Wednesday, 28 October 2020

The Bag

She was rushing through the airport.

Already late for her flight, she dashed against another lady. 

There was hardly any time to lose.

As she opened her laptop inside the flight, she saw a different screensaver.

There were familiar faces.

It wasn’t her laptop!

She had the wrong bag! 

PHOTO PROMPT - J Hardy Carroll

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Rosy Future

When she reached the multi-billionaire's palatial home, his eligible bachelor son's birthday party was on.

The moment she entered the hall, sparks flew. 

Heads turned. 

The fortune-reader's crystal ball sparkled.

The hall looked brighter. 

The birthday boy looked spellbound.


The fortune-reader knew exactly what was going to happen.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

The Secret Place

"I last saw her here", the local tried to explain to the police.

They said, "Yes, we already know that! That is her bicycle." 

"But, what did you do after you had lunch with her on the 'Boat Restaurant'?"

"You both entered together, enjoyed a three-course meal, and then only you came out. Where’s she?"

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Trade Secret

The owner was shocked to see her sweet-shop. 

What was all the mess?

Who had broken into her shop?

PHOTO PROMPT - Sandra Crook
Her locker had been stolen! 

No, it did not have any cash.

It had something more valuable- 

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Lucky Sauce

Meera was the best fashion photographer in town.

Invitation to 'Lucky Sauce' seemed out of place.

Top businessman Vikrant Soni had made his fortune selling hot garlic sauce.

PIC- Dale Rogerson

Nevertheless, she went. 

Meera was happy to find a leading model, Saira, with Vikrant Soni.

Monday, 21 September 2020

NOW Is The Time

This moment is all we have. NOW is the time, my friend!

These words and some lyrics of songs of Hindi movies, came to my mind on seeing the latest IndiSpire topic-

IndiSpire-343- Some people are busy living while others are busy dying. What would you like to tell either or both of these categories?

There is no tomorrow as tomorrow never comes. 

The coming moment is going to go away. If possible, live your life in the moment that is going away.  This song states this-

"Aane wala pal jaane wala hai. Ho sake to is mein, zindagi bitado pal jo ye jaane wala hai..." 

- Golmaal , 1979 Hindi movie

In other words, live in the moment before it is over.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

That Wooden Chair

Rizzy answered the bell to find a strange looking person standing at her door. 

“I want that wooden chair.”

“Which one?”

"The one in your attic.” 

Rizzy was startled. 

“What about it? Wait! How do you know about that wooden chair? And that it’s in the attic?

“I scanned a while ago.”

Image - Roger Bultot

“It’s no longer here. Just left it in the backyard for disposal.”

Friday, 11 September 2020

The Holiday

She was taking a vacation after almost a year after the death of her partner. 

She had no clue why she had chosen that place for a holiday.

The solo-traveller started feeling secure the moment she landed at Down Island. 

A souvenir store near her hotel caught her fancy.

She wanted to visit, but it was closed. 

Pic - Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

On the day of her return, she was thrilled to see the shop was open.

Self Love

 "Main apni favourite hoon" (I am my favourite) 

- Geet in the Hindi movie "Jab We Met"

How many of us have said the above line or believe it? Do we focus on "I, Me, Myself"?

Serve, Service

We are taught to think of others and serve.

Thinking of self is being selfish, isn't it?

But, trying to make life easy for others is a never-ending job as human wants and expectations are unlimited. One can never satiate all the desires of others.

Rather than looking for validation from others, one can and must say some encouraging words to self. 

Why will others want to have a relationship with us, when we are not comfortable with our own self?

Some people cannot even spend a few minutes alone. What demons disturb them? 

Living with and loving own self is a continuing love-story with no rivals as it is rare to get someone who loves us more than we do!

Soul and Super Shakti

There is a lot within us. There's heaven and hell... The power or "shakti" within us is great.

As per the Bhagavad Gita, we are not the body; rather the soul or the spirit within. This is energy spanning several lifetimes. The supreme Godhead has the super shakti. 

The focus must be to recognize this and change things inside of us, if and when we feel something is amiss, so that the outside gets changed too. 

Service Before Self and Sacrifice

We are taught expected to uphold- "Service before self".

That is the motto of the Indian Army as well. They sacrifice themselves for us, our country and our countrymen without thinking of their personal lives.

"Mother and motherland are greater than heaven." 

Mothers are great examples too. They think of their children and family totally sacrificing self love and time.

Just focus on self or take care and act for the larger good? Love has to start from someone or somewhere. Why not pat our own back and transfer or shower the love and energy like a chain? 

When there's sacrifice or sharing of self and self love, there is divinity as the higher power is automatically invoked. God is watching. Let us improve our quota and score.

If each of us worked did this, our nation and world will be great.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

The Assignment

It was her first job assignment abroad.

She had been asked to report about a departmental store- Haldey's.

As a mystery auditor, she knew her job.

The client knew her caliber. 

They were spending a lot for her trip.

Pic - CEAyr

While she was clicking photographs, an elderly gentleman called out asking her if she can help him shop.

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