Tuesday 23 January 2018


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He appeared & again stole my heart,
My eyes were set on him from the start!
That dark night was no longer dark!
Flashes of light & captivating spark!

Tough to decide- what's more bright?
Lit skies & hues or love that seems right?
Or the warm glorious glow in heart/eyes?
Mind gets lost; bliss does have its price.
Soak in the surprise paying the high cost!
It's a strange joy to find while getting lost.
Let pleasure embrace; enjoy adrenaline race!
Not everyday one gets to chase & keep pace!

Romantically, he decided to come really close.
With baited breath, I chose to be on my toes!
I tried my best to trap him with my hand!
The full moon made everything look grand.
Trying his tricks, he witnessed my determination.
The object of my desire- the moon- was won!
I succeeded in my capture soon to my delight!
The pics tell the story of the spectacular sight!

Have you tried capturing anything or anyone? Do share in the comments below.

Please note- He & Him in the poem refers to the moon above. On January 2nd 2018, I read that the moon was very close to us and it was an ideal time for photographing the moon! While I tried to capture the moon, my child tried to capture me capturing the moon!
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  1. Gorgeous combination of text and images

    Yes I did... 'life' in the meaning of daring to take it on again

    Have a splendid & ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / - week
    ♪ M e l o d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  2. Beautiful indeed! And well written as always, Anita! You have definitely captured it!

  3. I love where you took us with your poem. Nicely done!

  4. Love the captures.. the poem and the pics

  5. Nice capturing of the Moon in poem and photos.

  6. Clever capture of that elusive moon~ So enjoyed the narration and the photos as well~

  7. Love the poem. But the pics - not much. However given the lighting and the equipment I must say its a really good attempt.

  8. There are many ways of capturing the moon... but at the end it's in our hearts it stay

  9. Pictures and poems are both lovely. Nicely captured.
    dropping by from ABCW


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