Saturday, 28 March 2015

Earth Hour

She had spent many years planting saplings that had grown into a lush forest.

When they set fire and burnt the forest, that too during Earth Hour, she felt that not only the forest, but human values and intelligence had also been engulfed in flames...

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Team India's Loss in Cricket World Cup 2015

Team India has lost the important semi-final match against Team Australia, and thus missed a chance to play in the Finals of Cricket World Cup 2015 (#CWC2015). 

Such Wins & Losses happen in games. 
May the spirit of Sports win. May the better team win.

Millions of Indian cricket-fans are heart-broken.
While it is celebration time for some of our neighbours across the borders...

Team India had played brilliantly in all the matches so far, having won every single one. 
We all have proudly celebrated the journey with our Team.

But, now some media channels and people are blaming the Team.

It is sad when the girl-friend of a cricketer is blamed for his poor form! It may be remembered that the same cricketer has played magnificently in the past matches when she was around to cheer for him! 
Imagine if she couldn't have made it to this semi-final match, and Team India would still have lost, then the same people would have claimed that her absence proved to be the reason why Team India lost! 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Kaleidoscopic Indian Culture

As per the Wikipedia:
Culture is a word for people's 'way of life', meaning the way groups do things. Different groups of people may have different cultures. Culture is seen in people's writing, religion, music, clothes, cooking, and in what they do.
The concept of culture is very complicated, and the word has many meanings. 
The word 'culture' is most commonly used in three ways.
  • Excellence of taste in the fine arts and humanities, also known as high culture.
  • An integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior.
  • The outlook, attitudes, values, morals, goals, and customs shared by a society.
Indian culture is Kaleidoscopic.


Monday, 23 March 2015

Stop Cyber-Harassment

Words are so wonderful.
Words are very powerful.
Words can heal.
Words can kill.

Cyber-bullying is the use of information technology to repeatedly harm, hurt, harass, embarrass, malign other people deliberately.

According to U.S. Legal Definitions,  
Cyber-bullying could be limited to posting rumors or gossips about a person in the internet bringing about hatred in other’s minds; or it may go to the extent of personally identifying victims and publishing materials severely defaming and humiliating them.
Building from Bullying #1000Speak
Source: IndiBlogger
As per the Wikipedia:
The practice of cyberbullying is not limited to children and, while the behavior is identified by the same definition when practiced by adults, the distinction in age groups sometimes refers to the abuse as cyberstalking or cyberharassment when perpetrated by adults toward adults.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Pakhala Dibasa

Pakhala (In Odia language- ପଖାଳ) is an Odia term for a rice dish in the state of Odisha in India.
As per the Wikipedia:
"The term Pakhaḷa is derived from Pali word Pakhaḷiba as well as Sanskrit word Prakshāḷaṇa which means washed/to wash and it is made by cooling the rice by adding water and keeping the cooked rice in water and curd. The word Pakhaḷa was used in the poems of Arjuna Das in his literary work Kaḷpalata (1520-1530 AD)"
Cooked rice is immersed in water & fermented. The liquid portion is called Torani. There are many variations of Pakhala. It is had with other dishes.
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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Lost Lamp

He cleared the IAS Exam, one of the toughest on Earth.
Did his job with dedication & proved his worth.
What did he get in return? Transfers & now death.
The system has failed him and stopped his breath...

He was planning raids on big developers of real estate,
Politicians & illegal transactions- he was to investigate.
They took the easy way & decided to silence & eliminate.
The honest earn brickbats & have death in their fate?

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

RivoKids Parents And Kids Choice Awards #PKCA2015

RivoKids is a top Indian online community for parents and kids. = Fun Moments & Smart Ideas. India's First Online Community for Parents & Kids.
RivoKids is a cool online hangout place with many interesting things to do and learn with fun contests, activities and giveaways.

Monday, 16 March 2015


“A body suddenly crashed through a plate glass window at the Brigadier’s house.”

It was the Brigadier! He succumbed to injuries and died.

The Brigadier had three sons.

His eldest son said that their father had committed suicide.

The second son also sided with his elder brother. They both seemed giddy.

The youngest was sure that it was murder.

In the absence of a will, the two older sons passed lewd remarks and conspired to divide the property.

It was decided that the eldest son would get the Brigadier's palatial home.
2015-03-16 - BW Beacham
Photo Prompt: Mondays Finish The Story

On Planet Kizia Together!

Story so far: She agreed to travel with an Alien, who was Just Like Her! and to be his bride as their horoscope matched 100%. 

They boarded the spaceship. There was a crown-wearing ceremony. That was enough to proclaim them as man & wife! He was King and she was Queen and they were going to their Kingdom.

The spaceship started moving at the speed of light. 
The Sun is the star that is nearest our Planet Earth. It is 150 million kms away from the Earth and light from the Sun takes about 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach Earth. 

She was awe-struck and was wondering about the amazing distance between her planet and the new planet that would be her new home when she found the answers in her head.

She got the answers to whatever she thought in her head as her husband could read her mind perfectly!
It would take about 50 minutes to reach Planet Kizia that was at a distance of 900 million kms from Planet Earth.
That was so far from her home, her street, her city, her country, her planet...
Petergate, with a view of York Minster, York, UK photo by Tess Kincaid; Magpie Tales

Friday, 13 March 2015


Two of his colleagues stole his ideas, took credit for his hard-work & earned the perks & promotion he deserved! 

It was not in his nature to be vindictive to those two partners in crime, who were room-mates & like birds of a feather flocked & stayed together.

"Why do bad things happen with good people?" he questioned God. 
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