Saturday 6 February 2021

Rosy Rendezvous By The Chilika #StoryTellersBlogHop

Kali Jai Prasad. 

No, not three different names.

It's my name. 

Bapa and Maa had lovingly named me as the offering or gift of Goddess Kalijai.

Kalijai island is located in the Chilika Lake in Odisha. It has a temple dedicated to Goddess Kalijai. 

Not wanting to name me as "Kalijai Prasad", they gave a space between Kali & Jai! 

Isn't it amazing what a little bit of space can do!

However, if you find my name too long or old-fashioned, you can just call me by my nickname- "Jai".

We stay near Lake Chilika. 

Bapa often says that they had nothing before I came into their life.

I brought them luck. His seafood business started flourishing. 

Veeru- Veerendra Prasad- was born five years later. 

Veerendra means 'brave and noble man.'

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Lockdown Doll

She had made several rounds of the departmental stores during the lockdown.

Her frequent visits did not ensure availability of what she wanted.

The products were always out of stock.

Along with other pandemic essentials, everyone seemed to be obsessed with toilet-paper rolls & tissue-paper!

PHOTO PROMPT - Trish Nankivell
Some people wanted to buy cart-loads of these!

She decided to highlight this issue.

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