Sunday 10 April 2016

Present Time

She was a migrant, who wished to be self-sufficient.

The new country offered her study as well as work opportunities.

In her spare time, she worked as a waitress to support her education.

Though she encountered impolite customers, she never lost her cool.

One day, a smart gentleman arrived with a gift for her.

He had become livid with rage the other day for a trivial matter and had not appeared smart.

Anger has such effect.

Despite this, she had served him with her usual calmness. 

Her behaviour had impressed him and he had calmed down. 

"Conquer anger by calmness," she had told him with a smile.

The gentleman had placed his gift for her inside a box made of fine wood.

He had clumsily knotted a ribbon around it and handed his gift over to her.

As he watched her open the same box with glee, he could see her smile widen.

"What a lovely present! How did you know that I need a wrist-watch? Thank you so much!" she acknowledged gratefully.

"It's present time for you and me! Time for a new life and new gifts!" saying so he fished out another box that had a designer ring.

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‘Waitress, Wood And Watch’

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