Sunday, 10 December 2017

Model Traffic Jam

She honked though she knew that the chances of her car's movement depended on the movement of the vehicles that seemed to be stationary before her car...
Twenty minutes had passed and her car hadn't moved an inch.
She couldn't afford to be a victim of the terrible traffic jam that day.

She soon realized the reason of the jam- Elina, the hottest model in town, who featured on the newest advertisement on the huge billboard on that road. 
The public was totally enamoured by Elina's advertisement and didn't want to budge!
"Why did they have to put this up at this signal?" she thought.
She was getting late for the annual function at her school.
She came out of her car.
No one gave her a second look.
The public continued to stare at the billboard.
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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Rasagola Project #RasagolaProject

Do you know that Mahabalipuram Stone Sculpture earned the GI (Geographical Indications) tag on Children's Day this year?
Yes, on the same day when Banglar Rasogolla earned the GI tag!

One of the newspapers of India had found this news important enough to be reported on 14th November 2017. A few others reported the same news the next day.

Sweet Fake News On Children's Day

But, in stark contrast, on 14th November 2017, most news channels and media-houses focused on the news that West Bengal had won the GI tag for 'ROSOGOLLA/RASGULLA'!
Why the special status and attention to Rasagola?
All of them reported that Bengal has won the Rosogolla war against Odisha. Most of them spread misleading & fake news

From the news-reports, netizens and viewers inferred that 'Odisha has lost' and 'Odisha's claim for Rosogolla has been rejected' by the authorities of the GI Registry. 
How Odisha's claim has been rejected when the state has NOT submitted her application towards GI tag for Rasagola?
But, the readers and viewers were given incorrect gyaan:
Bengal's Gain Is Not Odisha's Loss

The next day, some papers reported that GI authorities had stated that Odisha can also apply for a tag.

Though some papers presented updated news, yet some information was wrong or kept hidden.
Note- Pahala Rasagola is not the only variety of Rasagola available in Odisha and it's not just brown, as it is available in off-white colour too!
Plus, as per the GI authorities, despite the Banglar Rasogolla GI tag, the Rasagola origin debate is yet to be settled.

Chill! Rasagola belongs to India & to the Mouth & Stomach!

When anyone tries to question the incorrect news-reporting and stresses on the uncomfortable truth, conflict-managers & peace-lovers step in to dissipate tensions and to spread cheer saying there's no reason for a war!
"Rasagola tastes as good in all the states!" 
"Rasagola doesn't belong to any state, it's an Indian sweet!" 
"Rasagola belongs only to the mouth & stomach!"
Why the special status and attention to Rasagola?

If GI wasn't important, hundreds of applications wouldn't have been submitted for GI registration by the states so far.
Subsequent to West Bengal's products including Banglar Rasogolla, a number of products from Bihar and Rajasthan have also earned the GI tag.

Loopholes in the Banglar Rasogolla Application

There are some loopholes in the GI Application that Odisha can challenge.

The Rasagola Project 

As per some news-reports, there seems to be no intention to challenge the Banglar Rasogolla GI tag. Can a project ensure that the truth comes to light?

#RasagolaProject ??!*#!??
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