Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Seashell Girl

It was Bini's first visit to the 'Palace Museum'.

The portrait of the bowl of seashells attracted Bini. 

Photo Prompt- Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

As she observed intently, she was surprised to hear the waves of the sea!

Bini saw sand and sea-shells all around and realized that she was teleported to the same beach where she had spent her childhood!

Bini was very excited.

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Vent It Out Cafe

"This table does not suit us. Please return it." 

Niki told her son, Sunny.

The mother and son were about to launch their cafe.

Sunny had sourced second-hand furniture to cut costs.

Sunny's idea was to create wealth from waste.

He had bought an old table-counter with chairs.

Prompt- Roger Bultot
It was discoloured and the furniture looked shabby.

Saturday, 6 August 2022

Sourav Ganguly - About Rasagola Origin

By now, many must have watched cricketer Sourav Ganguly's latest 2022 video about Rasagola and seen his acknowledgment that Rasagola belongs to Odisha.
It has been well-shared by the media.
But, do you know what was shared in the Dadagiri show by Sourav Ganguly a decade ago in 2011?

Watch the "Maharajah of Cricket", Sourav Ganguly, sharing about the "King of Sweets"-Rasagola in his popular show- "DADAGIRI" - on Bengali channel - in 2011 & 2022:

Whenever Rasagola is discussed, many feel it is an unimportant issue.
But, thanks to our media representatives and media, who have now realized the importance and keep sharing the statements of important personalities about our important heritage products.

When we first started celebrating #RasagolaDibasa on social media from 2015 onwards, and then worked for the GI application for "Odisha Rasagola", many felt it was worthless.
Many still feel the same.
However, no one can deny that Rasagola is an identity and cultural symbol of our Odisha state.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Thanked Her Stars

 Malli had completed her driving lessons.

She soon realized how terrible she was at driving.

But, the newbie driver wouldn't give up.

She would try to drive their old car in the less-populated part of her city during the less-crowded time of the day.

That day, she did not know how she drove the car on the footpath. 

Prompt- Sandra Crook

Ratha Jatra - Department of Posts

Ratha Jatra is a world-famous festival of Puri, Odisha, India. Each year, the divine siblings- Shree Jagannatha Mahaprabhu, elder brother, Shree Balabhadra, and sister, Devi Subhadra, make their annual journey from the Shree Jagannatha Temple in giant wooden and decorated chariots called Rathas and visit their birthplace- Shree Gundicha Temple. 

It is also called Rath Yatra and Ratha Yatra.

Ratha Jatra is now celebrated worldwide. The dates vary as per the tithi. This year, the journey of the deities began on July 1st. It ended on July 12th on Niladri Bije when the deities entered the Shreemandira i.e. the Puri Shree Jagannatha Temple. 

As per the centuries-old ritual, each year, Shree Jagannatha appeases His wife, Devi Lakshmi, by gifting Her Rasagolas along with many other presents like saree, jewellery etc. 

Before 2015, many were not aware of the cultural link of Rasagola (Rasgulla) with Odisha. 

The Department of Posts had issued a "Palanquin Carried Special Cover for Rasagola" on Dola Purnima, 2018.

Shree Jagannathaji Ke Vyanjan Mein Rasagola i.e. Rasagola in Shree Jagannathaji's Cuisine-

It was covered by many media.

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Silver Bells

Mira was visiting USA for the first time with her parents.

As they were passing by the countryside, Mira was surprised as she could identify the place.

She made her parents stop by an inn near a tree and greeted the elderly shopkeeper by his name! 

Then, Mira excitedly gave directions- 

"A left turn from here and we will reach 'Silver Bells'".

"Have you been here before, Mira?" her parents were startled.

Photo Prompt- Bill Reynolds

Those Blue Letters

Woh Neeli Chitthiyaan - Those Blue Letters

Hindi and English

Dedicated to “Inland Letter”

Poem in Hindi - Received via WhatsApp

Woh Neeli Chitthiyaan

वो नीली चिट्ठियां

वो नीली चिट्ठियां कहां खो गई

जिनमे लिखने के सलीके छुपे होते थे

कुशलता की कामना से शुरू होते थें

बड़ों के चरणस्पर्श पर ख़त्म होते थें

और बीच में लिखी होती थी जिंदगी

Monday, 25 July 2022

Vocal For Local - President Droupadi Murmu

Today is a such a momentous day for our India!

We proudly welcome a great and truly deserving woman to the top office. An emotional moment for all of us.

Smt. Droupadi Murmu, an educated, dedicated, resilient, empowered and inspiring woman, has been sworn in as our country's fifteenth President.

She is our country's First Citizen and the commander-in-chief of Army, Navy, and Air Force.

She is a symbol & triumph of hope, courage, sustainability, humility, and the power of education.

Her entire career and life's story is so inspiring. Despite personal loss and having lost both her sons and husband, she never gave up.

She continued working for social causes like a true karamveer.

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

The Last Drive

When Lizi came to her senses, she found herself sitting at a table in front of a half-filled glass.

Many unknown faces were staring at her.

They asked, "Are you okay?" 

Photo- Fleur Rind

Lizi nodded.

"Tell us what happened exactly."

Lizi shared, "I was driving my car when I felt very thirsty. I recollect seeing the 'Stop' sign-board on the lane. I do not remember what happened next."

"Which street was that?"

Saturday, 9 July 2022

Ratha Jatra 2022 and Bahuda Jatra

Ratha Jatra, the anuual journey of Shree Jagannatha and His siblings, is celebrated with great happiness at Puri Dham, Odisha, and in many places worldwide where there are Shree Jagannatha Temples. 

It is also called- Rath Yatra and Ratha Yatra.

Bahuda Jatra 2022 ; Source- SJTA

The return journey is called Bahuda Jatra. Bahuda Jatra, also called Bahuda Yatra, was celebrated today.

Many people wrongly think that the deities enter the Temple immediately after they undertake the return journey.

Several other rituals are there while the deities are there on the Rathas.
This year, the rituals continue till July 12th.
Ratha Jatra 2022 Celebration Dates -
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