Tuesday, 2 September 2014


India is the land of  'Unity In Diversity'.

We are very proud of this trait of India.

However, this Unity is sadly conspicuous by its absence when serious incidents occur e.g. a girl getting misbehaved... 

Here, one person may not dare to be Superman of Superwoman and help the girl.
But, if 2-3 people or a bigger group goes to help, then they can definitely stop the crime. The goon(s) will be fearful & can be outnumbered.

After all, 'Unity is Strength.'

I shared my views in my previous post- India Needs Bravehearts

Fellow-Blogger Sindhu Devi K opined- "How sad that most of us haven't realised the power of 'we'..."

The power of WE can indeed help us & can protect our Country.
WE-POWER is much needed...

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I love Awards.

When Shashank of Embark With My Thoughts nominated me for the 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award', I was thrilled! Thanks for considering me for the honour!

Though I am yet to take time out to respond to all the Questions and accept pending Awards, I am accepting this one as this is the first 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award' that I have received. 


Monday, 1 September 2014

10 Reasons Why I Wanna Watch The Movie- Mary Kom

1) I'm a fan of both the wow achievers- the REAL & the REEL Mary Kom.

2) I wanna see the champion Mary Kom's real story enacted on the big screen by another champion- Priyanka Chopra.

3)  I am a HUGE Movies fan & I have to write a movie-review of Mary Kom for my Blog!

4)  Like me, my daughter wants to watch the first-day-first-show of Mary Kom too & is willing to skip school to watch Mary Kom, the movie that'll teach her on Teacher's Day...

5)  My daughter & I will list out the lessons we can learn from this Sports movie about Mary Kom & sportingly share lessons with all. 

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Saturday, 30 August 2014


Hello, my old friend’, we never say when I see him & he sees me too. 

I can feel the soldier across the border too is feeling blue...

Our lives are so distinct, yet joined with permanent glue...


Happy Creativity!

I was amazed to see my daughter's e-art & collage-making skills.

Sharing them here!

Some pics of me & my daughter that my little one has put together using Nokia Lumia Phone!

Friday, 29 August 2014

I Am A World Explorer!

I Love To Explore!
Expand my horizons,
And learn more & more!
I am a World Explorer,
Travelling every corner,
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
Gimme new Adventure!"

- Inspired by the Hindi-Film Song- '1-2-3-4-Get On The Dance Floor' from the Bollywood Movie- Chennai Express

The Explorer in me loves sparkling & spectacular experiences!
DreamWorks Animation Studios always captures my senses!

@DWAnimation is a part of my life every day.
If I hear the word KungFu, ‘KUNGFU PANDA’ I say!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

My Starry Sky

They accused & taunted me,
They killed me every moment…
Yet I was alive as I lived in fantasy,
Offering my two cents' worth to torment.

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Madison Woods
That day when they crossed every limit,
I decided to leave their world unfair…
I followed my own compass with grit,
Till I reached a place beyond compare…

Starry Night by Alex Ruiz

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Police & Hindi Cinema

The word 'Police' reminds me of Police in Hindi Movies!

As a HUGE Bollywood Movies fan, I present my views about Police in Hindi Cinema.

From ever since I was very small, I know that the Police always arrives at the climax or 'THE END'! That's when the baddies are bashed up and "Inspector Sahab" handcuffs them & takes them away! 

As I have optimism in my DNA, I always believe in and am happy with happy endings! 

But, sometimes, to my utter disappointment, I find that Police doesn't arrive on-time & the baddies win... 
Worse, the baddies kill the good Police-Man...

In the movie original Don, Iftekhar plays the DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police), who is the mastermind of a plan to reach to the source of Don's crimes & gets killed leaving the hero Amitabh Bachchan in the lurch...

My Home!

Not all houses are homes; the houses that are homes are great!
I feel a House becomes a Home when it has a lot in its fate...

Our Time is a gift as a Home like ‘Rome was not built in a day’!
Love, Care & Attention makes our home special in every way!

Planning to decide & Implementation to ensure Action...
Resources like Time, Energy & Money, Dedication & Passion!
My Home is my comfort-zone, my heaven on earth!
I love feeling at home here & experience bliss & mirth.

My home is a reflection of my style & tells stories...
It helps me in maintaining my inner calm & peace.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

12 Most Memorable #GoaInstaWalk Pics

Top post on IndiBlogger.in, the community of Indian Bloggers

I was delighted when my Blogger-friend Shankar Bhattacharya offered to share a Guest-Post for my Blog. Shankar blogs at stickerstories.blogspot.in.

Shankar shares these images & messages as a Photo-Blog from his organized by Goa Tourism-

1. Utopia...Goan painting. Fontainhas, Panaji.

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2. View from the Top. No, it's not the sea... It's the sky!

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