Wednesday 24 January 2018


She was very excited to be visiting her country after so many years of foreign education.

She was shocked by the very first look of her home from the road.
Was everything all right?
There was no news of any war...

Her parents explained that it was a mistake by the government municipality authorities.
PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook
After their bulldozer accidentally razed a portion, they immediately apologized and gave them a gift to make amends!

The latest swanky silver-coloured car that they had gifted so thoughtfully, didn't do much to lift her spirits...

To her, it appeared like a child of the holocaust...

Do you feel we can really make amends for our mistakes? Can a gift help someone to express apology? Do share in the comments below.

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  1. I'm surprised they even got a car from them! Not sure it will make amends though - might have to sell it to get the house fixed!

    1. True, It would have been more acceptable if they fixed the damage and then gifted the car as a consolation.

  2. Dear Anita,

    I'm not sure a car is much consolation when your home as been destroyed. Nicely done.



  3. Nice little story, Anita. I think they might have preferred a new house, rather than a car though!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  4. A car wouldn't cut it for me - unless they rebuild the house too!

  5. They only way to make amends would be to repair the damaged house. What a mess.

  6. Can we make amends for our mistakes with a gift? I think it depends upon the heart. If we are genuinely sorry for the action, I guess a gift can help us express that contrition.
    Well done, Anita, using your story to start a conversation!

  7. A Smart car? No, it would have to be a Ferrari at least! Nice one.

    Click to read my FriFic!

  8. Nope, the car doesn't do it for me, either. Nice one.

  9. The car is more like putting band-aid on a broken leg I think

  10. Government and bureaucracy, the two crumbling pillars on which our lives unfortunately depend.

  11. Car is hardly a consolation!

  12. Sorry... we killed your house, here have a car! Not quite sufficient, is it?

  13. Governments are never held accountable for their actions. They're necessary but dangerous.

  14. That was quite some gift the government gave .. liked the story

  15. Nice and very cute story...!!


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