Monday 4 September 2017

Happy Or Hopeless By The Window Seat ?

Life seems fine and happiness reigns by the window seat. 

The views are spectacular sometimes. One is filled with awe while viewing the clear blue sky and the vast expanse, the rich colours of the sun, the pretty shapes of the clouds, the flock of birds...
While I'm travelling by air, I like to occupy the window seat to witness all this and more. Sometimes, I spot an 'Oxbow lake' and some other natural features, and remember my Geography Ma'am and school text-books.

But, over the past several years, life by the window seat makes me wonder about the lack of greenery and forest-cover. Why are such great patches barren and devoid of any trees? 
Why are the river-beds dry? Why is there only a thin stream of water, when the river should have been wide enough?

Aren't we heading for an ecological disaster? Sadly, the statistics are alarming. 

Most of our India and world is indeed turning into a desert. Debilitating climate changes are observed. Water availability is being and will further be seriously compromised in the not-so-distant future. They say that the next world war will be fought over water... 
What sort of a world are we leaving for our next generation?
Do we want the present situation to worsen?
There is little doubt that we need to take urgent action.

When the present kids and their grand-kids look out, they should enjoy the view and feel happy,  hopeful and privileged for their life by the window seat...

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Do you like sitting by the window seat? Do you feel happy or hopeless? Do share in the comments below.
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Also linking with ABC Wednesday- H for Happy, Hopeless, Hopeful, Heading, Happiness
I support the #RallyForRivers campaign. To save our India's rivers, please give a missed call to 80009-80009.


  1. scary - flooding in India and the US, e.g.


  2. Sigh! It's disheartening to see most of the people still don't understand that we need the earth but earth does not need us. How van someone be so selfish that they make wealth for their kids but not thinking of leaving a healthy planet to live.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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