Monday 25 November 2013


Sunakshi, a dear Twitter friend of mine & a cool Blogger, had made a gracious offer one fine day 2-3 months ago to me.

I nearly jumped off my seat when I saw her requesting me to write a ‘Guest Post’ for her sparkling Blog- Pearl In Darkness

Wow! What importance! It’s an honor for any Blogger! 

She had faith in my talent from the few Posts I had for credit till then! 

That time I expressed my delight and also my inability as I was (I still am!) finding things challenging because of TIME

I always find myself making sacrifices to invest the little time I have, to write Posts for my own Blog as I am juggling many roles- being a PhD Scholar & travelling between cities to my University, full-time Mom, home-manager…etc. 

My lifestyle doesn’t leave me much time for myself or my Blog & how can I commit time to write a ‘Guest Post’?!

I cannot forget Sunakshi’s reaction, “No worries, take your own time! Whenever you are ready, just let me know… My Blog will be waiting…

That was many days ago! 

Yesterday I thankfully noticed it would be my 75th Post!

I got in touch right away with Sunakshi, my Dost!
Her 'Guest-Post' offer had been roaming in my head everyday!
Here’s my special 75th Post coming your way!

Many milestones come & go, while we are not even aware!
I realized 5 days ago, I now have 20,000 tweets in Twitter & today morning that my Blog has clocked 20,000 Page-Views! Yippee!!!

Now I feel it has to be special! What’s life without happiness & celebrations? 

I found it best to celebrate it with a long pending request!

75th Post means Diamond or Platinum Jubilee for my Blog!

As per the Wikipedia:
-  Diamond Jubilee, a celebration of a 60th or 75th anniversary
-  Platinum Jubilee, a celebration of a 70th or 75th anniversary
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Here's what I wrote:

"When I think of both the words Diamond & Platinum, I think of my FRIENDS, as even they are precious! Friends are the jewelry that we can proudly flaunt!..."

Do read the rest of my first 'Guest-Post', the whole write-up about 'Friends', in Sunakshi's Blog - My Friendly Jubilee Post For My Dost

My Friendly Jubilee Post For My Dost earned me this lovely token of THANKS from Sunakshi!
The pleasure & honor is mine! Thank you! :)

I share this with all my FRIENDS! 

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers


  1. Congrats on clocking 20,000 page views. Many more to come :)

    1. Thank you so much, Pallavi! Great wish! Needs action! :)

  2. yaye! congratulations. Waiting for the 100th and then the 1000th post soon :D

    1. Thanks a lot for the wish & encouragement, Bhavya! :)
      Needs time, effort and dedication to attain such milestones! :)

  3. Congratulations Anita!:)
    I am eagerly waiting to see how you are gonna celebrate your 100th post.:)
    Keep Blogging!:D

    1. Thanks Nikhil!
      Wowie! Now 24 more to go for Century! :)
      Phew! Now I understand how much hard-work Sachin Tendulkar has done for so many centuries! Mine is such a slow-pace! :)
      Will start devoting time to write all my Award-acceptance Posts! High time now! :)

  4. wow that's a great achievement :) Congratulations Anita :)
    I have nominated you for Versatile Blogger Awards. Please check the following link -

    1. Thanks a lot, Deepa. Great to be nominated for my 1st Versatile Blogger Award! Honored. Will check out your post and accept it soon... :)

  5. Congrats on the Platinum Jubliee Anita and Off to read your Guest--Post.. :D

    1. Thanks Harsha :) Celebrating with Friends like you :)

  6. congrats. keep blogging :)

  7. Congratulations.
    Keep blogging.

  8. Hey...congrats for your 75th post, more than 20000 page hits, first guest post and yet again making top post on indi blogger. :)

    1. Thanks Preethi :) Feel blessed :) Thanks to all the support and encouragement of friends and awesome Bloggers like you :)

  9. I cannot thank you enough for contributing to my pearls.You're amazing! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Sunakshi for being the amazing friend you are! :)


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