Wednesday 5 June 2013

It’s Only Words…A Few Words for Music

This post is yet another one to express my love for Music!
Even in my dreams, I’ve composed tweets for Music!

Music is like the hashtags & handles in Twitter!
Music knows exactly where & whom to reach & be accessible better!

Music lights the fire, Music lifts me higher! Music is my desire,
Music is Bon Jovi live Concert- what I aspire!

Music makes me rack my brains to express what Music means to me-
To win a chance to attend the live musical concert of Bon Jovi!

To me, Music says “Lay Your Hands on Me” & “I'll Be There for You”!
Music is “Livin' on a Prayer" & "Bed of Roses" "Always" true!

Music says ‘Keep The Faith’ even when it’s ‘7800° Fahrenheit ‘,
Slippery When Wet’ or on ‘Lost Highway’ when nothing seems right.

Music makes my ‘heart go on & on’…
Titanic movie’s song makes me feel like a new-born!

I get lost in the amazing voice of Celine Dion!
Music Contests may come & go, but Love for Music is ON!

After 1000s of Characters & 100s of Words, still trying expression!
MUSIC is – M-Magical,U-Universal,S-Soulful,I-Innovation,C-Celebration!

Music is- Sincerity,Beauty,Honesty,Integrity,Purity,Gravity,

Religion, Fashion, Vision, Relation, Passion, Cooperation, Impression,
Satisfaction, Exultation, Expression, Medication, Imagination… 

For me, Music means a Wonderful Association;
Music heralds immeasurable Joys & Exclamation!

Music brings a Smile- like when I excitedly say “EEEEEEE”-
Empowers Every Experience, Emotion, Effort, Endeavour, Ecstasy!

Music makes me fall head over heals in love with it,
Even if there was no gravity on Earth, I’d still fall in love with it!

Music is truly great & gifted!
Even after ‘falling’ in love with music, we actually ‘rise’ up feeling uplifted!

Notes, tunes, orchestras, symphonies, melodies, words...
Music takes our hearts away without clashing any swords!

Music is brooks gurgling, crickets singing, leaves rustling,
Wind whistling, waves splashing, birds chirping...

Music is when words & gestures are superfluous,
Sound Waves create an aura that's magical & fabulous!

Music is Curry with ingredients-M-Masala Melodies,U-Unique Flavours,
S-Soulful Love, I-Invigorating Energy, C-Colours!

Music is the echo that teasingly plays games
When there’s reverberation of our loved one's names!

Music makes us Rock & Roll where Opposite ends of Pole
Like Yin&Yang coexist to make our life a complete whole!

Music is the incense that spreads its fragrance,
Captivates sense & makes life large like Magnifying Lens!

Music is the sound of anklet/payal, gentle breathing,
Clanking of bangles, rustle of Sari, heart-beats racing...

Music is what plays when it's love at first sight
When newfound love’s realization takes flight!

Music is Oxygen for my Soul, like Spark that starts the fire,
Like Water to quench my thirst, like Wind to propel desire!

Music makes me fall head over heals in love with it,
Even if there was no gravity on Earth, I’d still fall in love with it!

Seed of Music is small but germinates into a giant tree
That provides fruits & shade to the whole world gladly!

Music is the BAND BAAJA in the BAARAAT & the sweet chattering!
Indian Shehnai & Sitar/Classical tunes that play at Weddings!

Music is RD Burman, Asha Bhosle, Sahir, Lata Mangeshkar,
Kishore Kumar, Mohd Rafi, Shankar Jaikishan, Javed Akhtar …

Music helps me Cope; Music fills Hope; Music is my Dope;
Music lets me Elope; Music touches all- Pauper & the Pope!

Music is 'ILoveU', the sweet nothings that lovers whisper,
'WillUMarryMe', 'IDo', 'QuboolHai', Live Happily Ever After!

Music is Passionate Sincerity that’s impossible to resist!
Music is a feast! Music makes me & you pleased!

Music is a powerful 5-letter word- mightier than a Sword!
Music can touch & move a pauper, a King…even the Lord! 

Music is spectacular- makes the atmosphere cool/hot, heavier/lighter
And fills lives with magic, wonders, grandeur & splendour!

Music is Sincerity & Purity that's bliss…
Touches hearts & minds in every town/city with its kiss

Music is my mind's Basil (Tulsi) plant-
For serenity, divinity, purity, simplicity & sincerity & melodious chant!

We feel happier listening to upbeat, cheery Music;
For better health & relationships, Music is the pick! 

Music is Music to the ears!
Can bring tears, banish fears, spread cheers, accelerate life’s gears…

Music continuously evolves with the times- like Technology;
With newer offerings captures the world's imagination & fantasy!

Music may be fast, slow, classical, futuristic or modern…
Whatever its form, Music adds to our life a new dimension!

Music is d stuff of dreams, ideas, emotions, legends...
The saga of Music never amazing aura it lends...!!!

Music melts me into my thoughts & ecstasy;
Music creates a new Universe for me filled with fantasy...

Music opens doors! Gifts memories to store!
All are totally floored! Music makes us ask for MORE! Stuff of Folklore!

Music gives me wings to fly, power to dare to reach for the stars in the sky!
Makes life fine, catapults me to Cloud9…now that’s HIGH!

Music is the Driving License to safely explore out of the LineOfControl!
World is a Peace & No WAR Zone with Love for all.

In my Evergreen Kingdom of Music, I’m the Queen! ;
Music paints my Universe with the unimagined & the unseen!

Music makes me feel grand, Music is my Magic wand!
Music is my Passport to Paradise & Wonderland!

Music is so amazing that with Music we rejoice our WIN
Even after losing ourselves in Music with a grin!

Music meets needs & targets, Music creates fans & markets!
Music is the best a human gets!

Music is such a treat! Always a pleasure to Meet & Greet!
With Music, there's always victory, no defeat! Winning is neat!

Music is Passionate Sincerity that’s impossible to resist!
Music is such an awesome N-Course feast!

Music UNITES the World that has so many Divides;
Music gives us wings to dream & take happy joy-rides!

Music gives me Company when no one wants to share my space…
Like in the Kitchen when I’m cooking at my own sweet time & pace!

Music is uninhibited, happy-go-lucky & free,
Music is like a real trip to happy tranquility & fantasy!

Music fills me with gratitude & zest!
Thank You God for Music- Music makes me feel so blessed!

Music is 100 Years Of Indian Cinema's great Magic
Music has shaped the destinies of Stars iconic!

Classical Music by Pt. Ravi Shankar, Mozart, Beethoven...
Takes me on a direct free trip to Heaven!

Music is Music to the ears
Rings in tears/cheers, banishes fears, accelerates life’s gears!

Music is when Imagination meets Experience;
Music is when Life starts making excellent sense!

My love for Music will never end!
Forever grateful to God for gifting us Music as our lifelong friend!

I love Music so much that to express my love,
Even after 1000s of words, I’m building my Music treasure trove!

Music is what keeps me going;
Using words to show my love for Music, I’m still trying!

Much remains unsaid; more words why I love Music are in my head!
Wish I didn't love Music so much; I'd be asleep on my bed!

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