Friday 22 September 2017

Walk In My Shoes

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Walk a mile in my shoes & you'll learn-
Why I walk the way I do, why I trudge/hurry?
Why this attitude & the madness makes me burn?
Why my life is a surprising different-flavoured curry?

Walk a mile in my shoes & you'll see-
A human like you with some flaws & goodness.
I'm the way I'm & maybe you'll consider to accept me...
Perhaps decide to end the journeys past & begin afresh?

Sunday 10 September 2017

Sunrise At Gopalpur-on-Sea

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The holiday was special and meant a lot,
We would get to unwind in the scenic spot.
The resort room was comfortable and cozy,
The experience was delightful and rosy.

The stars winked and the moon shone extra bright,
Gopalpur-on-Sea waters sparkled in the moonlight.
Soothing lullaby of the waves hypnotized deep!
The luxurious night invited us to rest and sleep.

Though I had decided to wake up before sunrise,
Letting go of wishes, I shut my eyes feeling nice!
My body cajoled- "Please let me sleep late!"
"If not one sunrise, another will soon be in fate!"

Thursday 7 September 2017

Ganesha - Odisha Handicrafts

Lord Ganesha is much-loved everywhere in India and the world. Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated in a grand way in Odisha and in India. The pandals must be seen to be believed. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated once a year, but Lord Ganesha is worshiped everyday. There are many temples devoted to the lord. The Elephant God is also depicted in various handicrafts in Odisha.
It is wonderful to share some images of the exquisite and incredible handcrafted Ganesha items designed in Odisha, India.

Paper Mache Crafts:
Paper Mache Crafts of Odisha are designed in various forms including colourful animals and Gods.

Talapatra (PalmLeaf) Crafts:
Palm-leaf is skilfully etched and painted to depict mythology.
Stone Sculptures:
Odisha's artisans have always created magic with stone. The temples and sculptures provide testimony.

Monday 4 September 2017

Happy Or Hopeless By The Window Seat ?

Life seems fine and happiness reigns by the window seat. 

The views are spectacular sometimes. One is filled with awe while viewing the clear blue sky and the vast expanse, the rich colours of the sun, the pretty shapes of the clouds, the flock of birds...
While I'm travelling by air, I like to occupy the window seat to witness all this and more. Sometimes, I spot an 'Oxbow lake' and some other natural features, and remember my Geography Ma'am and school text-books.

But, over the past several years, life by the window seat makes me wonder about the lack of greenery and forest-cover. Why are such great patches barren and devoid of any trees? 
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