Wednesday 18 September 2013

My Letter To Uncle Pai

Dear Uncle Pai,
Uncle Pai

Wish you a very Happy Birthday!
Hope this letter finds you in good health & spirit in Heaven.

Over the years I have written a lot of letters to you along with the stories I sent for consideration for publication in my favorite magazine- Tinkle. You replied to each and every letter of mine. I was in school and had not understood what ‘rejection’ means. But, though your letters were Rejection-letters, you never made me realize the same as you always had such motivating and positive things to say in them. 

King Bruce & The Spider
I learnt the story about King Bruce and the Spider thanks to you. From a young age, I learnt that if the King of Scotland can win back his Kingdom by learning the lesson – ‘Try Try Again’ from the Spider, then so can I!

Just like my parents, even you are responsible for empowering me with the never-say-die attitude. I always believed that my story would, one day, be published in Tinkle. I kept on sending my stories and you kept on replying, sending inspiring letters.
Then, D-day arrived when I was in Class VI. I can never forget the day as I finally got the Acceptance-letter from you! You had selected my story ‘MAGIC PUMPKINS’ for publication! Finally, after so many months of ‘trying’! I learnt that hard-work does bear fruit! I was on Cloud Nine when I grabbed the copy of Tinkle where my story graced the Cover-Page! I got a royal amount by money order- the first earning of my life! After that, there was no looking back! The number of Rejection-letters grew much lesser as you selected almost all the stories I sent for publication! Thank you so much for that! You worked wonders for my self-esteem.

Tinkle gave me my share of limelight and fame at School and College where I earned admiration & respect as I was a story-writer for Tinkle! As the stories also carried the address of the writer, we had some guests who visited my home to meet and congratulate me! I am very grateful to you and Tinkle for the loads of fan-letters I got. I have saved each and every letter like my treasure. Even now I get some, though the frequency is very less! And yes, I got International mail too- Tinkle is loved all over the world! I was very happy to get foreign postage-stamps for my Stamp-Collection!

Tinkle's 600th Issue
You sent me an invite to meet you at your office at Mumbai. The invitation had a date and time that was not possible for me to attend. I always regret that I could not make it and missed the opportunity of meeting you. I should have just asked you for an appointment when I was visiting Mumbai next…

You will be happy to know that my child is a great fan of Tinkle too. Her drawing was selected amongst the Top-6 for the 600th issue of Tinkle!

12 days ago, on Teacher’s Day, @TinkleDigest had a contest on Twitter- #TinkleTaughtMe. I was thrilled as I have learnt so many things from Tinkle and from you
#TinkleTaughtMe - My Winning Tweet
That day I thought I’d dedicate a Blog-post to you and Tinkle on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. I was busy tweeting for the same contest as I really wanted to win it! Today, on your birthday, the result has been declared! Yes! I am the Winner!

Amar Chitra Katha

Today, @amazonIN had a Quiz - #UnclePaiQuiz dedicated to you on Twitter. 10 Questions were asked. The 5 winners of the same contest will win 50 Amar Chitra Katha issues each! The prize is soooooo wonderful! There was no missing it! I knew some answers & researched the rest online. Yes! I have answered all correctly! Hoping to win the awesome prize! Always happy to get Tinkle and Amar Chitra Katha as my prize! 

I spent the whole evening reading about you. My knowledge about you and my respect for you has increased! Your achievements are exemplary!  

You made history while retelling History, Indian Mythology & Culture.
I can’t imagine how I’d do without you and your creations…
Thank you for making our lives so wonderful!

Your sincere die-hard fan,


  1. Ah! Lovely! :) felt real good. The fan letter part.....its amazing! I too read Tinkle.might have seen your stories too, unknowingly! :D

    1. Thanks Titas! Great to learn!
      We all have literally grown up with Tinkle & are fans even now!
      Tinkle rocks! Thanks to Uncle Pai.

  2. Hey, the fan letter and the blog post is endearing and he has such a motivating influence on your life. Lovely:)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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