seven colors of the rainbow, our Team will delight!
Seeing my Motherland thru Traveller's Eyes will be a great sight!

As 'Atithi DevoBhava' (Guest is like God) & 'VasudaivaKutumbakam' (World is a Family)
I'll exceed expectations to make my Team-mates feel welcome!

I'll share my learnings on the social media  to educate & entertain!
I'll rediscover my love for India all over again!

SoulTripIndia will be my voyage of Self-Discovery & Spirituality.
Wanna bridge the gap & connect between Fantasy & Reality!

I'll get lost, yet find myself!
The Understanding, The Change, The Clarity will help!

#SoulTripIndia is a way to Freedom.,
Looking forward to feel at Home! :)

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