Thursday, 5 September 2013


Pretty Funny!
How Some People Can Be -
Mad like ME!

Yes, I Am A Contest Junkie!
Contests Make Me HAPPYYY!
Fill Me With So Much Ecstasy!
Contests Are My Fantasy!

When I See A New Contest,
I Wanna Give It My Best!
I'm Filled With Zest!
Don't Take Any Rest!
My Sleep Disappears!
I Forget All My Fears!
Even My Near & Dear!
Contests Fill Me With Cheer!
I Pay A Heavy Price...
No Time For Snacks like Chips/Fries!
Just Imagine Winning A Prize!
Result Is Shock or Surprise!

Still, I Am A Contest Junkie!
Love Contests Heartily!
Some Day, My Dream'll Be Reality-
Grand Prizes & Recognition For Me!


  1. Super like :) Great !

  2. :) I am just starting. Will join u soon.:) nicely wtitten

    1. Thanks Preethi! Sure! Welcome aboard!
      The more the merrier! :)


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