Thursday 7 September 2017

Ganesha - Odisha Handicrafts

Lord Ganesha is much-loved everywhere in India and the world. Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated in a grand way in Odisha and in India. The pandals must be seen to be believed. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated once a year, but Lord Ganesha is worshiped everyday. There are many temples devoted to the lord. The Elephant God is also depicted in various handicrafts in Odisha.
It is wonderful to share some images of the exquisite and incredible handcrafted Ganesha items designed in Odisha, India.

Paper Mache Crafts:
Paper Mache Crafts of Odisha are designed in various forms including colourful animals and Gods.

Talapatra (PalmLeaf) Crafts:
Palm-leaf is skilfully etched and painted to depict mythology.
Stone Sculptures:
Odisha's artisans have always created magic with stone. The temples and sculptures provide testimony.

Terracotta Works:
Artistic expressions through Terracotta simply stun! There are idols and also designer vases among others.

Coir Crafts:
In Odisha, one can find mind-boggling decorative show-pieces designed from coir!

Dhokra Crafts:
Ancient methods are still being followed by the tribals of Odisha , who continue gifting the world such Dhokra craft treasures.

Metal Sculptures:
Artistic and creative expressions cast magic spells on metal and makes the crafts sell! This sculpture, actually a lamp, has both Ganesha and Kamadhenu (the wish-fulfilling cow).

Wood Crafts:
Delicately carved wood crafts are such a treat! Apart from idols, there are also wooden Ganesha wall-hangings.

These were just a few of the interesting treasures I got to showcase. Need to write more posts for the other impressive Odisha handicrafts.

Which of these handicrafts do you love best? Do share your comments.

All images are copyrighted to me.

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  1. Lovely collection.

    I love those designer vases. They look great!!

    I hope you had a good Ganesha Chaturthi, Anita. :)

  2. Amazing handicraft work. I feel proud to see them.

  3. Such magnificent art of work... seems you had a great Ganesh Chaturthi :)

  4. Indeed Anita... on this side of world probably less then on your side of the world but still.
    You've collected a wonderful series of art... I know some elephantlovers who would love to one some of it.

    Have a splendid ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫

  5. I like all the craft styles. The coir style intrigues me the most at the moment.

  6. Lots of interesting items there.

    abcw team

  7. Wonderful crafts collection of Lord Ganesha!

  8. It is interesting to know different artful avatars of Lord Ganesh

  9. I definitely comply with some points that you just have mentioned on this post. I appreciate that you just have shared some reliable recommendations on this review.


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