Saturday 27 July 2013


There was a Twitter contest organized by a leading media channel for its show hosted by a world-famous Director. When the question- ‘Who do you consider India’s Best Pradhanmantri (Prime Minister/PM) and why’, was asked, I conducted a quick poll in my family and found diverse answers! Everyone has a unique choice of PM and reasons to support! My Dad’s choice and supporting reasons for- Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister of India, sounded very convincing. Special mention to my hubby’s choice- Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, our first PM. I researched and read about all the PMs voted by my family-members to arrive at my own conclusion. It was an enriching experience to learn more about our illustrious PMs and their notable achievements. 

This post has my random views about why I consider Lal Bahadur Shastri as the Best Indian Pradhanmantri. I had posted it in separate tweets as my entries for the same contest. I put in a lot of thought, effort & time & got pretty creative & instantaneously composed tweets on-the-spot that rhymed! Yet, I was not ‘lucky’ to win one of the five smartphones on offer as prize! I believe in the quote ‘The harder you work, the luckier you get’. But, such lucky contests prove otherwise! However, though my creativity found no mention, I still have my dedicated tweets as expression! Proud that India boasts of great leaders like Lal Bahadur Shastri. Hope and pray that may his tribe increase quickly!

With unflinching faith, hope, resolve, support, dedication, perseverance, adaptability,
Honesty, integrity, determination, strength of character, ethics, morality, ability,
Shastri painted hope & victory rainbows in the sky; Solved challenges for India's flag to fly high!
Owned moral responsibility, had rare probity; Lofty ideals, vision, & integrity!
Stepping in during adversity & making India & Indians strong in every village & city.
Post Pt.Nehru, handled India efficiently, Post China-War defeat, lifted morale effectively.

Strongly voiced India's concerns successfully; Stepped into PM's Shoes effortlessly…
India’s exceptionally honest statesman- Clean reputation, keen vision & focus on plan...
Victory-believer, premier compromiser, conciliator, negotiator, coordinator, challenge-solver
Humility but fortitude; Charting Victory in feud; Head & heart forever India-glued...
Kept politics & religious faith separately; Gave hope & leadership during uncertainty, ably.
Proudly sported Indian spirit great; People of all religions important; politics is separate!

An honest visionary with great zeal; He was like the best medicine for India's wounds to heal.
Smoothly took over programs& policies; Made India strong in reality, explored possibilities.
Staunch supporter of Unity in Diversity, Inspired Indians to set aside partisan loyalties...
A leader who raised India's collective positive outlook, Lived up to high values in his book.
His motivating Speeches stirred d country; Upheld India's peace, freedom & sovereignty.
Forward looking great man! ‘Export pessimism' not in plan! Exporting products began!

Agriculture's Solution- Supervised Indian Council of Agricultural Research re-organization
With foresight, made experts head institutions; with focus, suggested great solutions.
Steered India out of defeat & stressed on Unity; Agriculture,defence,exports,stability.
Ably shouldered responsibility with tact; Upheld India's pride, prestige & self-respect
True patriot- slogan Jai Hindustan Hailed India as a whole; also Jai Jawan Jai Kisan!
Upheld our Country's pride & respect; Victory in War had the positive effect!

Shared his ideals, hopes & aspirations; Made lasting impression & instant connection!
A socialist, he was open for India's progress, Wanted the best for Indian Economy; nothing less
Stepped in at such a difficult juncture; did everything to raise India's stature
Had India's best interests at heart; played the perfect India-loving PM's part...
Patronised India's food production Hailed our farmers & ushered Green revolution
Promotion of White Revolution- Amul & National Dairy Development Board creation

Exemplary ethics & socialist economic policies; Central planning & industries.
Calmed riots in our nation; Retained English in 1965 Madras antiHindi agitation.
For wise solutions for all problems; approaching uncommon issues with commonsense
For Smoothly maintaining good relations, Peace & friendship with all nations...
For showing the straight way to freedom Clearly building up democracy at home...
For smoothly stepping in Pt.Nehru's shoes, Giving hope & leadership & driving away blues.

Worked at the grassroots level & helped everyone; Uplifted the masses including Harijans.
Captured the imagination of our nation With fiery speeches, plans & heartfelt action...
Set high values & ideals & followed them- His Actions shine like a brilliant gem!
Stalwart who rose above barriers of caste; Dropped his surname, upheld Secularity mast!
Practised what he preached; Made sure that Indian boundaries weren't breached...
Lived up to his ideals & values True role-model for India, inspired all with his views...

His slogan - "Jai Jawan Jai Kisan"- hailed Soldiers & Farmers & united every Indian!
Able leadership during uncertainty, Inspired all with his exemplary honesty...
During hopeless times, he painted hope; his able leadership gave courage to cope...
During tough times, took over the reins; Stamped Victory & wiped away pains...
For his amazing uprightness & honesty, For his awesome inspiration & probity
For giving Indians courage; Catapulting India on World's Stage! Writing d Victory page...

Solved challenges & adopted tough stand; made neighbours understand that India is grand!
The hero who charted new roads; & won over all, being respected at home & even abroad...
Showed our country direction, implemented his exemplary vision with able execution.
He focused on the social good, concentrating on policies like exports, defence & food...
He painted rainbows of victory in our sky & kept our flag flying high!
Had India's best interests in the mind & heart, played a great tough & capable PM's part!

When the going was tough with no smile; his tough measures ensured India got going in style!


  1. You are correct! May his tribe increase.

  2. Your research shows up here...I am sure the earlier PMs were a good bet.
    Mr Kalam would have made a good one too!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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