Friday 5 January 2018

Open Letter To The Odisha State Govt. Regarding Rasagola

Dear Odisha State Govt.,

As we have seen, the media across the world has given excessive coverage to "Banglar Rasogolla" and most of the reports about 'Rosogolla' GI (Geographical Indication) tag have been biased and misleading

Having spoken to your ministers, secretaries and government officers, and being unsure of any action being taken by you, I solicit your answers to my following questions regarding Rasagola:

Many of us want to know- What are you doing for the Odisha Rasagola cause?

Why didn't you react when the "Banglar Rasogolla" was first featured in the GI Journal#99 on July 14, 2017 (just like you immediately reacted on November 14, 2017 after "Banglar Rasogolla" was awarded the tag) ?

Didn't you know that the Journal#99 with "Banglar Rasogolla" had been made available in the public domain as per rule 41(1) of Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Rules, 2002, and that the product i.e. "Banglar Rasogolla" would be registered with GI if there is no 'Notice of Opposition' and if the application is not challenged by anyone within the three months period?

Do you know how proactive the other states are for filing their respective GI applications?
Who or what stopped you from filing/helping stakeholders to file GI application for Odisha Rasagola in 2015?

Why did you take up the Rasagola GI issue in 2015 if you had no intention to file any GI application?

Why didn't you act after the Committee had submitted Dandi Ramayana reference in 2015 and handed over their report in February 2016 and then again the compilation 100+ pages report of Rasagola's Odisha origin proof in July 2016?

From July 14-November 13 2017, when the "Banglar Rasogolla" application was in public domain, having been advertised in the GI Journal#99, why didn't you raise any opposition to the incorrect technical description? 
From Nov 14 2017 (after GI registration certificate was issued to "Banglar Rasogolla"), apart from "meetings" and statements and promises regarding Rasagola, what has been the productive outcome?

Despite having consulted with so many legal experts, why haven't you fixed a legal firm as yet for this Rasagola case? 

Now that all necessary documents are available, why are you delaying the process though you had stated that you would file within a week?

Have you read the "Banglar Rasogolla" application?

How do you hope to apply GI for own "unique" Rasagola with "special quality or characteristics" considering the fact that "Banglar Rasogolla" application has listed the attributes of Odisha Rasagola?
Are you aware about the "Banglar Rasogolla" application's incorrect description about "Other Rasogolla" (i.e. Odisha Rasagola)?
A. Colour- Brown to different shades (& NOT White/Off white as only "Banglar Rasogolla" is "White/Off white")?
B. Mouth Feel Characteristics- ROUGH & CHEWY (while only "Banglar Rasogolla" is "smooth & delicate" and possesses "soft texture" and "better chewiness")?
C. Experimental Finding- More HARDNESS & poorer SOFTNESS (only "Banglar Rasogolla" has "less hardness" and "better softness")?

Shouldn't you challenge "Banglar Rasogolla" under Section-27 of the GI Act that gives "power to cancel or vary registration and to rectify the register"?

Do you realize that though much has been written about Rasagola in the recent times, many are yet to know/accept that Rasagola is a bhog offered to MahaLakshmi and Puri Shree Jagannath?
When you aren't even concerned about the Rasagola issue that has caught the world's attention, do you care to know that "Bardhaman Sitabhog" has earned the GI tag for Bengal in 2017?

Are you even aware that "Silao Khaja" is a Bihar GI application that has been appearing in the list of the "New G.I. Applications" from GI Journal#100 onwards?

Do you know that like Rasagola, Sitabhog and Khaja too are Lord Jagannath's bhog and associated with Puri Shree Mandir from centuries?

When Puri Lord Jagannath has so many "Rasa", "Chhena", "Sara" (milk-cream) bhog dishes, why can't the Odisha Govt. too file GI applications for them just like West Bengal Govt. has done for "Krishnagar Sarpuria" and "Krishnagar Sarbhaja"?

When will you set up an IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) cell that will work 24X7 for such cause?

Can you please help facilitate the GI application filing of the scores of GI-tag-deserving Odisha products including Rasagola ASAP?

When will you file an objection to "Banglar Rasogolla" under Section-27 of the GI Act?

Do you realize that to do so, there's just about one month and one week left now for the deadline? 

Request you to please take interest for our Rasagola fast, else I'm afraid, a similar sorry fate awaits Odisha Rasagola and the rest of the GI-status-worthy products of Odisha...

Looking forward to your "swift" positive action,

Bande Utkala Janani

A proud daughter of Odisha and a Rasagola and Odisha lover

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  1. A research has to be done properly before an objection filing at sc against baglar rasogolla


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