Wednesday 8 March 2023

SHE – Women Characters in Hindi Cinema

Whether in real life or reel life, She/they, the woman/women, play many roles and have been heroines.

She has always been a part of movies- both in front of screen and behind the scenes.

Over the decades, there have been many women associated with cinema.

While we acknowledge the “Father of Indian Cinema”, the mothers get left behind.

However, the word CINEMA can never be possible without “MA” (Mother).

We have come a long way from the age when even female roles in movies were enacted by men.

Today, entertainment industry is also ruled by women.

Like she, Reshma/Silk, based on actress Silk Smitha, confidently states in her epic dialogue in the movie- The Dirty Picture:

“Three things are needed for a movie’s success- Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment; And I am Entertainment”.


She is a Queen

Apart from the rule of Kings and heroes in movies like- Raja Harischandra, Baahubali and Shahenshah, we have also seen the rule of Queens and heroines like Razia Sultan, Manikarnika (Rani Lakshmibai) and Queen!

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