Sunday 21 January 2018

That Girl In the Train

It was his first day in college.
Sameer was seated in his new class with other students.
Suddenly, a pretty young woman walked in with a register and started calling out their names.
When it was Sameer's turn, and he answered 'Yes Ma'am', she stared at him intently and said, "Sameer means- Hawa ka jhonka (gust of wind)! We have met before in the train, remember Sameer?"
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"Teachers sure have a great memory! Else, how does she remember that she had met me on a train journey that was seven years ago?" Sameer thought.

"Then she must also remember the secret that I had shared..." Sameer shuddered.

That incident came to his mind...
Ten-year old Sameer was travelling in the train with his father. However, berths were allotted to them in different compartments. As no other passenger was willing to exchange seats and there were no vacant berths, his father had to leave Sameer and left for his allocated berth. 
His father said, "Sameer beta, I'll be there with you in the morning. Good night!"
It was the first time Sameer was on his own with strangers. 
He climbed to the top berth.
He found a girl, probably a teenager, bang opposite to his berth.

"Sameer means- Hawa ka jhonka (gust of wind)!" she giggled.
Sameer put his back to her and slept facing the wall of the compartment.
In the middle of the night, he was awoken by the complaints of the elderly lady, who had occupied the lower berth.
"It's raining! And these railway people have such faulty carriages! Can't even protect us from the rain!"
So saying, the elderly lady went to the toilet.
That's when Sameer realized that he had accidentally and unknowingly pee-ed in his pants!
It wasn't rain-water that had drenched the lady!

The young girl was awake and asked, "What happened Sameer?"
The honest boy that Sameer was, and feeling guilty, he shared the truth about the rain in the train - his secret - with her.
"But, your name is related to wind, not to water!" she joked.
He begged her not to tell anyone, not even to the elderly lady...

In the morning, when Sameer woke up, he found that his father and elderly lady and other co-passengers were already aware of the night's episode because of the girl, who had described the incident in vivid detail!
Sameer felt embarrassed.
He apologized to the elderly lady. His father said that maybe it was because Sameer was stressed as he had to be on his own for the first time in a train.
Their station soon arrived and father and son bade a quick bye to all.
Sameer was glad that he would no longer have to meet those people again...
But, Sameer was wrong.
Seven years had passed.
The same girl, whom he had met in the train, was there right in front of him, in the college.
And she remembered him!
She was sharing to his class how she had met him.
How he had shared his secret with her.
And how she believed - "A secret is something that everyone tells everyone not to tell anyone!"
..and she did it again!
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