Sunday 22 September 2013

Blogging Is My Calling

I Blog as #BloggingIsMyCalling...
Blogging lets me Celebrate Blogging !
Pic1- Blogging lets me Celebrate Blogging!
1-2-3-4, I wanna BLOG more!
Share & Reach out & Explore!

Blogging lets me be ME & live my dream!
Blogging is HOT & COOL like Fried Ice-cream!

Pic2- Blogging is like Fried Ice-cream!
Blogging enhances my ‘rank’ & my ‘score’!
Blogging has a lot of presents in store!

Pic3- Blogging- my yummy Sauce!
If Life’s a Pakora-Plate, Blogging is my Sauce!
Blogging is like my own Santa Claus!

Pic4- Blogging- my own Santa Claus
Blogging gifts me my Personal Space,
Blogging entrusts me Grace in the Race! 

My Kingdom where I’m free to express-
I’m a Bindaas Princess, creatively fresh!

Discuss any and every topic under the Sun;
Burning the midnight oil for Blogging is FUN!

I love getting ‘published’ by sharing my Post;
I’ve the power to feature anyone even my Maid/Dost!
I can Blog without raising my Voice;

Without getting intimidated by fear,
I’m heard/visible (read) far & near…

Elated as everyone shares my BlogPosts with all!
#BloggingIsMyCalling as I WIN & walk tall!

With Blogging I WIN-

Hearts & Minds- My Blog & ‘Words are all I have to take your heart (& mind) away!’ 

Comments/Compliments/Expertise/Experience- Bouquets & Brickbats everyday! 

Benefits- I take the Blessing & learn the Lesson that comes my way & take a bow! 

Learning & Growth- I learn, unlearn & grow…better my learning-curve & what I know!’

Self-Respect, Satisfaction & Bliss- When I write a good-post, I give a high-five to me!

Visitors to my Blog!- Thank you for visiting! Your footprints I love to see!
Pic7- Thai Visitor’s Comment & my Reply!

Pic8- A Warm Namaste To All My Blog's Visitors! Grateful for all your Love, Wishes & Encouragement!

Kashmir to KanyaKumari, my Blog can earn fame-
India to Yeh Duniya Saari (whole world), great name!

#BloggingIsMyCalling No doubt about this!
Blogging, Blogging & more Blogging is my wish!

#BloggingIsMyCalling as it removes all my shackles…
Proud to Blog as I’m The Explorer of Miracles!

“Pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” – Maya Angelou

I heart Blogging! This is my Blog Post for MissMalini’s MEGA Haul.
I have shared why I love Blogging!

Pics Courtesy-
BlogAdda- 1;
Self- 2,7,8;
Google Images- 3,4,5,6

So why do you blog? Do share in the comments below.


  1. Superbly written sis... very creative... #HatsOff :)

    1. Thanks Sashi!
      When we love something, it shows!
      We can win over all- even our foes!
      #BloggingIsMyCalling :)

  2. wow...anita..can feel your ethusiasm in your words :) its quite infectious. made me feel really good about what I have recently started. glad to have met you :) awesome post

    1. Thanks Preethi!
      Humbled by your extremely kind words!
      I'm glad we have been bitten by the Blogging-Bug!
      Wonderful to meet like-minded and refined souls like you!
      My Pleasure! Gladly accepting the gifts of Blogging! :)

  3. way to go!! and best wishes for much more :)

    1. Thanks! It means a lot!
      Best wishes to you too! :)

  4. Excellent! Couldn't have thought of a more novel way of writing on the topic! Employs all elements and devices associated with blogging, and more. Fluid and bubbly. :)

    1. Thanks Asiman! Glad you liked my Post! :)
      Thanks for sharing. Appreciate your feedback!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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