Saturday, 16 April 2016

Deja Vu

In  my first visit to the abandoned warehouse, I felt melancholy.

That there was not a soul in sight was not the only reason that gave me a fright...

I was also shocked to find an opaque box levitating in the air at my eye-level.

My curiosity about the contents of the box made me reach out for it in my nimble manner.

I opened the box to find feathers of many birds.

Was the box levitating because it was light owing to the feathers?

I was trying to figure this out when I found one feather emerged out of the box by itself and headed towards my head as if it was a rocket and an invisible force had commanded it to strike me.

As the feather hit me, I could feel how heavy it was & I was knocked out...

When I opened my eyes, I was on the couch of my home,

"Adya, are you okay?" my manager asked.

I nodded trying to recollect my experience before the feather hit me.

My manager said, "You need to get ready immediately. The TV-ad fashion-model audition starts in 10 minutes."

Still reeling under the spell of my visit to the abandoned warehouse, when I put my hands in my pocket, I could find many feathers stuffed there.

I used those feathers for a funky new hairstyle for myself, comfortably confident that it would amaze everyone and I would win the contract.

In my maiden visit to the new film studio that had invited me for the ad's lead's audition, I could sense the unmistakable deja vu. I felt sure that I had visited this place earlier.

When I saw the same opaque box of feathers in the corner, it struck me that the once abandoned warehouse that I had mysteriously visited, was now a bustling reputed film-studio!

P.S.- In case you are wondering about the audition results- yes, I did bag the ad-modelling contract for my eco-friendly message to save birds and environment thanks to my interesting hairstyle! :)

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  1. Hey congrats for that.Yes Deja vu is as strange as it could be but usually turns out to be a hallucination ;)


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