Monday 25 December 2017

Silence Feeds The Violence

They find you- the woman- very weak & an easy target to pick,
Who can be made to dance to their favourite music!
They make you do this & that & to be their 24X7 slave!
You carry the trauma, humiliation & violence to your grave.

They grope emotionally & physically; you bear in silence.
Being the society's scapegoat to no woman makes sense.
A raped woman has no respect in our moral society
You think- 'What'll people say', 'Who'll marry me?'

You had worn a mini-skirt or were covered from head-to-toe,
The result was still the same- what all got to know.
Whatever happened wasn't your fault or invitation at all.
You are the unfortunate 'victim' whose case was judged by all.

The deep cuts, bites, bruises, kicks, tell the real sad story,
Your silence, smile, 'status' adds to the false glory,
Your identity, existence & reasoning is threatened & pained,
You want to scream & tell your tale, but feel chained...
Open your mouth! Rise up my sisters! Unite!
This is our battle- it's not just your solitary fight.
Why cry, blame yourself & feel life is a curse?
When we're together, things can get better from worse.

You too deserve a life that's respect-worthy & grand.
Your silence feeds the violence- just understand.
Expose the culprits- those who have raped & shamed.
Let them suffer as they're the ones to be blamed.

Let there be divine justice; culprits be punished & that's a must.
'Those who suffer injustice are greater culprits than the unjust'.
As Shri Krishna says this in the Gita, we have the Lord's support.
With her voice, every woman'll win every case in world's court.
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Do you feel we should suffer in silence or should we share the ordeal and name and shame the perpetrators? Please share your comments below.


  1. Intense words. As our PM Modiji said it right, every girl will be safe if every mother becomes strong and controls her son's character. And of course, every father has to support this. May every girl be safe, may every boy be safe.

    1. Very nicely said, Sindhu.
      Totally agree with you.
      As mothers, women have a huge role and responsibility. May fathers & society support them.

  2. Hi Anita,

    As Sindhu Devi said truly intense words. Women or Girls actually have to be aware of their importance, power and must know that it's their life and they should learn to fight back instead of being afraid of. Like you quoted Shri Krishna context from Gita I would also like to add his another context from Mahabharata where he said that "Society suffers more by the silence of Wise and Good than the acts of culprit'.

    1. Absolutely Harsh.
      Women need to speak up.
      Thank you for sharing the relevant Mahabharata quote, Harsh.
      We have so much gyaan in our holy books and epics that we need to learn and use in our lives.

  3. Powerful Anita. High time for people to stop treating women as discarded objects and she is also about her individuality who has needs and desires different from men. Women need to be conscious beings.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Vishal.
      Yes, women need to be conscious and the society too needs to be supportive. Women are important & mustn't allow themselves to be treated poorly.

  4. Great and cogently expressed!

  5. The irony is, here a porn star gets more sympathy and support than a rape victim. I hate the goddamn statement of the so called intellects "we need to educate and create awareness" . Tragedy is , we do not have law but it has many loopholes so punishment does not happen. -NiharM

  6. Women treat themselves as a product selling their smiles to the highest or the most appealing bidder! When the in-built moral compass is rusted and selfishness give birth to loneliness, lines are blurred.

  7. Certainly silence feeds the violence.When will the police and judiciary take prompt action and when will parents drill morality in their sons'heads?


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