Sunday, 6 March 2016

Style Meets Success

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Sense & Sensibility icon; super-sexy!
Scintillating aura, blowing kisses,
Simply driving onlookers crazy!
Sizzling hot in a little red dress!

Sensational entries & roles repeatedly!
Scarcely has she settled down on her seat,
Speakers blare out her name instantly,
Smiling as cameras focus & co-stars greet.

Sashaying confidently in the limelight,
Sugary acceptance speech praising all,
Standing on the stage, owning that night,
Stylish best actress award-winner tall!

Streetwise, secrets, sacrifice, scandals-
Smartly stitched; no poor impressions;
Starry-eyed without a trace of struggles;
Sparkling trophies & Great Expectations!

Book- Sense & Sensibility- Author- Jane Austen
Book- Great Expectations- Author- Charles Dickens
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  1. Mind blowing words to describe the divina and the glitz.

  2. It must be entirely another world!

  3. Very beautifully penned...the way you have mentioned the names of both the books is simple awesome :)

  4. Powerful as well as beautiful lines, Anita. :)

  5. Beautifully penned poem ..

  6. That is a beautiful poem .. :)


  7. Out of the world..Anita..thankfully there were no wardrobe malfunctions...:)))

  8. Your write-ups and success stories are always inspiring!
    Tc, keep smiling :-)

  9. I was imagining myself in your words. :P

  10. I was imagining myself in your words. :P

  11. I like how you started each line with S. This made me consider what it must be like to live in the limelight.

  12. hahaha...they have to meet someday ;)thats when sensations are created


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