Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A Hero In Real Life

Heroes are not just the ones we see on the big or small screens in reel-life.
We get to meet heroes in real life too. 
They religiously do their works & duties. They are down-to-earth, sincere, and humble. Heroes do not consider their daily lives to be spectacular though their efforts make the world better & more beautiful. 

I got to meet a hero recently in a village near Pipili in Puri district, Odisha, India.

I found women of all ages at work. Using paints, paint-brushes, and eco-friendly & recycled materials like old newspapers, everyday they are creating awesome works of art that are bright, colourful and environment-friendly. Birds & Fish Hangings, Pen-Stands, Flower-Vases, File-Folders with Saura art (Tribal art), Head-shaking Turtles, Key-chain hangers, Painted bottles, Cardboard Dancing Toys shaped as Spiderman etc- their creative work is much loved & much in demand in India & abroad. 

The credit goes to a hero- Mr. Surjyo Narayan Sahoo, who has been imparting them training and ensuring them a good source of income. 

Watch this video for sustainable Odisha art and artists-

Thursday, 13 October 2016

10 Things WE Can Do For INDIA

Indian Bloggers
Many of us feel helpless with the state of our country.
We feel we cannot do anything and even if we did, how will it matter as others are not doing anything!

Actually, each of us has great power - the power of freedom, speech, religion... the power of being an Indian.

We can do the following 10 things for our India:

Remember that a country is as good as its citizens. If WE have a problem, WE must find a solution. Don't add to the problem. Be positive.

It's said in Sanskrit- "Janani Janmabhoomishcha Swargatapi Gareeyashi". 
It means- 'Mother & Motherland are greater than even heaven.' 
If we all are proud of our identity and work hard to keep our India's flag flying high, India will win.

Let's all support & say- 'Dil Chahiye (Heart desires) that's Made In India'. 
Let's celebrate a totally Indian Diwali this time with traditional lamps that will benefit our artisans.
Let's not buy or use any foreign (viz Made In China) fireworks or crackers.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Indian Bloggers

Dussehra is a much-loved festival of India.
It celebrates the triumph of good over evil.

Goddess Durga had vanquished the 'Asura' or demon Mahishasura. After fighting with evil for 10 days and 9 nights on the tenth day, on Dussehra, Goddess Durga won. Durga Puja is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur especially in the eastern part of India.

Silver Filigree Durga Puja, Cuttack, Odisha
As per the Ramayana, Ravana was the learned king of Lanka. He had knowledge of the Shastras, and played musical instrument too.  He was punished for kidnapping Lord Ram's wife, Devi Sita, and for his ego.
On Dussehra, Lord Ram had killed Ravana.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Precious Gift

Diamonds are evaluated by their 4 C’s- namely Cut, Clarity, Color & Carat Weight. These 4 C’s determine the value or worth of a Diamond. When these 4 C’s are strong, the background of a Diamond doesn't really matter.
Irrespective of their background (age, race, occupation, nationality...), most women love Diamonds. It is popularly said- "Diamonds are a girl's best-friend."
Considering that it's true, apart from Diamonds and their 4 C’s, most women also love these 4 C’s- Care, Commitment, Connection & Celebration as these four spice up their relationships and enhance their comfort-level and happiness-quotient. Lucky are those who get to experience such bliss. 

The news of film-actress -Kareena's pregnancy made Kareena & Saif Ali Khan, the expecting parents, and their well-wishers very happy. 
Pregnant women are extra sensitive and emotional. They expect more care. They have sudden and strong cravings. As Kareena is expecting, she is experiencing such a state in real-life. The real-life KareenaPregnancy is different from her reel-life pregnancies that have been much simpler and faster! Pregnant women need to be feel loved and cared. Their happiness is good for the baby’s growth and development.
Anniversaries are special to renew the commitment & marriage-vows. When her hubby was away on their marriage-anniversary and he seemed to have no clue about the day or date, Kareena was disappointed as anniversaries mean a lot to most women. Despite her best efforts, her hubby showed no signs of any remembrance of the event! But, then he indulged her by engaging her to locate his glasses. Imagine her surprise when she 'found' his anniversary gift for her.
He had put his acting skills to good use and surprised her. His thoughtful gift ensured an instant connection of husband and wife.
There's always a thrill in finding something unexpectedly. It's celebration time!
Kareena soon realized her anniversary gift was a sweet combination of the aforementioned 4 C’s of relationships and two things- Diamonds & Surprise!
Kareena flashed her beautiful and dazzling smile as the beauty of the dazzling Diamond set, skillfully crafted by master craftsmen of MalabarGoldAndDiamonds, captivated her!
Kareena felt happy receiving the precious gift that's a great treasure for her- not only as it is made of Diamonds, the most precious & hardest natural material, but also for all the precious 4 C’s mentioned above that keep her relationship going strong.

#KareenasAnniversarySurprise was so nice!
Here's wishing Kareena all the very best!

Watch the video here.

Monday, 3 October 2016

My Perfect Woman

She was like the rainbow- bright & colourful.
Her radiant smile was so powerful & beautiful.
My day became wonderful when I looked at her.
I was her infatuated oddball next-door-neighbour. 

She was warm, gentle & kind with a carefree mind.
I had seen many women, but none were of her kind! 
Simple, perky, doe-eyed, curly-haired, slim & tall,
Picture-perfect & statuesque, she was the best of all!


Monday, 19 September 2016

The Blank Notebook

She opened a blank notebook.
Its pages fluttered wildly as if hurriedly reminding her a tale...

It was the same notebook that her grandfather had gifted her.
He had been very happy when she told him that she would write a novel based on their own family.  Her grandfather had promptly handed her the notebook saying, "I know you'll write good things about me!"
"Of course, Grandpa! You will be my novel's hero!"
Shortly after that meeting, her grandfather had passed away.

That was a decade ago.


Monday, 5 September 2016

Go Green And Be Eco-Friendly

Today there's Ganesh Chaturthi and Teacher's Day celebration.
Both Lord Ganesha and Teachers impart knowledge & wisdom.

Planet Earth, Environment and Nature are teachers too.
They have been teaching lessons to me and you.

Sand Art by Sudarsan Pattnaik in Puri, Odisha, India
Environmental destruction has led to climate change,
But, we are yet to learn our lessons, isn't it strange?

When will we recognize the godliness in greenery?
Our world needs more trees to erase the misery.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

When Opposites Kissed

Chosen as a WOW post here
I may glow like the moon,
And have the world at my feet.
But, I dream of a great life soon,
My true love I'd love to meet.

You may be an ocean vast,
With mysteries & treasures deep,
But, better share your feelings fast!
With faith, you must take the leap.

We are from different worlds, they say.
Not destined to even come near...
You are on earth, while I'm far away.
Do opposites ever kiss, my dear?

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Incredible India - Vision 2050

Indian Bloggers

India won her independence on 15th August 1947 thanks to the painstaking efforts of our freedom-fighters.
On this 70th Independence Day, my Vision 2050 for our India is a truly 'Incredible India'.

An India where all citizens-
  • Feel Free To Celebrate
  • Talk freely & walk safely with their head held high irrespective of their sex, caste, creed, religion or region.
  • Have access to basic amenities & facilities & live a life of dignity with homes & toilets for all.
  • Have the finest education, food, clothing, healthcare, infrastructure & development.
  • Unitedly maintain Sanitation & Hygiene for a Swacch Bharat, breathe fresh air and feel free in open spaces.
  • Are gainfully employed adding to India's GDP.
  • Focus time & energy on excellence & raise India's status.
  • Uphold our Swadeshi roots, Kaleidoscopic Indian Culture & heritage & help to conserve & preserve.
  • Are proud to Be Indian, & use indigenous & 'Made In India' items.
  • Contribute to our nation's progress & strive to make India proud.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Happily Ever After

Souls had met by a divine fate,
There were tears of joy & laughter.
For entering a bond, they couldn't wait,
They wished to live happily ever after.

When energy & enthusiasm disappeared,
Souls were easily drifting apart faster.
Their relationship boat wasn't steered,
It was eerily sinking; heading for disaster.

Souls far apart in a balancing act, Checking every emotion proudly. Ego's dam burst bidding bye to tact, Lustful souls were crying loudly.

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