Sunday 21 February 2016

Guess The Subject Of My TV Show!

If I could create a TV show how nice it would be!
It should be a show that I personally wish to see!

Right now I don't watch any TV for many reasons.
My TV show should be a must-watch in all seasons!

"I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book." - Groucho Marx

There should be no saas-bahu 'nok-jhok' or madness;
No reality-shows with participants eager to impress!;

No complicated family serial with scheming members!
No ghosts to make us fearful or crime or criminals worse...

Sunday 14 February 2016

Fantastico Adventure!

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I love To explore!
Expand my knowledge,
And learn more & more!
Be the best explorer,
Travelling every corner,
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
Gimme new Adventure!"

- Inspired by the Hindi-Film Song- '1-2-3-4-Get On The Dance Floor' from the Bollywood movie- Chennai Express!

The explorer in me loves soul-stirring experiences!
I rejoice as adventure wins over me & captures my senses!
I soak in all the wondrous smells, tastes, touch & sights,
Travel pampers my ego as I enjoy flavors & delights!

Variety is the spice of life & life is a flattering fest! 
Magical conversion of the unseen into seen is best!  
Walking on every street in every city under the sun,
Is my exciting & wondrous idea of knowledge & fun!

I happily jet set go to places & clock miles with smiles!
I smile as that’s the universal language across miles!
I believe- 'the World is a Family'- 'Vasudaiva Kutumbakam'
Adventure makes me lose inhibitions; everywhere I'm welcome!

Adventure & Travel mean a lot to me- I love my Freedom…
I celebrate being a World Citizen & everywhere I feel at home!
World's kingdom broadens my horizons & experience, 
I’m a Queen- rich with memories, friends & confidence!

My voyage of Self-Discovery, Clarity & Serendipity,
Adventure helps bridging boundaries from Fantasy to Reality!
I hope my cool dream I’ll get to grab & enjoy real soon! 

Adventure is climbing mountains & joy in conquering heights.
Adventure is witnessing the sunrise, sunset, moonlight & other sights!
Adventure is sailing oceans, with or without adventurous gear!
Adventure is carrying on the journey with smiles & spreading cheer.

Adventure is travelling around the world & smart navigation!
Relying on nature, instincts, technology and imagination!
Adventure is sensing and experiencing the world in store,
Fabulous feeling to deeply love travel & adventures more.

Adventure is setting examples & living new adventures everyday!
Having courage, zeal & stamina & many adventurous tales to say!
Adventure makes us peppy & we march confidently ahead.
Its magical impact empowers & conquers negativity, fear & dread. 

Adventure is what makes us go far with flamboyance & flair!
It's that overpowering urge that can earn us limelight & glare!
Adventure is like a fairy-tale, stuff of legends & what inspires all.
Adventure is what builds us & makes us lead as we stand tall!
Photo- Caroline Knopf; PicturePrompt- Magpie Tales
“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford
Adventure is like music- captivates & to its tunes we dance!
Adventure is grabbing opportunities & chance & romance!
Adventure is Fantastico & much more than all this!
Hope to realize Fantastico ambitious adventurous wish!

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In Other Words
Magpie Tales
ABC Wednesday - F for Fantastico, Far, Family, Flair, Fabulous, Flattering, Fest, Feeling, Family, Freedom, Friends, Four, Flavors, Flattering, 

Saturday 13 February 2016

Exploring Bollywood Stereotypes And Impact

Indian Bloggers
In Bollywood movies, appearances of the actresses is important. 
Hindi films show that heroines are judged based on their looks. 
However, the impact is evident in the climax later on as often there is a happy ending!

In the quest to impress prospective in-laws, movies have shown women enthusiastically participating.

In the movie, HOLIDAY, in the first meeting to consider the marriage of the boy & girl (enacted by Akshay Kumar & Sonakshi Sinha), the girl is shown wearing traditional clothes (Salwar kameez) and she had worn a wig to show that she had long hair so as to impress the boy and his family. 
Still, the boy rejects the girl citing the following reasons:
1. Girl has one-and-a-half metres long hair & she'll take 6 hours to comb them. In the future, if they have to go out, there will be time-wastage (as she’ll take time to comb her hair!)
2. Girl appears “shy & scared”.
3. Girl appears as though “she has arrived from a village. The boy wants a girl who's smart and stylish.

The above matches the stereotypes:
Long hair – Homely but not ambitious
Saree or Salwar kameez – Aunty or Behenji  (sister)
It doesn’t mean that if a woman has long hair, she is homely and if she is dressed in Salwar-suits or Sarees, she is a “Behenji” (sister) or “Aunty”, who is traditional and backward and looks like a village woman!

Later in the movie, the boy learns that the girl's personality is totally different from what was portrayed when she was paraded during the match-making-visit in front of him & his family. 
Impact- When the boy sees the girl's true self, with short-hair and smart personality, he falls in love with her as he is looking for that.
Holiday (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).jpg

Breaking Stereotypes #IAmCapable

Be wise- Never judge anyone based on their looks!
From covers, one can't judge the contents of books!

It's like looking for something in front that's actually hidden in the nooks!
69% of men agree that their judgement of women is based on their looks.

'Appearances are deceptive'- what appears isn't always true!
Yet people get influenced by what they 'see' & haven't any clue!

There's more beneath the surface than what can be seen.
Remember that nine-tenths of an ice-berg is unseen.

Being a woman is so tough, having to juggle tasks & filled with tension!
Women have to worry about- looking presentable & also people’s perception.

Passing value judgments seems to be a favourite game.
Taking the role of a judge in such cases is such a shame! 

Outfits carry subtle messages that are evident to the minds & eyes of the judges.
Women have to forcibly adhere & act; appearance of women createsimages’.

A woman, who wears Sarees, may have ‘modernity’ in her heart.
Yet she is judged as traditional & backward; not sophisticated or smart!

Poor and wrong judgments cause true harm, mental agony and distress that's real.
64% of women agree that such judgments affect their ability to reach their potential.

nihar-naturals-statistics-women (1)
Nielson India #IAmCapable Survey ; Source: BlogAdda
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