Friday 22 September 2017

Walk In My Shoes

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Walk a mile in my shoes & you'll learn-
Why I walk the way I do, why I trudge/hurry?
Why this attitude & the madness makes me burn?
Why my life is a surprising different-flavoured curry?

Walk a mile in my shoes & you'll see-
A human like you with some flaws & goodness.
I'm the way I'm & maybe you'll consider to accept me...
Perhaps decide to end the journeys past & begin afresh?

To walk a mile in my shoes, first you must agree-
To wear my shoes with no complaints & with a smile!
My shoe's brand, colour, price, odour mustn't matter really!
Then in my shoes you can walk not just one, but many a mile!

When we agree to walk at least a mile in another's shoes,
We'll work with empathy & peace in our part of the universe.
As responsible world citizens, can we consciously choose?
Don't we wish to gather peace more than currency in our purse?

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Are you open to walk a mile in someone's shoes? Do you consider other points of views? What are your views? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. You make good points but peace may be something we (as a world) will never share. It's all because as a race, we don't really want world peace (unless it pays cash) or we would do all it takes to have it.

  2. Walking a mile might work.. but will we tolerate the blisters? will we learn? sometimes I feel not.

  3. I think walking in the shoes of others would work, but it would needy to be for many, many miles, I'm afraid. We don't seem to learn or change too easily, sorry to say.

  4. Sadly Mammon is the driving force for humanity and always has
    been. Money rules in this secular materialistic age.

  5. It is good to try to empathize with those people around us especially those we disagree with.

  6. That last line is true. I agree. Great wise poem my friend.

  7. Great poem Yes if we really try to walk in someones shoes peace will be achieved

  8. Grt post ...I liked the words that you must first put on my shoes without any complaint n a big smile

  9. Peace can be achieved by being empathetic. But that's the difficult part.

  10. Yes, I want to. This poem is a great invitation full of welcome!

  11. Gayle Walters Rose25 September 2017 at 07:43

    I think we humans are a lazy bunch at times. We're complacent and feel it's someone else's job to make things work and achieve peace in the world. It will start and end with each of us doing our part...but will we?

  12. Amazing web log and really fascinating stuff you bought here! I positively learned plenty from reading through a number of your earlier posts in addition and set to drop a discuss this one!

  13. Well said , Anita. No one would even think of judging others after reading your poem. Love it!


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