Sunday 6 March 2016

Style Meets Success

Indian Bloggers

Sense & Sensibility icon; super-sexy!
Scintillating aura, blowing kisses,
Simply driving onlookers crazy!
Sizzling hot in a little red dress!

Sensational entries & roles repeatedly!
Scarcely has she settled down on her seat,
Speakers blare out her name instantly,
Smiling as cameras focus & co-stars greet.

Friday 4 March 2016

A Bottle Of Happiness

As she started on her mission,
She knew it would not be fun.
She wanted 'a bottle of happiness',
Laughter, hope & humour to refresh.

She seemed to obey her heart's demand.
She was sick of all the hatred on land.
Is such a bottle available anywhere?
If yes, it'd be rare for anyone to share!

She searched near & far, high & low.
On the way, many shared what they know-
The naked truth is- no riches can purchase,
'A bottle of happiness' that we hunt & chase.

Thursday 3 March 2016

Incredible Intelligence

As though the taunts and poor understanding of the onlookers wasn’t enough, the ‘artist’s block’ also contributed to irritate the artist. 
That instant she decided to create her masterpiece. She was clear that it would be a work of art that would inspire all. Her innovation would reveal the insight to dare to bare and present simplicity and truth that’s so rare. 
painting by Cesar Santos
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