Thursday 26 September 2013

My Escape Express Trip!

In August 2013, Lonely Planet India had organized an ‘#EscapeExpress’ contest in which we had to upload a Blog with photographs or a Video about any place in India.

The explorer in me was super-happy to see this great travel-contest! There were some cool prizes too. But, the challenging thing was being in the Top-12 to win those- 1st , 2nd & 10 3rd prizes! The contest was to be judged on creativity and ‘Votes’.

The latter was a dampener as I stay away from Voting contests and ‘begging for votes’ is not my cup of tea! Yet, for the #EscapeExpress, I indulged in precisely that!

First, I couldn’t decide which trip of mine should I select as my entry as I have loved them all! I decided on Coorg as I am enamoured by Madikeri, the Golden Temple- Bylakuppe’s Namdroling Monastery and the birthplace of the River Cauvery- TalaCauvery… After sincere hard-work, I was happy when my Video-Entry – ‘Magical Coorg’ was approved and put up on the Lonely Planet website. 

But, Vote- gathering turned out to be quite a challenge! I called up, emailed, SMSed, tweeted…used up all the levels possible for me! Begged for votes to all! Did self-promo too!
Thankfully, I had company in this shameless vote-appeal- the rest of the contestants were also wholeheartedly doing the same! Friends were forthcoming & helpful and voted and shared my Video with all! 
I ended with a score more than a century- a princely 107 Votes! 
Thanks a lot, Friends & Family, for voting for me!

The results declared that I was one of the 10 3rd Prize Winners of the contest! 

I have won a Gift-Card thanks to Lonely Planet, India! Now shopping at Shoppers Stop!

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