Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Overpowering Lust

My lust is overpowering, yet sets me free.
It makes me do sneaky stuff surreptitiously.

I do it in the closet or the haystack or under the bed,
Beneath the stairs, under the stars, in places unsaid...

I feel comfortable where I can avoid detection.
I need my space and the object(s) of my fascination.

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Stranger Outside?

"It's there! Look outside the window now!" Sria commanded her husband, Kris.

"Sria, please understand there is NO ALIEN outside," Kris comforted his terrified wife.
"You need good rest. The doctor has prescribed these pills. You'll be fine", Kris said as he monitored the necessary medication.

Kris stopped the video-recording of the incident.

Videos like these would come in handy as evidence to prove that Sria was mad.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

You Make Me Feel Alive

It was a busy train-station.
He looked at her.
She was already looking at him.
He always looked smart dressed in grey.
In her white gown, she looked ethereal as usual.
PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Ultimately Truth Is Truth

Truth is truth even if no one believes in it.
Lie is lie even if everyone believes in it.
Ultimately truth is truth & its power is here to stay.
Truth will emerge and kick the lies out of its way!

Truth wins! Truth will win at the end and be known to all.
Lie will be defeated as truth will conquer and stand tall.

Then, why do people queue to lie & resort to lies feeling it's fine?
Why the numbers of supporters are so less in the truth line?
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True Treasure

"There is a priceless treasure in our backyard!" holding his hand his dying father had said.
"It must be the truth", he thought as those were the last words of his father on his death-bed.

As an enterprising twenty-year-old, he had commenced his treasure-hunt digging-job earnestly.
At age 70, even after half a century, his hard-work & quest for truth is still in progress actually.
PHOTO PROMPT © Connie Gayer

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Happiness Perfume

I was gifted this tiny bottle wrapped with love,
As I gingerly opened it, there was a note for me-
"Hope this adds to your enchanting treasure-trove!
I wish you a whiff of magic & may you live happily!"
Image by Emergency Brake via Flickr/Creative Commons.
(Image by Emergency Brake via Flickr/Creative Commons.)

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Her Shoes

"And this is where he caught her after a long chase..." the tour-guide mentioned waving her hand.

"Lover's Point!" the sign-board informed.

"Yes! King Raj proposed to Rani here! She agreed to be his queen!"

"Did she have any choice?" I remarked looking at the steep fall ahead into the sea...

"Why did she run all the way here on this rugged path?" I wondered aloud trying to put myself in her shoes.

"The romantic setting!" the tour-guide winked.
PHOTO PROMPT submitted by Courtney Wright.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Bottled Fantasy

The artist was surprised to see his creation outside his window.

His latest painting was out there as a canvas in the sky.

He had chosen his theme as colourful buildings with dazzling stars.
They had finally acknowledged his artistic talent!

Save Water

Life started on Planet Earth thanks to water; for life, water is main.
In today's world, towards water incomprehensible is the disdain...

"Rain-water harvesting" & "conserving water" sounds lame?
Why for such efforts of judicious water-usage aren't we game?

Dripping taps, open pipes... allowing water to flow down the drain...
"Water is wealth", "Water is precious" & we all pray for the rain.
I am still learning to save water, are you? Please share water conservation tips.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Rush To The Top Of The World

"Are you nuts?", "Do you know what seems exciting, you may despise?"
They try to talk her out of her "stupidity" lest things go wrong & she dies...

She says, "Of course! This is my dream. I speak the truth; I hate lies!"
"I want to go to the top of the world & jump to the earth, yet rise!"

Attempting to kiss the sky, eyeing for the stars with stars in her eyes,
She races towards her dreams in her true form without any disguise!

This is where she has always wanted to be, fulfilling dreams is nice!
Rush & race to the top of the world is a sweet feeling that adds spice!
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