Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Heart, Reflection And More

"The world is selfish, take care my delicate one!

There are sudden thunderstorms & sometimes no sun! 

People enter & exit from our lives without fail.

Things don't stay fresh; enjoy them before they're stale."

I always thought of them first & let them have their way.

They milked my meekness; I overheard them say-

"She is so meek! She has a lot to learn & unearth!"

I told my brain- "The meek shall inherit the earth".

Friday, 27 November 2020

Awareness About The Art of Odisha

 Last year, OdiArt Museum of Odisha, India, had invited me as a judge of the fashion-cum-personality contest- Ms. Chilika and Mr. Chilika, held during the Shelduck Festival 2019. 

There were some Q&A rounds where the judges asked questions and the participants had to answer. 
The age of all the participants was less than 30 years.

I asked some questions, one of which was- "Name at least one art or handicraft of Odisha."

I was surprised to find that my question could not be answered by the contestant to whom it was directed. I tried giving hints, but still the young participant, who had completed high school, could not answer.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

The Smart Suitor

Their horoscopes had matched.  

He had come with his family to see her.

She was on the wheel-chair. 

"I met with an accident last week. I may never be able to walk again..." 

PHOTO PROMPT - Susan Eames
"That’s absolutely fine with me", he said.

He picked her up in his arms. 

"Marry me!" he proposed.

Friday, 20 November 2020

Social Media Management

I have been thinking of "Social Media Management" a lot these days and thus I proposed this topic for IndiSpire Edition# 351:

So, how are you managing Social Media (SM) and the myriad apps and platforms? 
Do you find time to share images, videos and what you did throughout the day? 
How about checking and attending to "mentions", commenting and writing replies? 

Time Lag
As I type my answers to the above questions, I am fully conscious that I am terribly lagging behind.
I am yet to share images and posts of the past several years! 
While today (19 November 2020) I had attended two webinars including one with a central minister, I am yet to share the photograph and learnings. Today is just like yesterday and the day before as I am yet to share about the events that had happened and which I have documented intending to share!
If we don't invest the time & care to share, how will people be aware?

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Dream Come True?

When she first set foot in her parent’s house, she knelt down and kissed the floor. 

It was her way to show respect to the home that had seen her childhood. 

After her mother's untimely death, she had gone abroad.

She was back after two decades!

The fragrances reminded her of departed dear ones. 

But, her mother's fragrance was strong. 

Memories came alive. 

Photo Prompt- Sarah Potter

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

It Was Time

The Queen had ordered.

The palace was decked up like a bride.

The main door was also decorated with flowers and streamers. 

Lamps were getting set with oil and wick. 

Roshni's social-work had taken her far and wide. 

It was her first visit to that kingdom. 

The moment she set foot in the palace premises, the unlit lamps got lit automatically! 

PHOTO PROMPT - Dale Rogerson

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

The Smartphone Affair

As a westerner, it was her first holiday to a middle-eastern nation.

It was like what she had imagined.

She remembered- 'Aladin and the Magic Lamp'.

Fascinated, she was busy clicking photographs using her smartphone.

PHOTO PROMPT - Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Just then, a monkey snatched her phone.

"S-T-O-P! Give my phone, Abu!"

Abu was Aladin's pet monkey's name!

The monkey stopped.

A young man started conversing with the monkey in Persian.

The monkey handed him her smartphone!

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

The Bag

She was rushing through the airport.

Already late for her flight, she dashed against another lady. 

There was hardly any time to lose.

As she opened her laptop inside the flight, she saw a different screensaver.

There were familiar faces.

It wasn’t her laptop!

She had the wrong bag! 

PHOTO PROMPT - J Hardy Carroll

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Rosy Future

When she reached the multi-billionaire's palatial home, his eligible bachelor son's birthday party was on.

The moment she entered the hall, sparks flew. 

Heads turned. 

The fortune-reader's crystal ball sparkled.

The hall looked brighter. 

The birthday boy looked spellbound.


The fortune-reader knew exactly what was going to happen.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

The Secret Place

"I last saw her here", the local tried to explain to the police.

They said, "Yes, we already know that! That is her bicycle." 

"But, what did you do after you had lunch with her on the 'Boat Restaurant'?"

"You both entered together, enjoyed a three-course meal, and then only you came out. Where’s she?"

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