Saturday 30 November 2013

Mind It!

Busy working on my Research-Paper,
My breakfast I attended absentmindedly...

A burning smell emanated from my Toaster,
Instead of the Bread, I had put my CD!

What an Idiot! But I sprung to action faster!
To set things right before my act's discovery!

But, my hubby-dear's nose proved smarter!
Though the Perfume-Spray's effect was speedy!

1. We must mind it! Use our mind before doing any work!
2. We cannot and should not hide anything from our loved ones! 

Note- Not a true story
Inspired by a TV advertisement in which the model tries to insert a piece of bread in his Laptop (thinking it is the CD) & then realizes from the smoke from his Toaster that he has accidentally put his CD in the Toaster! 
Shows how our busy lives make us so absent-minded that we end up doing such idiotic things...
Used this idea to present a 55-words Poem!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

WOW – Three Is Company!

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” ― Rudyard Kipling

Write Over the Weekend theme for this week

This time your entry must contain the three words idiot, perfume and CD.


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Wednesday 27 November 2013


I thank BlogAdda & the Judges for choosing me WINNER!
My sincerest thanks to my Blog’s each READER! 
I thank all my Blog’s Critics for their advice! :D
I love All Comments whether nice or not so nice! :D
This BlogAdda Award has made me World-famous!
I thank my Sister for opening my Blogging Account,
I thank my Parents for my life & values that count.
I thank my Brother & my Friends for their vote!
I thank my Hubby, Kid & in-laws for their support!
I thank my PhD Professor&Guide for retaining me,
Though I spent all time Blogging & none for PhD!
Everyone's collaboration made me WIN!
I thank the Hindi Film Industry for Movies & Music! :D
Quoting them in my Posts has worked like magic! :D
I thank Google & Social Networking Sites like Twitter,
For the latest info & pics that made my posts better! :D
I feel blessed & thank GOD for His kindness;
For hope, faith, strength to work hard & patience...

Blogging has helped me sustain, thrive, gain & cope...
Like the 'Last Leaf' in O.Henry's story gave hope!

Blogging Awards are my Gift!

Winning hasn't been easy, I have taken pains;
It explains my career's deserving Blogging gains!
I have forgotten meals- Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner!
Such is my great love for Blogging & to be WINNER!

Sacrificing sleep & ALL-my-time just to write Posts,
No time to even email/call or chill out with my Dosts!
Sorry Family & Friends! Blogging has kept me super-busy!
But, I know my BlogAdda Award win makes you happy! :D

Winning is Music To My Ears!
This BlogAdda Award is my pride & glory! :D
It’s my triumph- my Personal Victory! :D
ALL IS WELL now that I have won! :D
You are all invited to a party! Let’s have fun! :D

Few people, very few, have a treasure, and if you do you must hang on to it.” – Alice Munro

I am hanging on to Blogging & my Awards! :D


This would be My Winning Speech on being rewarded the BlogAdda Blog Award!
Winning is Everything!Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers
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