Saturday 30 December 2023

Urgent Conservation of The Sun Temple Konark- UNESCO World Heritage #SaveKonark

The Sun Temple located at Konark, Odisha, is an architectural wonder.

It is the sole UNESCO World Heritage site located in Odisha, India.

"Konark Stone Carving" has earned the Geographical Indication (GI) tag. 

 More information on Konark Stone Carving GI is in this blog post-

Konark Stone Carving has been in the news many times before and also in 2023. 

During G20 Summit 2023, PM Modi ji received world leaders with the wall backdrop having the photograph of the Konark Wheel.

Wednesday 27 December 2023

It Was Time

He noticed the flower-seller on his way to office.

He thought she was smart to be operating her stall near his high-rise.


He had employed a thousand employees.

There was always some celebration at office.


Picture Prompt- Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Today was special.

It was his daughter Rizzy’s birthday.

He felt like buying roses for Rizzy.

Tuesday 26 December 2023

Maryada Purushottam Shree Ram Airport And Shree Ram Mandir At Ayodhya

It is great that the Shree Ram Mandir and the "Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram Ayodhya Airport" will be a reality soon. 

Feeling truly blessed that this proud moment will be possible for all of us in January 2024. 

Source: @MeghUpdates on X

Just like for many other Indians, this means a lot to me. 

In 2017, I had the chance to visit the Maya Devi Temple at Lumbini, Nepal.

It struck me that they were so certain about the exact location of the place of birth of Gautam Buddha. Inside the temple, they had marked the designated area as the "birthplace of Gautam Buddha".

In contrast, some top lawyers and politicians of our nation were/are not even willing to accept the existence of Shree Ram or that He was born in Ayodhya! And this despite the Ramayana epic clearly stating that Shree Ram was born in Ayodhya! 

Scientists have calculated Shree Ram's date of birth.

As per this report published by Zee New India in August 2012-

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: New findings have once again proven the existence of Lord Rama, with his exact date of birth getting a scientific credence.

As per the Institute for Scientific Research on Vedas (I-SERVE), planetarium software has ascertained the birth of Lord Rama as 10th January 5114 BC in Ayodhya. As per the Indian calendar the time of the birth is in-between 12 noon and 1pm, Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month.

According to Zee News exclusive, the institute has also claimed success in substantiating many other ancient events in Indian mythology that supposedly took place before 2000 BC by using the planetarium software.

The planetarium software is also used by NASA and Nehru planetarium to find out the position of various planets and stars in the universe.

The scientist of I-SERVE claimed that they zeroed down on Lord Rama`s birth date by studying planetary positions as described by Valmiki in the Ramayana.

The scientists also said that new scientific tools and techniques like planetarium software, computers, space imagery, underwater explorations, and radio carbon dating can clearly validate the existence of characters and events which are described in Ramayana.

It is just not about the date of birth of Lord Rama, scientists have also proofs which can substantiate not only the existence of Lord Rama as described in Ramayana but also of the incident of the clash of Lord Rama and ‘khardushan’ during the 13th year of Rama’s exile.

Much water has flown down the Sarayu river. Ayodhya has seen a metamorphosis.

Truly excited to read about the progress of the Shree Ram Mandir and airport too.

The Ayodhya airport has a 2,200m-long and 45m-wide runway, with a terminal spread over 8,000 sqm area. It can handle 500 passengers at a time. It will be inaugurated this year-end.

"Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram Ayodhya Airport" is a rich cultural name for the Ayodhya Airport.

Earlier, Donyi Polo, the airport of Arunachal Pradesh, became the first in India to be named after the sun and the moon. As per this report in the Times of India-

Saturday 23 December 2023

Another Facebook Post Removed

 Another Facebook post has been removed this year.

This is any social media user/content creator's fear.

They got your post removed as it is a case of violation

You do not even know how & why that's the reason?

Thursday 21 December 2023

Windows To Bliss

How many have windows to the world?

How many get to see views unfurled?

Many wait for doors to be opened or knocked-

Do they bother why their windows are locked?

What doors can't, won't, & don't, windows do-

But, how'll those who don't value have a clue?

Source: Pexels

Windows have whole new worlds behind...

We need the eyes to see & perhaps find.

Are these windows to new worlds out there?

Or are they windows with the worlds we care?

Thanks to the window I unravel secrets with glee

The window opened the door & way to reach me.

Earlier I was never sure if I could ever do this-

Now I do know there are windows to bliss!

Linking with Friday Writings- You Did It!

What do windows mean to you?

Wednesday 20 December 2023

The Art Project

The teacher announced "The Art Project".  

Students were free to choose any medium and topic.

Every student was to present their creation after a week.

Ira knew that her canvas and creation would be unique and special.

She started preparing.


It was "Art Project Day" at school.

Friday 15 December 2023

The Place of Death

 "All I want to know is where I'm going to die so I'll never go there" 

- Charlie Munger

Is it possible to avoid death by not going to the place of death? What do you feel?

Death is inevitable.
Whoever is born, will have to die one day.
Just like our soul was facilitated to this material word and we were born, similarly it will be time for our immortal soul to continue its eternal journey. 
Our lives will end suddenly and this life's chapter will be closed.

Benjamin Franklin rightly said, "Nothing is certain except death and taxes." 
Charlie Munger's quote as shared above, raises a question- if it had been possible for a human to know the place of her/his death, would she/he have willingly ventured there?

Source: Pexels

Wednesday 13 December 2023

The Palace Singer

Continuing the story written last month for the Friday Fictioneers-

The Palace Rose Garden- 

When the first-time travellers reached the living-room, they saw a portrait that looked strikingly like Dia!

"Many artists have visited this palace before", Dia continued.

"In the courtyard of this palace, there used to be performances by singers and dancers.

Can you imagine there was a talented singer who could light lamps with his singing!"

Photo Prompt- Susan Rouchard

Friday 8 December 2023

Male Gaze and Female Gaze in Hi Nanna: IDHE IDHE

 Last evening, I saw info about the song release of a new Telugu movie- "Hi Nanna".

This new song "Idhe Idhe" is trending on YouTube for music having already garnered 900K+ views, and counting.

The song video is here-

Head Turner & Showstopper

The song has the lead heroine- Mrunal Thakur walking in.

She is definitely a "Head Turner".

Like in fashion shows where we have the "Show Stopper", she walks in and captures everyone's instant attention.

Dressed in a black saree and white blouse, she creates magic.

After seeing her, people simply stop and turn their heads and just gape. 

She is unmissable. 

She is magnetic.

She is amazing. 

Male Gaze

It is a sweet melodious romantic song beautifully shot by the team.

The camera has faithfully followed all the characters & captured their expressions beautifully.

But, hey!

What is this?

Why the close-up on her features and lingering there for some time?

Wednesday 6 December 2023

The Creative Installations

The shoes were lying in their attic for years just like so many other unused items in their home.

Photo Prompt- Ted Strutz

Discarded things were lying outside their home too– just like an old car, statues, toys etc.

Once-loved items were now uncared…

Rizzy had enterprisingly decided that she had to do something about all those.

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