Sunday 28 January 2018

Dream For A Swachh Bharat #BlogToPM

Dear PM Modiji,

I truly appreciate all the steps you have taken to ensure #SwachhBharat.
However, I am afraid the following need urgent attention:

Dust-bins Usage
The installed dust-bins with 'Wet' & 'Dry' bins are not solving their purpose as people still prefer to dump their garbage on the road and other places excluding the dust-bin...

Many public places are yet to have proper toilet facilities for the convenience of all. Can we ensure well-maintained and clean toilets at least in the heritage and other important tourist sites to start with?
Despite toilets in their homes/locality, some citizens prefer not to use them.

Garbage in the minds, hearts & deeds
We can install dust-bins and can construct toilets, but how to remove the garbage in the minds, hearts and deeds of our society?
Evil intentions and actions such as corruption, bribery, cheating, stealing, misbehaviour, littering, spitting, molestations, rapes etc. are enemies of development and show our nation in poor light.
Why do the culprits, who indulge in these acts, walk away scot-free?
They should be penalised and jailed. Bail should be denied to them.
Why are the victims targeted and made scapegoats of the society?

If people are heavily punished after being caught red-handed or when proven guilty for such acts, they will be deterred to act/behave so and crimes will reduce.

Could we please introduce & demand hefty "fine" or penalty from those who spit, urinate, litter on the roads and those who bribe, cheat, steal etc.?
Many nations already have such laws and strict enforcement too to uphold the same.
Public can be encouraged to click pictures of those they catch in the act and name and shame such people.
That should help ensure a truly #SwachhBharat for all of us.

Thank you for your consideration,
Jai Hind!
-A proud Indian & Dreamer of #SwachhBharat

Thanks to BlogAdda for this opportunity.

Do you feel punishment will deter crimes? 
What do you feel? Do share in the comments below.

Wednesday 24 January 2018


She was very excited to be visiting her country after so many years of foreign education.

She was shocked by the very first look of her home from the road.
Was everything all right?
There was no news of any war...

Her parents explained that it was a mistake by the government municipality authorities.
PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Tuesday 23 January 2018


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He appeared & again stole my heart,
My eyes were set on him from the start!
That dark night was no longer dark!
Flashes of light & captivating spark!

Tough to decide- what's more bright?
Lit skies & hues or love that seems right?
Or the warm glorious glow in heart/eyes?
Mind gets lost; bliss does have its price.

Sunday 21 January 2018

That Girl In the Train

It was his first day in college.
Sameer was seated in his new class with other students.
Suddenly, a pretty young woman walked in with a register and started calling out their names.
When it was Sameer's turn, and he answered 'Yes Ma'am', she stared at him intently and said, "Sameer means- Hawa ka jhonka (gust of wind)! We have met before in the train, remember Sameer?"
It was his first day in college. ..and she did it again!Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

Wednesday 17 January 2018


Families were enjoying their Sunday at the amusement park.
As she waited for her turn to board the two-seater cabin of the next ride, she realized that she would be alone.
There were couples – husband-wife, brother-sister, parent-child etc waiting.
PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Sunday 14 January 2018

The Artist

The kite fell on the ground.
She said, "Wish it had strong wings!"
The Kite Fell On The Ground
"I can make that happen!" said a voice behind.
She turned to see a beautiful girl.

"Who are you?"
"I'm Arachne, an artist!"
The artist wove fine wings on the kite.
A gust of wind made the kite fly again!

She found that the artist had disappeared!
So had the kite!

Sunday 7 January 2018

My 5 Wishes For 2018

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I have many wishes for 2018. I have shared some in my post- This New Year 2018...
Here are 5 important wishes:

1. Work for Health
"Health is wealth". Being healthy has its advantages that we all can enjoy. 
Sincerely pray that 2018 is a healthy year for all. That will ensure a healthy nation and world.

2. Pursue Likes & Work with Love
"Try to get what you like, else you'll be forced to like what you get." It is important to do what one enjoys & stay away from all what pulls one down. That will ensure better performance & success. I wish that may everyone get to do what they like, and work with love to ensure lovely work!

3. Laugh more & spread Happiness
Happiness is within. Share the joy and win! I wish for smiles across the miles for a smiley world where happiness is the choice!

Friday 5 January 2018

Open Letter To The Odisha State Govt. Regarding Rasagola

Dear Odisha State Govt.,

As we have seen, the media across the world has given excessive coverage to "Banglar Rasogolla" and most of the reports about 'Rosogolla' GI (Geographical Indication) tag have been biased and misleading

Having spoken to your ministers, secretaries and government officers, and being unsure of any action being taken by you, I solicit your answers to my following questions regarding Rasagola:

Many of us want to know- What are you doing for the Odisha Rasagola cause?

Why didn't you react when the "Banglar Rasogolla" was first featured in the GI Journal#99 on July 14, 2017 (just like you immediately reacted on November 14, 2017 after "Banglar Rasogolla" was awarded the tag) ?

Didn't you know that the Journal#99 with "Banglar Rasogolla" had been made available in the public domain as per rule 41(1) of Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Rules, 2002, and that the product i.e. "Banglar Rasogolla" would be registered with GI if there is no 'Notice of Opposition' and if the application is not challenged by anyone within the three months period?

Do you know how proactive the other states are for filing their respective GI applications?
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