Wednesday 27 December 2023

It Was Time

He noticed the flower-seller on his way to office.

He thought she was smart to be operating her stall near his high-rise.


He had employed a thousand employees.

There was always some celebration at office.


Picture Prompt- Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Today was special.

It was his daughter Rizzy’s birthday.

He felt like buying roses for Rizzy.

Rizzy loved them.

But, how would he gift her those?


When she was six, Rizzy was kidnapped.

He had looked everywhere.

She would have been twenty today.


He approached the flower-girl.

He selected a rose bouquet.

He noticed she had a birthmark and tattoo right where Rizzy used to!

100 Words Story for Friday Fictioneers

Was the flower-girl Rizzy? What do you think?

Here's wishing everyone lots of happiness and a brand new year 2024 filled with cheer!


  1. Ahhhh looks like a scene from a Tamil movie. Liked reading this.

  2. I wonder if she's better off not knowing

  3. It's definitely his long-lost daughter.

  4. Could it be his daughter? That would be a spectacular birthday present.

  5. Interesting ending. Great plot for a movie.

  6. What a wonderful close to a long search. Surely Rizzy.

  7. Dear Anita,

    Sounds like she could be Rizzy.




Your words mean a lot to me.

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